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I'm sick and tired of people giving Gordon shit for this scene. The reason he's unable to take a bite on the burger is because the patty is a lot wider than the bread. Unless you're a foodlet you would know that you can't just take a bite on the patty without bread.

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>you would know that you can't just take a bite on the patty without bread.
I am the law

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Hol up nigga, you trying to tell me that people on tv might actually overreact and over sell opinions to make people more interested? Fuck right off, next you are going to tell me that wrastling aint real.

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Owning up to the fact that you are blatantly lying on tv doesn't make you less of an obnoxious dipshit for doing it. Nobody's getting tricked, everyone knows American Reality TV is bullshit, which is why nobody has any respect for their hosts, including Gordon.

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even if this video didn't exist the burger he made is fucking shit due to the fact that to eat it you have to smash it down and eat a fist full of crushed burger. this burger was made for the fags that order burgers with knifes down the middle at pubs

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Why does he cut it in such a retarded and elaborate way?

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>you can't just take a bite on the patty without bread
I'll take the bait. If that is a real problem, take a knife and trim the excess, like you would take napkins to remove oil from your pizza. That is, of course, not a real problem. If you're eating a hamburger and the meat patty isn't your main attraction, but the bun instead, you're doing it wrong.

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I love that phase Gordon went through where he just aggressively said a handful of ingredients for the entire episode
olive oil, in
bullshit sloppa dish; done

and then 50 dozen other chefs actually run his restaurants for him

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