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I don't care what you say, it tastes great and looks good. Post some comfy Japanese food pic thread and argue pls

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to start us off

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That doesn't sound particularly nice to me

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carbuncle sauce

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Okonomiyaki > Takoyaki > everything else

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what is this?

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carbuncle sauce

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>not enjoying a delicious もつ鍋

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>not enjoying
You misunderstand.

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I have no idea. Seems to be some sort of video game tie in, but I don't know what the sauce actually is. The character on the box is called Carbuncle.

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its carbuncle sauce

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Image poster here don't actually Google carbuncle sauce you actually get gore due to it being similar to a medical term

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Is it made from carbuncle? Does it go on carbuncle?

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>dessert sushi

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why is japanese cuisine so hilariously bad?
the main staple dish of nipponland is sushi which is literally just fish on rice
their curry is just watered soup
ramen is just inferior version of authentic Chinese noodles
even instant noodles is taiwanese (Chinese) and not from japan

why could the nips not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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Lobster Thermidor isn't Japanese.

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Depends what you look at. I have this cook book and It's only real old fashion recipes that are easy to make.

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God dammit I love tempura. I think I might have some tonight.

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The lobster in the picture is the Japanese Spiny Lobster. Therefore it's Japanese food.

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Sushi is not a staple dish

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I like tempura a lot especially with shrimp

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That looks really fucking stupid.

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I don't understand the mystique of jap food in the west. Like, I enjoy it and cook it frequently but there's nothing inherently magical about it.
Perhaps in learning to cook it I managed to unmask the mysterious guise it has, and realize it's ludicrously simple and easy to make? That's why I love it so much, it's simple ingredients and simple seasonings cooked into a comfy dish usually with/over rice but sometimes with noodles.
Sushi is so simple and so beautiful. Raw fish, maybe a vegetable like cucumber or something like avocado, seaweed and rice.

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Ate this most nights on my last visit, been trying to recreate it at home since.
Still no luck...

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What's the name of this dish?

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Dont know, my kanji is shit so couldnt read the menues.

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Ah, shame. The closest thing I can guess is some kind of teppanyaki dish.

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I think it translates into garlic saikoro steak.

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Sounds pretty tasty.

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sushi is meme tier.
dons and poke bowls and soups is where it's at.

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This except unironically.

Throw some teryaki and onions with ginger and garlic over some meat, add on a soft boiled egg or steamed omlet in sauce over rice and go to town.

Simple. Healthy. Fast. filling.

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sear in pan, mix in sauce and reduce a little bit, serve over rice. Congrats you now make American-Japanese takeout dishes

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desu anyone against jap food is probably a dog/cat/bug eating chinese caveman who, like all chinese, is incapable of anything involving creativity.

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Seethe harder chang, no one wants to eat rotten eggs or chicken feet

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Did you happen to take a picture of it? The menu, I mean.

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私は日本人だが、率直に言って、九州とか大阪以外のすべての和食が味がまずいと思う。 特に肉料理は、韓国の方がおいしい。

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>the mystique of jap food in the west.
Japan has invested hundreds of millions to advertise to westerners and improve their self-image.
Everything Japan does is hyped due to decade-long propaganda.

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This but unironically. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture is like that.
For example look at the military history, they have horrendously massive casualties in war, with war crimes in abundance, as well as cannibalism being almost a preferred military tactic in pre-modern history. Yet for some fucking reason(propaganda) people in the west think honorable warrior spirit is something that they care about.
In reality the Asian peoples will do literally anything to win and profit from eating tens of thousands of their civilians and family during warfare to sustain a single General's vendetta to using bird crap as an additive to makeup to make it cheaper to produce all the way up until modern times.

Japanese food while utterly delicious and a personal favorite. What makes it special is not the people who make it, but the uniqueness of many of the ingredients and the variety in spices and sauces available to the chef.
European food by comparison is pushed in a narrative as being seemingly blander because it doesn't have as many sauces or as many kinds of meats.

This is also true. As a military historian I can say definitively that China has never invented a single vehicle, firearm, munition, or machine. Literally EVERYTHING their military uses is either a shitty copy, shitty amalgamation, or literal foreign piece of a design created by other peoples.

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it tastes good and looks different

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I like octopus/squid but the videos on 4chan of retards eating them while still alive/moving and choking to death ruined it for me. Fuck you guys.

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>something like avocado

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Oh man. A local place makes a smoked takoyaki and it's fucking boss, and now I'm hungry.

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>regional sushi differences exist outside of japan

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the mystique of jap food in the west is just the result of propaganda from Japan and its food companies. Watch actual Japanese people cook their food and it's just the same as the west. Unappealing at times, a plethora of mixed ingredients halfway cook and some bizarre choices.

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Seen this pasta. Also sushi is not a staple dish, as another anon pointed out.

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Sushi is great

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I do think miso soup is a just immaculate cold weather food. I add fish balls, thin mushrooms and Wakame, and I'm in heaven.

But honestly Japanese food for my taste is inferior to the diverse cold dishes of Korean food and the 1 dish sloppa of Chinese cuisine and the complex flavors of thai cuisine...

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onigiri is kind of overrated in my opinion. if you're making it to take somewhere else or if it's something you buy at a store premade then that makes sense because it's self contained, but honestly if you're just eating it at home then it's so much easier and more convenient and faster to just have a bowl of rice with whatever filling on the side. if you're not gonna take it somewhere then what's the point in forming it into shapes and then letting it cool in the fridge, and then eating it? just fucking eat it, it tastes identical either way and the rice is going to be fresher since you didn't let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two before eating it.

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My personal feeling is that sashimi just tastes better than fish sushi. I think that any fat, including fish, just tastes better when heated

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The only reason I like Japanese food over other types of Asian food is because Japanese food has more gluten-free staple dishes.
The only gluten in sushi comes from soy sauce, and there exist many variants of gluten-free soy sauce.
Then there are onigiri which are the perfect replacement for traditional sandwiches.
I wasn't being ironic. People in shame societies will always care more about their reputation than authenticity.

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>it's ludicrously simple and easy to make
Can't speak for others, but this is why I love it, simple, easy, tasty

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Do the Japanese have their regional specialty or some kind?
People always talk about the usual suspects, sushi, ramen etc. but do they have their own dish in their respective area/province/region?

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Annnd? The American style sushis are tasty. Got light avocado stuff, deep fried stuff with spicy mayo, etc. Even the real Japanese can appreciate this stuff too

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youre getting lazy anon, youre normally much faster.

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poke bowls are meme tier

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Most definitely, in general regions, prefectures, and even down to the city or town in some cases. For example, my prefecture is famous for dango jiru and yaseuma (pictured).

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Memes taste good

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so suhsi tastes good. was

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Japanese food is bland and shit. Thai food is where it’s at.

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then fuck off to the Thai food thread you retard

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That picture isn't japanese food though. That's like calling Chipotle mexican food, or Panda Express chinese food.

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This was dinner at my mom's house last night.
Kaarage, potato salad, miso soup, pickled daikon, salad with ginger dressing, and japanese eggplant with katsuo.

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As much as I want to love Japanese food, I can't. Outside of Ramen and Okonomiyaki most of the food has the same flavor. It's not bad by no means but it isn't isn't on my bucket list when I think of foods to try out. Why is Japanese food taste the same?

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The nearest Japanese restaurant to me is about 70 miles away. If it were closer, I'd eat there more often.

I'll probably eat lunch there later this week. It's near the doctor's office. I need to go in for x-rays of my fifth metacarpal this week so I may stop there for lunch afterwards.

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>Why is Japanese food taste the same?
As long as you have soy sauce, mirin, sake, rice vinegar, dashi, potato starch, and "sauce", you can make 90% of Japanese dishes.

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I got past the first clause, and then I didn't understand anything

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So, we have yellow rice mix with white rice? Along with corn and ham? The fuck is goin from here.

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Japanese food.

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The Japs did something far more american than american chains have ever done.

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excuse me what

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yeah that shit is actually tasty as fuck

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My wife is busy today, so I bought a take-out lunch.
Today's dinner "luxury Western-style colored lunch box"
Japanese daily food is a hybrid of Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, ethnic food, and various other foods from around the world.
A fusion of Japanese cuisine and world cuisine. That is the daily life of Japan. For the Japanese, the explanation is already troublesome.

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I wish someone would update this pasta, it’s getting kind of old.

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The school I worked at had a very serious cooking club, because one third of the students were in the cooking track.
Among other things, every summer they joined a soba competition. So while they were practicing the teachers got to eat the results.

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oh okay. thread closed.

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last night i made katsudon
pork loin roast sliced into cutlets, marinated in light soy, oyster sauce, and maple syrup
3 stage breaded, then shallow fried (didn't have enough oil to deep fry)
broth was hybrid japanese/french, started with kombu, dried shiitake, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, allspice, black peppercorn, bay leaves, yellow and spring onion
after hour of cooking, added oyster mushrooms, king trumpets, and beech mushrooms, continued cooking for another hour
removed boiled ingredients and discarded
finished with enoki, shiitake, and beech mushrooms, added boiled udon (boiled in broth then removed), sliced carrots, celery leaves, light soy sauce, and baby kale
served with pickled baby bok choy (sea salt and sesame) and pickled vegetable slaw (carrots, radish, onion, celery, and mung bean sprouts)
cost maybe around $25, and i still have 2qts of soup, 1qt of veg slaw, and 4 cutlets

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Didn't have a bowl set up for proper presentation, as it was dirty from breading

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After exploring the world's food i've come to the conclusion that French and Roman are best.
They are known as French masters for a reason.
But Roman comfort food is time tested.

>> No.15477791

Fucking checked

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>marinating pork loin in maple syrup

>> No.15478033

maple syrup has a complimentary flavor to soy sauce and oyster sauce
this isn't any different than using teriyaki or honey

>> No.15478101

dear god would you look at those numbers

>> No.15478397

It is soy sauce, the guy is just fucking trolling you into googling the word and seeing nasty surgery stuff;

>> No.15478497

Is your mom jap?
I want your mom regardless.
In a non sexual way.
I want to eat her Food

>> No.15478512

>my fifth metacarpal
I bet you tried (and failed) to punch someone and instead broke your own pinky. Serves you right

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Oita? Been there, nearly got assaulted by the monkeys at that mountain nearby. Very nice place. Pic semi-related

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How is that 'western-style'? What part of 'the west' contains the food in that image? Really bizarre how the Japanese will create something new when nominally imitating something foreign - every 'western-style' restaurant in Japan doesn't really resemble actual western food, but a weird new thing they've come up with themselves.
>t. Australian who went there several times as a tourist

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Shes a yokai

>> No.15479462

Aomori is Fat Fuck central, sugar and fat in everything and they're also famous for apples

>> No.15479479

plating is everything, anon. go to the daiso or something and get some 和 ceramic tableware and even your shit failure at omu rice will look sparkly and refined

>> No.15480227

It's this godawful mayonnaise cheese lobster dish they make

>> No.15480904

Yes. The monkeys at Mount Takasaki don't mess around.

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Brulee matcha pancakes

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Sushi sucks dick. It's just about the most overhyped food there is on the planet.
The best foods in Japan are like tempura shrimp, ramen (not instant but the real shit, and there's so many different kinds and flavors), okonomiyaki, takoyaki, onigiri, miso soup, udon, nabemono, Japanese curry, omurice, and dango. But sushi? Fuck sushi. Throw that shit in the garbage where it belongs. Fuck man, sashimi is better than sushi.

>> No.15481191

Ok joe. We get it you went to japan but that was 10 YEARS AGO. Can you STFU about japan already.

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What'll it be today anon?

>> No.15481224

i've never had raw shrimp before. looks like it could be worth trying

>> No.15481232

>make a thread about japanese food
>talk about japanese food
>"no shut the fuck up about japan"
Eat a dick.

>> No.15481246

I don't get the appeal of sushi
seaweed isn't a pleasant taste, and raw fish is gross

>> No.15481256

It's 100% hype.

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How much sushi is too much sushi?

>> No.15481281

imagine the smell

>> No.15481299

>2.34 mb .png file

>> No.15481310

.png has better colors

>> No.15481314

I always go for their ネギたま牛

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I've never seen a Matsuya and I don't eat meat, so I'd just get some rice and miso soup and call it a day.

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I know it's the japanese equivalent of fast food but coco ichi was so comfy

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Isn't Okonomiyaki- the very thing you posted, a Kansai regional specialty?
I know ramens bases and flavorings vary wildly between different regions. Sukiyaki also has regional versions between Kanto and Kansai.

>> No.15481751

There's two different methods for okonomiyaki, one is kansai (I think that's mixing everything together into the batter) and there's another which is to layer each ingredient separately, I forget which region that's from

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>there's another which is to layer each ingredient separately, I forget which region that's from
I think that's from Hiroshima variant. At least that's what i looked up on wiki.

>> No.15481803

Shizuoka has a regional variant of oden that uses a different broth and some different ingredients, Shimizu curry is a curry using chicken guts, Abekawa mochi is a very old, traditional style of mochi, Hamamatsu gyōza is fried and served with bean sprouts. And there's a regional cocktail. Ochawari is shochu and sencha. It's so popular in Shizuoka its often called Shizuokawari.
I wasn't aware of how regional it was, so I asked for it in Kyoto and they had no idea what the fuck I meant.
It's Osaka and Hiroshima, yeah.

>> No.15481818

I had something in tokyo called okonomisoba, basically osaka style okonomiyaki with a layer of yakisoba underneath it. It doesn't show up when I google that name so maybe it's not that common? It was a bit like >>15481790 except not with the separated ingredients

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Since there's so much okonomiyaki talk, this is essentially a Shizuoka style okonomiyaki, even though that isn't a real thing.
It uses sakura shrimp which are harvested from Suruga Bay, wasabi mayo, and Fujinomiya yakisoba.
Fujinomiya yakisoba uses vegetables and meat fried in lard, and then adding fried noodles to them. It also can use sardine powder instead of katsuobushi.

>> No.15482118

>I'm Japanese, but if I'm being frank, I think any Japanese food besides that in Kyushu and Osaka tastes bad. In particular, Korean meat dishes taste better.

>> No.15482418

Hiroshima-style is the Chicago-style of okonomiyaki. Osakan is the default okonomiyaki.

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Straight out of my japanese girlfiend's ass

>> No.15482714

They're weebs who has never been to downtown and find out that the jap food has existed in their foodcourt malls and think that sushis are forged by samurais.

>> No.15482749

>all the newfags taking the bait

>> No.15482803

What's the deal with all these different brands of demi glace and shit? I just want a demi-glace to make Hayashi rice and to spruce up some steaks.
Do japs actually use those roux ones or do they get the sauce canned or jarred?

>> No.15482863

came to post this. I wish the chain was popular outside of Japan.

>> No.15483323

There are at least a handful of Gogo curry shops in the US. Or there were before the coof.
Pretty much the same shit.

>> No.15483443

>Gogo curry
Primarily New York City from the website. Plus, Coco Ichiban does have one location in the states in Torrance. Indian style curry is much easier to find, but even for that, the further from the coast you get, the harder it is to find.

>> No.15483449

All pacific lobsters are spiny lobsters you fucking idiot.

>> No.15483533

>TFW Wife's family lives in delivery range of GoGoCurry in Manhattan but every time I suggest grabbing some they think "oh I don't like indian food"

>> No.15483587

But not all of them are Japanese. This one is.

>> No.15483593


>> No.15483597

Because they said so? Lmfao

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File: 56 KB, 792x764, Sneed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't care what you say

>> No.15483627

The lobster in question

>> No.15483642

i love me mummy

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>it's lunchables floating in broth
>meant to be eaten with sticks
Retarded cuisine, European cuisine understands soup. This is not soup.

>> No.15483658

Sticks and spoon, typically

>> No.15483681

Buy some of those Golden Curry blocks, learn how to make it perfectly, then serve it to them. If that doesn't change their minds, nothing will.

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>gf only eats east asian food
>pic related: her favorite
>leaves garnish and cucumbers
>only eats white rice and chicken
>or white rice and fish
>or white rice cakes in ketchup
>constantly constipated
>refuses to eat whole grains or vegetables
>ate a salad once and it didn't immediately fix everything so it doesn't work
>diagnosed with vitamin deficiencies via blood test
>refuses to take supplements because the internet said they're unnecessary
>ivy league degree and six digit salary

She complains about the pain once or twice a day. I don't try to fix it anymore, I just say "aww that sounds awful :("

>> No.15483749

hope she dies on you bro so you can get out of there clean

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How about instead of my mum your whole family perishes if your reply with anything but pics of your tummy. also this negates your previous message for ALL anons reading it.

>> No.15483819

why does /ck/ love japanese food so much. it looks so uninteresting to something like thai.

>> No.15483823

ironic, because anon is just like his girlfriend. he could just leave, she could just eat some fruit.

>> No.15483833

why do you post in every japanese thread about thai food? just make a Thai thread.

>> No.15483925

>doesn't want to go out much
>spends a lot of time in bed
>just watch anime and cuddle
Why would I leave?

>> No.15484132

Bayoen intensifies

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Rate my japanese curry /ck/

>> No.15484150

Too watery. Consider the moisture added from the veggies, and also add some milk to help make it creamy.

>> No.15484182
File: 3.98 MB, 4013x2853, DSC_0273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see, will try that the next time I make some.

>> No.15484284

Have you considered making your own thread?

>> No.15484314

>seethe this hard

>> No.15484547
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What is some good sake? I've only drank my country's best, and I'd like to try some imported ones. I heard this one is pretty good, what do you think about it?

>> No.15484589

I find that the best way to replicate the taste of coco curry is to add beef stock to golden curry, rather than just golden curry on its own

>> No.15484614

cause you’re on a weeb website. they’ll try to justify raw egg yolks on rice and think it’s gourmet

>> No.15484654

>tfw your favorite item gets rotated out of the 7eleven sweets range

>> No.15484672

That's retarded as all hell

>> No.15484692

Because Japanese food is bland, inoffensive, and looks pretty, westerners eat this shit up. Raw fish slapped on rice can be considered exotic enough for westerners but still considered edible unlike bat soup, fried insects, or boiled duck fetus.

>> No.15484725

I think that you're just angry at weebs.

>> No.15484731

Weebs are different, they like Japanese food just because they like anime.

>> No.15484844

Personally, I like sushi rolls that are a departure from the standard. There's one where I live that is filled with crab, cucumber, avacado, jalapeno, cream cheese and topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes. Shit's so good, but a bit overpriced.

>> No.15484899

Except Thai food has none of that shit you just named

>> No.15484910

>is bland
Not everyone is a nigger who has to drown every morsel of food in hot sauce and Lawry’s Seasoning Salt.

>> No.15484966
File: 26 KB, 600x450, insanewiches.com.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bon Appétit

>> No.15484975

spicelet cope

>> No.15484981
File: 128 KB, 715x953, sopa_de_sushi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Jap-HueHueHueBrBrBr fusion okay for this thread?

>> No.15485006

Is that corn soup with a bunch of california rolls thrown in it?

>> No.15485015

Potentially. The soup appears to be more of a yellow mystery flavor.

>> No.15486112
File: 2.23 MB, 640x360, saweet.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get red miso; more $$ but nicer

>> No.15486228
File: 264 KB, 800x800, 202001010906371b0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a bit too strong for my tastes, at least where miso soup is concerned. Mixed miso is where it's at.

>> No.15486233

Miso soup tastes so different depending on the restaurant. A lot of them I don't really like but there's some that are nice
What's the common ways that miso soup recipes vary?

>> No.15486243

It's less quality but nothing beats slapping down 3000 yen at a shushi go round and leaving a tower of plates.

>> No.15486304

yeah that anon was really seething about japanese food being superior to thai food

>> No.15486308

seething :)

>> No.15486396

The soup base - what kind of dashi it is. It could be konbu, katsuo, iriko, or any other variety of base. Also the kind of miso - white, red, or some mix. The flavor of the miso also depends on the maker quite a bit. Then the rest of what goes in it - does it have clams, just tofu, vegetables, etc.

>> No.15486405
File: 164 KB, 460x300, unagi_don.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold! Unagi Don.
The japs kick some butt on that one.

>> No.15486411
File: 58 KB, 550x309, UNAGI_YAOTOKUEKIMINAMITEN-Hamamatsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Credit's due where credit's due.

>> No.15486425

I haven't had this for a very long time, Kichizeamon (sp?) It was from a Japanese restraurant in NYC, basement of Kitano hotel, I used to work next door to the place.

>> No.15486469

>Liquid broth
Yep, that's soup.

>> No.15487834

t. dilate seething tranny

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