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How do you guys manage to listen to this guy?

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he's gonna fresssshly ground your ass if you don't show him some respect

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I don't.
I can't stand the tone of his voice when he's reading.

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You get used to it. I used to hate his voice but now I like it.

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I have no idea who that is.

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who the fuck is this boomer? I bet he can't taste shit and uses a lot of hot sauce or cayenne in his recipes.

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That is Chef Jooooooooohn from FooOOoodwishes dot coooooom and todAY we'll be makiiiing... autistic anons seethe! Now of course today we'll be doing that with a classic shitpost, but you can do it with whatever method you prefer. After all, you ARE the Thomas Jefferson of YOUR trolling method.

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His early eps have him speaking normally, and its not the same.
Its the intro music from final cut coupled w/ his speech patterns that helo make food wishes the comfiest cooking show ever.
OP, you're a worthless faggot. Kill yourself

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ah so he talks in a youtube voice. got it.

don't care about seeing it.

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Cope with what? I like Chef John and how he speaks.

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When I first watched him I thought I wouldn't ever again cause of his voice, but now I like his voice it calms me.

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Angloids have the cringiest chefs ever. Just below pajeet chefs.

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>Just below pajeet chefs.
You had BETTER NOT be talking shit about Miss Nisa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wydU0wt6Dxg

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Go home and make a frito pie.

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He's pure R1A

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I don't because his oily shitty oily cooking is oily and oily shit because it's oily and also oily and kinda oily shit oil

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Haven't seen this girl before. Looks comfy and she sounds WAY BETTER than Cringe John.

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Anon, I...

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Her videos are super comfy and she has a lot of interesting recipes that are different from all the usuals you see with more typical YT chefs.

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>masala penis
>masala penis
>masala penis

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I like the Pajeets who cook for their entire village in some massive skillet over an open fire in the jungle.

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And alwAaAAays enjoy

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I thought this was the sausage guy

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? I just got a grinder and I am looking at stuffers who is the youtube sausage king?

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Ordinary Sausage. More of a meme than a king.

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Friendly reminder chef john was court martialed for war crimes after vietnam

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Nifty if true. Source?

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