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Ill start.

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chanko nabe guy
i am sorry
you didnt have to delete your thread
come back baby

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Check the archive faggot

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butter dogs

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Do Americans really.....

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wtf death to america

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the dog with the butter on him

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Here is some frozen ‘za ive made like 3 years ago

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Ive expected the crust to be pre cooked, but it was raw

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Seemed okay in the oven

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This reminds me of a car accident

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Va la, its served. Bone apple teeth

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Why the fuck you put it on foil?

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I didnt have anything to put it on back then

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You put it on the rack, bare

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The back of your oven looks like a neko girl silhoutte

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thats the way for any food outside of the country of origin.
you ever bought a good quality burger in Asia?
hell you could replace "sushi" with "spaghetti" in your OP post and it'd be the same shit, different smell.
why the fuck does something that costs me $1 to make at home cost me $25 in an italian restuarant etc etc blah blah shitty boring bait thread to lure people in to argue about sushi and /int/pol/ for 200 posts for easy (You)s cuz you have no life, like all faggot OPs.

Look mate, next time you think about making a thread like this, just kys instead and save us all the trouble

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Lol calm down

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>Ive expected the crust to be pre cooked
It literally says this on the box:
>Fresh dough - bake fresh in the oven

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