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BBQ sauce or hot sauce?

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Depends on my mood, dood

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Hot BBQ.

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One time I was smoking a pork shoulder but time kind of got away from me and we had guests coming over, so I did a super fine dice on half an onion, as small as I could get it, and sauteed it until it was falling apart with some color. A bit of garlic for 30 sec then a few ice cubes of frozen stock until boiling. Then 1/2 a bottle of sweet baby ray’s and a tablespoon of dijon until simmering. Throw it in a bowl with some chives on top. There was not a single bit of it remaining, but if anyone knew what a hack job it was, it would have fucked it all up. Or would it have? Ignorance is bliss I guess. Thanks for reading my blog

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>One time I was smoking a pork shoulder

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Smoking on a weber grill when it’s windy can be temperamental my dude. I don’t have a dedicated smoker.

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The best BBQ sauces are spicy. Sweet heat, baby.

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I always put Sweet Baby Ray’s on my Brisket and Ribs. When they’re done I sing “Sweeeet Baby Raaaayyyy’sss” to the tune of Sweet Caroline over and over again.

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Sweet baby ray's is meme as fuck but I love it as a glaze on ribs and chicken

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Extra hot BBQ

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