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What’s the best Chinese dish and why is it bourbon chicken?

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all i can think about is gay sex. I faces ate about sticking my erect penis into a mans anus so often despite never having these urges in my life until now

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Um. I guess it is a chinese dish if it comes from a chinese restaurant.

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>Chinese dish
>bourbon chicken

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Golden Corral isn't Chinese food, dipshit.

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I guess I should have said, Bourbon "Chicken"

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Is there a good recipe for bourbon chicken that isn't food court-tier?

Also how do you cut chicken into chicken chunks properly?

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Looks like bourbon pork.

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I’ve traveled through out China and I have sampled Chinese Bourbon Chicken in all the provinces. And it’s good.

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Almond Boneless is the best Chinese food full stop, and it puts Japanese food to shame.

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>Also how do you cut chicken into chicken chunks properly?
Are you unable to use a knife? Just cut a breast or thigh into whatever sized pieces you want.

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Maybe USA-Chinese...

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In North America the Chinese do this weird thing in mall food courts where they open a vaguely New Orleans/Cajun Grill kind of themed restaurant but cook almost the exact same stuff as the Chinese restaurants nearby them. The only difference is one or two dishes like OP posted that have an equally vague connection to Cajun cooking, like this is just regular Chinese sugar and soy chicken with the tiniest touch of bourbon in it.

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Don't think I've ever seen wor sue gai without a bed of shredded lettuce before but yeah it's a solid pick if a little one note for my taste.

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What I remember as chinese food growing up as a young kid in Hong Kong

>turtle/shark fin soup
>fried chicken feet
>pig uterus noodles
>fried rice with pork knuckle gristle
>unidentifed fish balls on a stick
>boiled dog meat
>one time, monkey brains

Americans have no idea how bad it really is. No one in china knows what the fuck beef and broccoli is or sweet and sour pork. Chinese food is disgusting. Literally the worst parts to eat of any animal. Makes sense because chinks are the race of humans closest to animals. They make disgusting noises when they eat, slurp everything, men in the streets lift their fucking wife beaters over their sweaty stomachs while laughing and chewing with their mouths full of food. Like what kind of idiot decided 2 sticks is the most practical way to eat grains of fucking rice. Starving Nigerians who eat grass have a better diet than the average chinese.

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looks like horrible bullshit tanite

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go off king

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duck pancakes with brown sauce

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This is a black people dish

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Chinese? It's probably a dog. One that was dragged behind a car for a while before it was burned alive. Subhuman communist.

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when you think about it black people created most things, even chinese cuisine

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