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Why are all the best fast food chains based out of the Midwest?

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the illinoisian dog and sandwich

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The wisconsinite burger

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let's be honest, Portillos is fast casual

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McDonald's started in Chicago

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Fast food = sloppa
Midwest = sloppa king
It’s simple really

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>it's the only white food/white area left in america so it's sloppa
never got this meme

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I live in southern indiana, I wish we had this

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This board sometimes

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europeans have just as much fast food but only the shittiest most verjudet globalist ones lol

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portillo's isn't as good as it used to be, after being sold off.

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Imo's Pizza.

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Can an Albertan come too?

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this is the absolute truth. shit went downhill fast when they stopped writing on the bag.

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>tfw used to live near Dick Portillo and his house had the craziest lights for Christmas
I love all their restaurant designs out here

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why do amerifats only think about food?

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a)half of Europe literally bases its identity off “muh food culture”
b)you’re on a fucking food board, but I wouldn’t expect an ESL retard to be aware of that

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For me it’s Culver’s

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Because it is -30 FUCKING degrees out without wind chill and we get our food through a window with out leaving our cars.

Seriously we are having rolling blackouts in north godfucking dakota because it is 20 degrees in texas and those dipshits shut down the state. We are at temperatures that frostbite can take a finger within 4 minutes. An entire arm in 10. Death in 15. We don't cock up their power grid if it is 100 degrees out.

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Don't go to the one on Taylor in Chicago. It's full of racist blacks alongside their subpar culinary skills and almost non-existent food safety practices. The one in River North is 10/10.

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>embracing Fast food as a legitimate part of your culture
Kill yourself

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>on a food board

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I've seen this picture so many times over the years, and I'm almost certain that I've pulled off onto that exit. Google says it's Pennsylvania, but that looks exactly like an exit just north of Chattanooga off I75. Regardless, They're all the same, especially when you're on good drugs.

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Schoop's is the best burger chain in the midwest, but it's not fast food, it's a diner I guess

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oh shit, ive never seen anyone mention schoops on here. i'm in warsaw, and they were making smash burgers before it was a dumbass meme. they actually make them properly too.

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nice, Schoop's is god tier meat candy, I think their Michigan City location is my favorite, I believe their recipe originated in 1948 in Hammond, Indiana, don't know who else was making smash burgers before that, but they are the best I've ever had, and the largest too, with the lacey edges dripping off the buns

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I worked at a Schoops knockoff place that has gotten quite a bit of press. The owner worked at Schoop's as a kid and decided to open his own smashburger place. This was actually before smashed burgers got really popular. I still make them at home all of the time.

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We've got one of these in my city here in Ohio. They're not bad, but just a bit pricey.

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Fast food started with the Chicago World's Fair
t. chicagoan

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the one in my town just opened up this year and my friend in the industry just told everyone he knows to avoid that place like the plague. something about health infractions so bad you don't want to know and you don't want to risk eating there

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because all midwesterners eat are fast food, and they put on their special pair of dad nikes that dont have grass stains yet for texas roadhouse type steakhouses.

my city has the most restaurants per capita in the US and only about a dozen aren't franchises (excluding anything thats not full service, plenty of mom and pop takeout type spots here). May be less post corona

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this is every highway view in the bible belt, this or farmland

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Something about these greasy little bastards

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Every time I see that picture it makes me want to go on a roadtrip

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>my city has the most restaurants per capita in the US and only about a dozen aren't franchises (excluding anything thats not full service, plenty of mom and pop takeout type spots here). May be less post corona

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reminder that franchises dont count as franchises if they're from your part of the country

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Basado x million

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Been going to Taco John's since they opened in my city decades ago, and just recently the guy at the counter asked if I wanted Nacho Cheese on my Potato Oles.
YOU CAN DO THAT? Tasted like what I imagine Heaven is like!

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I remember being a little kid and going there with my parents. We would get nachos and oles and everyone would dip the oles in cheese. We eventually started ordering seperate cheeses.

A few years ago I was there with a friend and ordered oles with cheese. It had never ocurred to him to get the cheese. Needless to say it blew his balls off

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I know the one. There's a similar one on Ohio and also Arkansas on the way to Texas on i30.

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It started in san bernardino ca you idiot. They even converted the original McD into a museum

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>Flyovers freeze to death
Its been a good week in america

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Flyovers demand choice in their sloppa, because they don’t have access to high quality food. Simple as

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But they dont even have in n out or a whataburger inna midwest anon

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white people dont' freeze, only subhuman wog coasties and southerners do

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We wont freeze to death. We are strong white people.

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I see you are a man of impeccable taste

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I have one near me with a drive through like 15 min away and im 45 min away from la

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kek what a salty little wagie

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