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Now that the dust has settled, did he really do anything wrong?

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> did he really do anything wrong?
Yes, and it's amazing that it was actually "published" considering how terrible and troll-worthy the video is.

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With that specific video? Yes. He was a fucking retard.

Overall? Nigga has a net worth of over $200 million.

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Yes, you shouldn’t use hard cheeses for grilled cheese. If you want the pungent flavor, grate a bit and sprinkle it on a softer cheese for the base

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It’s not even the fact that he used hard cheese, he could’ve grated it or even sliced it thin with a veggie peeler and it would’ve melted fine, but he just cut it in big blocks and served an unmelted grilled cheese

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He was trying to evoke the cheese sandwiches he had as a child, so using a hard cheese rather than going for a traditional melt is forgivable as an artistic choice
but burning one side of the bread because of cooking it on a fireplace is an indefensible fuckup

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He's great at roasting people but every time I see him cook he makes rookie mistakes and his restaurant in Vegas is meh. He's a twat.

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The only problem is that he cut the bread too thick. The people complaining about the cheese not melting think all cheese is supposed to melt like that fake kraft singles shit

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Anon, american cheese is designed to melt.
That's what it's *for*

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He has more money than you and is infinitely more successful.
He did nothing wrong.

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And grilled cheese doesn't have to use american melting cheese.

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It stopped being a grilled cheese when he added non-cheese ingredients. How Gordon manged to fuck up a grilled cheese (2 ingredients, bread and cheese, you pretentious fuck) I don't know.

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There's literally nothing wrong with adding additional flavor

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You don’t have butter on your grilled cheese?
Sounds like flyover poverty to me, anon.

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no but then it's not a grilled cheese

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Food lube's not an ingredient, it's cooking material, you goofy nutball.

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>butter on
butter down is the superior method

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According to what authority?

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the fact that a grilled cheese is cheese, bread, and fat with nothing else

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Prove it.

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grilled CHEESE sandwich

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Do you also think pizza can only ever be tomato bread with cheese on top, never any extra ingredients?

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Never before in my life had I felt such an urge to break another man over my cock. To completely humiliate him and make him ejaculate over and over again on another man's equipment. To convert an indignant retard into a willing butt-slut; this becomes my new obsession. This will compel me for my time on this earth, to locate your un-plow'd pucker and penetrate it with gusto until you give up on your misguided attempts at masculinity.

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Keep living the dream, fat cunt.

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if pizza was called flatbread with tomato sauce and cheese on top then yes, but that's not what it's called

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It's fine if you want to put other ingredients on grilled cheese but it just becomes a melt instead. Do you consider a cheeseburger to be a grilled cheese?

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That's pretty gay dude

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Does it stop being a cheeseburger if I add lettuce, onions etc?

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he'll just say yes, idk why you anons even bother with these grilled cheese autists. just leave them be

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YES it becomes a cheesy BEEF MELTY you fucking moron

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I don't know because I haven't tasted it.

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many types of cheeses melt that aren't american cheese, ever heard of fondue, raclette? you can melt something like provolone and cheddar perfectly fine, sounds like you are the one who doesn't know shit

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>squatting in some cabin
>cooking in a fireplace
>both bread and cheese sliced way too thick
>uses a cheese that doesn't melt
>burns the bread
>booked yngwie malmsteen to do the soundtrack for the video

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File: Fat.png

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Grilled cheese doesn't need to use a cheese that melts. It just has to be cheese inside of bread that is grilled.

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what the fuck is wrong with you? you're psycho

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Think he was referring to the kimchi, not the butter

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>"the cheese is melted"
>the cheese is clearly not melted, he even cuts it twice hoping to see some actually melted cheese
>uhhhhh you don't have to melt the cheese in a grilled cheese so it's fine

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I love seeing retarded Americans argue like tradwogs about adding additional ingredients making a recipe inauthentic, but they're talking about fucking cheese toast fried in grease

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What about this?

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>Look m8, me creditors are kicking my ass, I HAVE TO DO THIS

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grilled ham and cheese = ultimate comfort food
grilled tomatoes = psycho food

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this is the mindset of a celebrity enabler

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Don't pretend like grilled cheese isn't fucking delicious.

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It's just empty carbs that make you fat
it needs some protein to be justified as a meal

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I am 100% convinced he made that video to troll people.

>> No.15739947

is this guy incapable of creating a coherent sentence or is this some kind of shitty zoomer editing where you jump cut every 3 words?

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>it needs some protein to be justified as a meal
what do you think cheese is

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sounds like a fag

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Plastic refers to the physical quality of plasticity, as in its ability to melt. You saying not all cheese should melt like it makes you calling it fake oxymoronic

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He didnt make a cheese toastie. He just (barely) fried some bread with cheese in it.

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>Hello I want to please America
kek who cares.

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I didn't say that at all
But to treat it the same way as angry Italians on this board talking about their 80 year old recipe for carbonara is comically retarded

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the grilled cheese authority

if it has other ingredients on it, then it's a melt

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someone post the pasta

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>being this emotionally invested in junk food
I’m guessing there’s not a lot going on in your life right now?

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