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God I wish that were me

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>1 tbsp of sesame oil

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You can always substitute it with SOOOOOYY you cuck

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Good job starting a webm thread with some sega cd level compression you absolute faggot.

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Very comfy.

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Don’t be a faggot, it’s about how strong that shit is

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dude! it would be comfy as heck to see her get down and dirty with a big dicked black dude. not a cuck but it just seems like she's built to get pounded by a big african dick. just sayin!

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Kosher obsessed hands typed this post

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Mutt's law.

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Yuro's Law: Any time some glowing kike bullshit is posted, some faggot europoor will attribute it to Americans despite the global menace of kikery.

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Bruh, Americans have been niggerlovers even long before the mass immigration of jews to America in the 20th century. Unironically read a book.

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i mean the kid is good but this is 100% CCP propaganda

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but I'm American and I don't love n-words

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That egg looks like its made of rubber. Disgusting

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Stupid propaganda, two poor as dirt lookin kids in some alleyway, the 4 year old has to be the parent to the 2 year old

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Read one yourself you braindead fucking faggot

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She would have been pretty hot before she hit puberty. What a shame.

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the only thing you read is reddit and social media, you mentally ill faggot

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Wow a nigger accusing others of niggerloving? Who would’ve guessed

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You mean while race mixing was happening in Europe for generations and the founders immediately made it illegal when they got here...

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cold and dry

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Well, you've toasted and regular sesame oil. I assume you mean the toasted one, which is more used for its potent flavour

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what a pussy it's not even much for all that rice. also if you add it for sauteing the flavor won't be as strong as straight out of the bottle

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What in the chingchong lingdinglong is that

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But Anon,
>America = kikery
simple as

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>tfw no gf
>tfw can't get a qt gf because I am not a prime male
>would have to lower my standards to the point I would not be attracted to the person
>will have to stay tfwnogf

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This is NOT where you would use Toasted Sesame oil, Toasted is for drizzling on cooked food, it loses all flavor in heat, you NEVER use it for frying.

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>pain train

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This is both sad and beautiful...

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>32 replies
>4 pics
/ck/, I...

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I only saved street trash mexican food, not comfy at all, sorry :(

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>ruined the filename

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Looks based

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Cute but probably isn't the most exciting thing to eat.

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Not so smart now, are you

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That seems like the blandest broccoli beef I've seen. Why not just blanch your broccoli separately and that way you can cook onions, beef, garlic, and ginger together? No velveting the beef? No oyster sauce? Sesame seeds? :(

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He's trying to attack the rubber and not the glass, searching for an opening, pretty smart imo.

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no base skin? what kind of pretzel is that

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>almost no webms posted and this retard >>15852587 posting a link to a video
what a fucking awful thread

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The download was over the max file size, im not going to compress so you retards can save a whole 1 sec by clicking a link.

Stop being a baby who needs spoon feeding.

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n word

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Sad pancakes

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What's the fucking point ?

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kid's got decent technique with the wok shovel
would eat

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I was waiting for someone to fuck it.

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get this shit off of here

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most wholesome humor on the whole website right now

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same webms every thread, not that I have any OC myself

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Ive found this out the hard way.

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okay now I'm honestly tempted

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I was expecting a pet rat to eat it, 100% disappointed.

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Do Europeans REALLY?

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That's bri'ish, innit?

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i dont know why but the way they mixed the beef with tongs annoys the fuck out of me

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thats not a kid thats a midget

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You’re just autistic

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Not with those plug shapes

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Do americans really?

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the world's worst omurice
TLN: rice means egg in japaknees

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>no rat
i'm mad

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Pretty sure it doesn't take place in India.

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What happened to /ck/?
It feels like the retardation got cranked up to 100 in the past few months

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hell yeah

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is this webm sufficiently /ck/ or is it too /an/?

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Wait.. could you fuck a steak? Like I feel it would be a lot more sanitary than chicken since salmonella. Maybe cook a fillet to mid-rare and carve a slit to fashion it into a fleshlight. The heat would provide a realistic vagina experience as well.

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>could you fuck a steak?
It's never a question of if you can, only if you should.
You can fuck concrete if you want.

>> No.15854507

well should I? Like if I need a decent alternative to a tenga or something of the like. I feel like if I carve an "exit" hole I could easily pass the coom which would still allow the steak to be edible. Seems very cost effective versus an actual fleshlight.

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There are recipes for making your own from corn or potato starch.
They last for a week or so and also aren't made of meat. I used this method until I caved and bought an actual fleshlight.

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I'm OC WebM anon. Request something for me to make into a webm and I will try to do it tonight

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I saw people saying that they got rid of a somewhat strict mod and that's why quality nosedived

>> No.15854642

I'll allow it

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Pick one

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post more

>> No.15854698

how it's made factory style shit

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those pancakes suck bruh why so flat, no fluffy, not comfy at all

>> No.15854820

>egg wash instead of lye water
nice "pretzel" lmao

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there is no cooking in this video

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I can't see pretzels anymore without thinking of that "let me grab your dick" guy.

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wtf I was just in the process of making this webm.
I guess I'll have to find another how its made

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lush sosig

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