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Is it true that it's shit?
I really like their Hawaiian Pizza and their breadsticks.

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I don't eat Americanized European food so I wouldn't know.

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rule of thumb I've always heard is that it's good for the price it's at.

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Maybe it's just because I'm used to it, but I'd take it any day of the week over any of the major pizza chains besides maybe Cici's. Pizza Hut fucking sucks and Domino's is like eating cardboard.

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fuck you it's the best shit in existence

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It's marginally better school pizza.

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Pizza is the other way around bro.

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Their hot and readies are based for the price and convenience.

Their DEEPDEEPDEEP shit is also good if you feel like not shitting for a couple days.

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I've heard it's pretty good when you don't have a bitch in your ear tellin you it's shit.

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the top 4 chains seem to have an inverse price to quality metric and it's odd how people haven't noticed
little caesars > dominos > pizza hut >>>>> papa johns

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>Pizza is the other way around bro.
You mean pizza is like that in America?
Thanks for letting me know I didn't know that.

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don't agree but the other three but completely do about papa john's being by far the worst while being the most expensive. i do not understand the appeal of going there at all

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They're good for their price. I don't eat pizza often but the last time I did it was Little Ceaesars and I liked it

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20 years ago that was the other way around.

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It's the nigger of national chains

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>Is it true that it's shit?

It wasn't then it was and then it wasn't and now it does again.

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It did come out of Detroit after all.

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Yes. Fuck Little Caesars. Their pizza is bottom of the barrel, lowest cost shit you can buy. There's a reason you only see them in trashy neighborhoods and ghettos. They made a pizza that tastes like it's less than five bucks and it shows. The ones I drive by apparently take EBT Food Stamps somehow, so there's my hard earned tax dollars making white trash and welfare queens even fatter. You want a pizza? Pay for a small pizza joint, support a small business, and actually get a decent product. I have literally zero respect for people who bring these to events.

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this is litchrally the only food on the planet that gives me instant heartburn. one time i had to sleep sitting up after eating this. i don't get it, i can eat two pizzas all to myself from anywhere else but two slices of this mothafucka and i'm in the garage stringing up a noose

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Yeah, I know it's shit compared to other za's but I fucking love it regardless of price. It's probably because I've eaten for all my life.

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I never liked hut either. Way too greasy.

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t. bitch in my ear telling me it's shit

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Favorite type of pizza from LC's? Mine is the deep dish.

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Haven't had LC's in probably 25 years, since they had two pizza in that huge paper thing. Got deep dish and it was absolute trash. ate two slices and thought about giving it to some homeless guys across 4th st in Reno but I want to help them so I threw it away

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Oops, I mean I know people say it's shit, not that it's shit.

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I think the people who say it's shit maybe live in lower income/ nigger filled areas. I live in a 97% white town with an amazing QoL and LC's is incredible.

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I think to recreate fast food chain dough, the dough needs some milk powder and garlic powder, and of course sugar. is there anything else we can assume?

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>Their DEEPDEEPDEEP shit is also good if you feel like not shitting for a couple days.
More like the opposite, it gives me the shits as soon as I end up finish eating 3 to 4 slices, maybe it's the kind of cheese they use.

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I honestly love their pizza. It's not the best pizza I've ever had but it's 5 dollars and it reminds me of when I used to be happy in life

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>Is it true that a corporate fast food chain is shit?
Take a wild guess moron.

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it's based

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theyre cheap pizza is pretty shit. but its better than any frozen pizza.

their 9 dollar pizza is fucking pretty good though. and their Detroit style is also great. they've somehow become the best pizza place for me because the ratio of price to quality is perfect.

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to show the libtards somehow

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Seriously? I think it's easily the best. Their sauce and toppings are definitely the highest quality out of the main chains. Their dough is a bit thick though. I also like that they still include the pepperocinis in the box. That being said, I rarely get it because of the price

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bread sticks are great and simple. Pizza is good for the price. I miss their wings, they had some good sauces I'd dip the breadsticks into after

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Their regular pizza isn’t that good, but if you pay the 1 or 2 dollars more for the one with more cheese and topping, those are better than any other big chain. Also they brought back the pretzel crust recently which I really like.

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i tried the pretzel crust pizza and it was disgustingly salty

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did you get the stuffed crust one, and did you go cheese sauce or tomato sauce? You can tell them no salt on the crust.

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Don’t they sell them uncooked to bypass ebt rules?

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did a little caesars employee fuck your gf or something

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> The ones I drive by apparently take EBT Food Stamps somehow

Good news for you! That's literally illegal by any EBT standards - If you report them to the right people, they will be fined and reprimanded by the Federal government.

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you cant take money out of a EBT account without the proper authorization

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restaurants accepting EBT is up to the states

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No EBT program allows heated food. You can see places like Papa Murphy's do it, or grocery stores having cold versions of all their hot food, but you can't just roll up to a fast food joint in ANY state.

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It's better than Dominos.

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you're wrong. it's allowed most places.

that being said, we should commit genocide. it's financially responsible.

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It's the exact definition of "you get what you pay for"

If you're too fucking poor to afford anything else, it's half decent pizza considering the price.

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