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*is the best condiment in your path*

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that's not fresh salsa

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I've honestly never understood the appeal of salsa. I don't want to put wet tomato chunks on my food.

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I do love that wholegrain mustard, but not on everything.

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no. ketchup

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*boss music starts playing*

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Ranch is the correct answer

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nah son

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is he mean?

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you have to be 18 to post on 4chan

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you have to try kranch to kranch kranch

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I prefer the seeds completely blended, add mayonnaise and honey for perfection

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>Condiment? What are you talking about bro? I just crush a few cloves of garlic and mix with olive oil, works for me every time

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Creamy Dijon is the king of mustards. Great condiment and basically calorie free.

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Blocks your pathway

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That's not how you use the meme.
I sincerely wish you ill.

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i prefer garlic aioli mayonnaise

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>garlic aioli

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Salsa's not a condiment tho?

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i like my mayonnaise extra garlicky haha

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Still doesn't make sense. Use garlic mayo.

>> No.15674288

how so?

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Aioli is just an emulsion of olive oil, garlic, egg yolk and a small squirt of lemon juice. It's somewhat similar to mayonnaise, while at the same time being nothing like it.

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>*teleports behind you*

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Ey up!

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If it doesn't have a disapproving grandma on the label it's not chili crisp

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Yes it is hot

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