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What will it be, plebe? We serve only the finest fast food for TRVE Romans.

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That looks like a Roman outhouse.

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I'll take an upside-down goose platter

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I'll have the dog.

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wolf nipple chips please

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Marxist detected. Boycott the Israeli hate machine.

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I will take some flamingo tongue

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Looks more like a warning/instruction to keep your dog outside on a leash. Based romans also hated people who brought their dogs into a restaurant.

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They found a dog skeleton inside the "restaurant"

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What do you have?

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And? The scared doggo simply ran inside / was dragged inside by his owner thinking that there was safety inside the building.

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Pompeii was buried in the 1400s. Not in ”Ancient Rome” which didn’t really exist.

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aparently there is an engraving under the dog that says
>"Nicia cinede cacato"
can be read on the frame that encloses the painting of the dog. That is: "Nicias (probably a freedman) Cacatore, inverted", perhaps (so scholars assume) left to make fun of the owner or someone who worked in the thermopoly.

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I'll take a shredded dog bowl with a beer to go please. gonna watch pink floyd play

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That is very incorrect

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He was on a platter with a volcanic apple in his mouth idk anon

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I guarantee you that had you sat on one of those firepit stoves when the place was up and running, you'd have remembered not to do it a second time.

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