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What's a good /ck/ gift under $100?

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Luxardo cherries

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if you could find an espresso maker under $100. thats something id personally appreciate.

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A few bottles of rye

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Liquor stores usually have a gift section with a bottle of liquor and glasses in a box

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Gift card to a restaurantn

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A $98 toaster and a $2 loaf of bread!

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That might go over $100 once taxes are added in.

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lodge dutch oven

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Who in their right mind spends $98 on a toaster?

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locochas revolcadas

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I got this big ass Oster multipurpose microwave/toaster thing, that was only like $70 and its lasted years.

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a gooseneck kettle with adjustable temp

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Get the fuck outta Dodge!

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I got a really nice kettle for my mom for her birthday once, it didn't need any adjustable temp control since it was gas burners and would sing when the water was hot.

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Kitchen aid attachments like the meat grinder, or pasta sheeter (though it might be 100 even, tou can find it cheaper just Don go to boutique ass stores like sur la table or something) they are durable if taken care of, are super useful for someone that likes to try new stuff in a kitchen like pasta making or sausage making and can save money in the long run (turning meat scraps into ground beef or being able to make lavash flatbreads instead of getting pizza) this is predicated on the person already owning a kitchen aide mixer tho

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temp control is useful when you want to be autistic about how hot the water is but yeah the ones with the steam whistles are pretty cool too

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A nutri-bullet

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This bad boy

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My mom liked it, I wish she was still around then I could her more stuff.

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How about this bulleit?

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100 mcchickens

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These are good suggestions.

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"We make sure to trap the moisture"
>massive cloud shooting out of the autism device

I'm actually trying to think of something too. My brother's birthday is coming up and it would be nice to gift him something a little more original than the usual bottle of fancy gin.
I thought about getting him a rotisserie attachment for his gas grill, but it turns out he already has one. Maybe that's an idea you can use, though.
Maybe one of those sous vides everybody's raving about?
Or a really nice Iberico hamleg? That might be something.

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Get her an Air Fryer

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Do it, OP

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Your mileage may vary on these depending on the person. I more or less default to just food gifts these days because they don't clutter up people's houses.
>cutting board
>dutch oven
>thermapen or meater
>immersion blender
>sous vide circulator
>cold smoker
>nordic ware baking pans
>attachments for tools they already own
>loose leaf tea/coffee
>quality chocolates
>baked goods (babka, pastries etc)
>cuts of meat/jerky
>restaurant meal kits

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>>nordic ware baking pans

These are shit though. The non-stick flakes off after a couple of months.

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Depends on the person, but if they already have an interest in cooking they should already be pretty well stocked, so maybe buy them a shitton of a really fancy ingredient. Someone gave me truffle oil and I meme'd out so pretty decent mayo with it. Maybe get them $99.99 worth of saffron or something that won't go bad too quickly.

A stand mixer is what I would personally like right now, some of the smaller ones go for under $100.

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Air fyer.

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french press and coffee grinder, beans

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I included them on the premise that they make some fun designs that someone is unlikely to have if they're a hobbyist. I wish they were higher quality too though.

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For around 15 USD you can get the zest size microplane. It's good for hard cheeses, zest (the outside of fruit), turning garlic into a paste (even quicker than mince and smoosh), coconuts, certain spices like nutmeg, making onions fine for indian dishes, etc.

Basically it shreds firm things and turns soft vegetables into a puree.

Spend the remaining almost 80 dollars an undyed single-bodied stiff silicone spatula and the remaining 50 on drinks and snacks to make it look like you got them a lot.

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Do it OP. Make sure you get the sauce too.

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>moist on the inside
I don't want my fucking toast to be moist

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Nespresso machine
Air fryer
Indoor grill
One of those dicers with the attached container for catching shit
Instant pot
Spice set
A nice chef knife
Cutting board

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but thats more than 98 dollars

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Quads of truth

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a DIY egg fortress

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These things are disgustingly overpriced, but I'm seriously considering getting one anyway because I'm a Red Dwarf fan and it's unceasingly hilarious to me that someone named an entire line of appliances that.

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The whistling kettle has been life-changing for me. I have ADD and putting water on for tea and then forgetting about it totally happens all the time. The whistle has saved this kettle from its predecessor's fate of being forgotten on the burner so long that it was totally charred and had all its paint flake off and its handle melt.

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A case of steaks.
Any of the mail order gift boxes will be overpriced, so go find a local butcher.

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a tin can of hernandez salsa

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Vaccum sealer

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one truffle

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F. Dick polished steel (oval 12 inch). It looks and feels very "premium" for what it is and is used daily.

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$70 food dehydrator and a $30 eye round. He can make homemade beef jerky

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A cannister of the highest quality olive oil you can afford.

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a good knife or skillet
alternatively, pasta making machine (not sure how it is called in english)

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Would a mokapot do?
They're kind of aesthetic too

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Get the stright steel or iron one then there's no paint that be chipped off.

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I don't like the one I bought for my mom. It's loud as fuck and my mom takes a while to get there and turn the stove off.
I end up being very angry every time my mom wants to make tea

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But mom's get old and start to loose their hearing so need a loud whistle.

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That's tv bullshit like from emeril or some rat crap

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It's just too loud of a loud whistle. It's the kind of loud you hear from outside your house.
Moms get old and have trouble sleeping, so they need their chamomile tea late at night. Late night chamomile tea loud whistling.

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99 dollars worth of duck fat

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great choice anon

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I just got my sister a £40 gooseneck that doesn't have an adjustable temp but it has a thermometer to monitor it. I think she'll be fine with it

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Buy this for your mom.

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If they're using the old kinda electric stove an induction hob should make life easier.
A 1 hob version might be better depending on space.

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Zojirushi kettle? Fancy.
I actually bought her the whistling kettle because we had picrel that I've bought for nice teas and she kept overfilling it, and overfilling is bad for a kettle.
I know zojirushi is a nice company and all, but aren't those a bit plastic-y?

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The new one is unpainted metal. The old one I now use to water the plants.
Look into breathing exercises, because that's not normal. Or take the kettle off the heat when it boils and save both of you some trouble.

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$100 Arch Card®

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Thermopen mk4

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That's not 100 bucks especially not affter taxes, service fees and all kinds of shit crapola for niggers.

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chantal whistle kettles are only metal and have a harmonica whistle, which might be less annoying to you. Reminds me of a train

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That's nothing compared to some gunsmoke OTR.

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Cute. It could make for a nice gift under 100$ too.

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not fort laramie today? changing it up?

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A steak
A good knife
Look for breadmakers or stand mixers or shit that is usually more expensive at pawn shops and craigslist

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if it didnt release the pressure it would explode when you open it

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How does that make the Jap in the advertisement less of a liar?

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generally good <$100 things:
>off-brand enamel cast iron stuff
>tiny/consumable things unless you know they want/need it

personally, these are some <$100 things I want right now:
>Pergeot pepper mill
>dry blade for Vitamix blender
>meat thermometer
>whetstone sharpener

this post is gud >>15841421

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