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>fish and cheese mixed together

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>fish and/or cheese in any context

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>McDonald's Fish Fillet

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I agree with this opinion.

>soy sauce and olive oil in the same dish

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>avoiding a delicious combination simply because it triggers pasta-peasants
They’re triggered by everything because they know the modern world is only aware they even exist because of Nintendo.

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>shrimp alfredo

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Good without the cheese.

Americans literally slather their barbecue with ketchup. Their opinions on food are kinda null.

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>Americans literally slather their barbecue with ketchup. Their opinions on food are kinda null.
Do you even *taps knife*?

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Good boy, just follow the rules. Don't bother tasting for yourself.

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African Americans are a virus. They spread and consume resources until the host dies. That's why you American's get charged 20 grand for a basic operation.

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True, anchovies on pizza should be in place of cheese not in addition to cheese.

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*spaghetti aglio e olio using a can of sardines in olive oil teleports behind you*

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aglio e olio doesn't have cheese retard

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Does not contain cheese. Try again.

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>bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and onion
>seafood or salmon pasta and risotto (with a strong cheese in the sauce, or grated on top)
>crostini with anchovies and a strong, herbal cheese
>tuna melt
>anchovies in pizza

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>so assmad about the pizza thread people came to this one

shrimp alfredo
scampi with a dusting of parm
cioppino with a dusting of parm
lopster-jalapeno mac n cheese
anchovies on pizza (yes, with cheese)
fish filet sandwiches
certain po boy variations

add cheese on top and see if it magically tastes shitty (it won't, because the fish/cheese rule is antiquated and faggy)

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Imagine being this much of a tastelet.

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>EWWW i won't eat that it tastes ICKY
let me guess, you also don't eat musky cheeses, olives or black coffee lmao what a girly bitch

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only half a slice

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This post demonstrates what happens when the "Yo do you" philosophy is taken to the point of absurdity.

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I make a salmon and potato "casserole" which is just a tray full of baked potato and salmon slices layered in rows. I cover it with a sauce made of onion, garlic, white wine, broth, dijon mustard, tobasco, cream, swiss cheese, salt, pepper, parsley, and nutmeg, thicken it with starch slurry till it's thick enough tnen I pour that over the whole tray and top it with bread crumbs. Bake at 400f for 45 minutes and serve a scoop on/next to a simple vinaigrette salad. It's excellent honestly, I get nothing but rave reviews

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>projecting this hard

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literally just got done with my olive-cheese coffee five minutes ago queermo
>dude you can't just try something and see if it tastes good you aren't obeying the RULES
when an rpg-style autist tries to get into food lmao
>let me just read all the rules so i can pretend to be superior to people!
>cheese with a fish-pasta dish? NOOOOO IMPOSSIBLE AAAAAH IM GOING INSANE

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>I make a salmon and potato "casserole"
Stopped reading right here. Are you an Amerifat woman or something?

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I’ve made a crispy salmon bake with Kraft singles.

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charbroiled oysters with a little bit of parmesan cheese on em are great though

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parmesan haddock is good u fuckin asshole...

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Try red snapper with a sauce of pureed dog feces -- unless such a dish would violate your 'rules' of course. You do you, sweaty.

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just had chilled smoked oysters, some herby humboldt fog with a slice of pie yesterday. it was extremely delicious but uh oh it broke a RULE
>dude you wouldn't eat SHIT so why would you put cheese on a food item i don't approve of?! checkmate!

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oh yummy dogshit puree is my favorite! brb, making a terrine of cat vomit and a fresh glass of toenails in piss to wash it down. yummy!

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i fuck u mother...

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Indeed. What exactly is the problem you have with the dish I described?

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because it would taste horrible because it's animal refuse you nigger. if you really think an anchovy with a little cheese or parm on cioppino is comparable to dogshit you have no argument other than you have childs palate. case closed, take your ball and go back to your cuck shed

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You're sperging out right now because you know you fucked up. Your argument about "rules" turned out to be pure... wait for it... dogshit.

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Crab cakes?
caviar and stilton?

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lmao no it didn't. all you have is "it tastes bad" (it doesn't unless you're maybe a child) and "it's against the rules". the reasoning of a woman in middle management. try again with an argument anon, i accept all comers

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A painter in creating a work of art understands which colors work together. Likewise the chef with his ingredients. You have advertised all over this thread that you don't understand elementary culinary principles. That's fine, but don't pretend nobody else does.

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and how many artists got big by completely disregarding every established rule, including color theory?
>dude le rules
i think dungeons and dragons is more your speed champ. or maybe stamp collecting. leave creativity to the big boys

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one day you'll be out of middle school anon, don't worry! (^:

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It's british

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>aglio e olio
>add sardines
retard fucking up a 3 ingredient dish lmao

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Actually it can have cheese. If that's good enough for Chef John with Food...Wishes....dot com...Enjoy....then it's good enough for me.

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>there's no such thing as right and wrong dude, it's all relative

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nah it's not all relative but you can abandon useless rules that simply get in your way when it comes to things like food, which does have a degree of relativity. like thinking that parmesan on shrimp is taboo when it tastes delicious.

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>parmesan on shrimp

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like you've never had shrimp alfredo you double nigger

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>parmesan on shrimp
Here's a free pro-tip: if you want to be taken seriously in the kitchen, don't make stupid mistakes like combining seafood with cheese.

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your back of house gig at applebees isn't going to convince me otherwise

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>t. Amerilard who thinks Olive Garden is just great

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"Shrimp alfredo" is not a thing, you embarrassing Ameritard.

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it is

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sure it is. you make alfredo and you throw shrimp into it. ive made it plenty of times. oh wait, let me guess, there's some "rule" about it so it can't exist right?
>going to chain resturaunts
if you don't like that example, put parmesan cheese on your ciappino and try to tell me it doesn't make sense. your argument is appealing to a rule instead of whether or not it tastes good. the lobster mac and cheese i had at this dumb hipster beer garden tasted good. maybe it isn't what you're supposed to do but the flavor and texture were solid. i suppose you wouldn't want to live on it but it's not bad tasting at all.

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Imagine having such a shit sense of taste that you can't tell that the strong funky flavor of cheese completely overpowers the delicate fresh taste of seafood

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Only a third world tastelet who has never experienced a fillet-o-fish would say that.

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>this webm

it certain cases it would, yeah. like trying to eat blue cheese with your sushi would be retarded. but again, you've been bickering with things like tuna melts and saying shrimp alfredo doesn't exist. no one is suggesting you slather cheddar on your expensive freshcatch you moron. holy shit at first i was joking about the dungeons and dragons autism, but your total lack of ability to discern shades of gray makes me think i may be right

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This thread was great fun to read, but OP is right.

To combine fish and cheese is just unnatural and also seems a bit perverted, seeing that one comes from the sea and another from the land. They aren't supposed to be together.

And before someone talks about sushi, rice is not an animal or made with animal by-products, so it's not the same thing to mic rice with fish or pasta with mussels or whatever.

There is also the question of flavor, which is simply not a good combination.

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Youve never put soy sauce and olive oil in an asian salad, or hell, in an oily fish fillet marinade?

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Spiritual bullshit. They have flavors, flavors work in combination. Different fish have different flavors, different cheeses have different flavors. Some work in combination, various examples of which exist in this thread.

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>Be me
>Actually present a coherent argument.

>Be you
>Incoherent screeching.

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>land and sea ne'er the twain shall meet so sayeth the elements
Nice coherent argument.

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that coherent argument worked for the entirety of humanity up until the past few decades so yeah it does work

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>lobster Thermidor

>> No.15881398

shut the fuck up dumbass, why don't you two just put it to rest and kiss already?

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There are like five different posters responding to your bait, retard.

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I agree with these but I cannot think of an example of fish paired with cheese outside of this list that isn't disgusting.

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You can grate a little parm on fried stuff and some salmon dishes work alright with melted cheese, but it does kinda just feel like a bad combination instinctively, yeah.
The same way I'd never had a red wine with steamed plaice or whatever.

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>you're not gonna eat that.?

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Imagine being a tastelet.

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based and redpilled

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Filet o fish is gross just like pretty much everything else from mcdicks. Tuna melts are good though.

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Bk fish sammich with cheese is ok

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It took me a few hours to get it. I'm retarded.

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You have no idea about shrimp

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shrimp isn't fish

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it is you stupid cracker

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>friend's dad got kicked out of a restaurant in Italy for demanding parmesan cheese to put on his seafood pasta
Told that story to my family in Italy and it's been a recurring joke ever since

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sorry, had to spend the night fucking your mom- post a screencap. i bet it's more like two if that.

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then why is it called a shellFISH smarty pants?
sorry we're discussing countries that matter here lmao

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Weak bait, sorry you're american

>> No.15884098

woops anon, sorry i couldn't wait for you to shake off the wine stupor you were in before casually driving across the equivalent length of your country in roughly one hour. maybe later you can tell me about the lamb chops you bought from the richest man in your village- the butcher

mama mia lmao

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I see you are a man of taste

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You’re a Jew. Just admit it. Jews are trying to stop goyim from enjoying fish and cheese together.

Everybody figured out your Schlick decades ago.

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>tuna melts
>tuna pasta bake

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more like fifth generation pasta peasant-americans, Italians eat fish and cheese together

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>Italians eat fish and cheese together
Citation needed.

>> No.15886042

-Carbs like noodles or spaghetti on bread.
-Cheese and noodles.

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>when an rpg-style autist tries to get into food lmao
Good food like good music follows some rule you cretin

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We’ll do they put tuna on pizza?

>> No.15886701

>Americans literally slather their barbecue with ketchup. Their opinions on food are kinda null.

Only shitty half assed barbecue gets slathered in sugary tomato sauce. Don't go to Florida for barbecue and you'll be alright

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Still better than your shit hole country

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Alfredo doesn't have cheese

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Sometimes it works. Anchovies work on pizza; cod au gratin's pretty decent most times; smoked salmon is good with cream cheese.

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You're acting like trash white people dont exist too. Every category has bad people, every category has good people, except for the Amish.

>> No.15887234

It's bait, bro.

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t. One american kid's meal

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yes, but consider this: the endgame of music theory is to be able to use the complete twelve-tone scale in any situation to make harmonic passages available to you that wouldn't normally seem intuitive for the context. in short, the goal of music theory is to know when to disregard it to make more compelling music. once you've studied music for a decade or so, it becomes apparent that most rules can be broken, at least in certain contexts. i don't think parmesan and shrimp is comparable to an errant semitone

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You're not a level where you can start disregarding basic culinary principles, mouthbreather.

>> No.15888234

Shrimp and parmesan... not really, maybe a V/V, there are commonalities there. The salt of the cheese works well with the brine of the shrimp. Strawberry and chicken's like a flat fifth substitution, just pulling a 180 and having it work well (strawberry can be treated like tomato in a lot of applications - plays nicely with rosemary and habanero). You'll hear a lot of Italians say things like "You can't mix cheese and fish" and then come up with exceptions to prove the rule, same as you'll hear a lot of musicians say "You really shouldn't play that as a minor ninth" and then play in a hardcore band on the weekend.

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No, it's a fucking terrible combination.
Test it, put a drop of olive oil and a drop of soy sauce in a spoon and smeel it then taste it. It's doesn't work well.

>> No.15888387

No, Italians do not eat fish and cheese together.

>> No.15888425

What can you not understand about ingredients that are delicious on their own not working well together, you brainlet?

>> No.15888784

Shrimp fettuccine is delicious are you insane op?

>> No.15888799

>and then come up with exceptions to prove the rule
Bullshit. There are no exceptions.

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OP never dunked fish fingers in a banana milkshake

>> No.15888975

my entire argument is that they do work well together. i understand that you personally don't think so, and that's great, but insisting it's some universal constant that only uncultured plebs could possibly break is about as meaningful as insisting speaking the queens is the only proper way to speak english. it's a highly arguable position. you can say that the flavors of cheese and fish don't overall mesh together, fine, but if you think that it's a hard and fast thing then you're just insisting you preference/an archaic rule is gospel. which is retarded.
>tried to be big brained with his music analogy and got put on his ass where he belongs
go ask your mommy to change your diaper instead of throwing a tantrum, faggot. again, shrimp alfredo- not high culture by any means but to insist it's disgusting with a dusting of parmesan is retarded. it's a dish almost anybody can like. you're just stamping your feet about a rule to seem superior and now you're buttflustered that somebody could disagree. your whole reason for enjoying things is to seem better than other people. you're parking your ego in food, not trying to make stuff that tastes decent. git gud fgt
a reasonable poster who actually knows some shit. what's with the music/food crossover? it's a common dual hobby. people inclined to one seem inclined to the other.

>> No.15889366

I've always liked cooking. I've always liked music. I wound up with a band that's kind of semi-pro, and a catering/test kitchen gig with a friend who is absolutely ok with me working on a contract/day-by-day basis... both are on hold at the moment, but I might be getting in with a tattoo studio and a mechanic.

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i really like eating cream cheese and caviar

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Almost as bad as mixing dogmeat with garlic

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Can of /Deenz/ and some slices of pepperjack cheese on the side, good combo.

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I enjoy this.

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This. Plus tuna cheese melt, salmon and cream cheese, ceaser salad And thats about it.

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tuna pizza is fine

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It really depends on the recipe.
Saint Jacques shells au gratin demand parmesan in order to develop a nice crust

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Crab rangoon... I guess they're technically sea bugs, not fish.

>> No.15892453

/ck/ is one of the least intelligent boards on this website, no questions. Only people dumber than you fucking morons are /pol/ and /x/. I hate you all so much.

>> No.15892464

Thank you for your input. Be careful when you exit, the door closes quickly.

>> No.15892481

It's not just that it is unnatural, but cheese + fish = Harmful. (Some studies have shown this)
Also, this culinary knowledge is widespread from Spain to the Levant to even India. Dairy (cheese/milk) + Fish = Big no-no.

I have also heard another explanation - In Italy refrigeration, pasteurisation and homogenisation are recent things. The most likely things to spoil that a housewife was reluctant to discard are milk for the children and expensive fish for Friday. Parmesan cheese or anchovies is cheating, they do not readily spoil. Obviously the belief originated with unpasteurized milk and unsalted fish.

Your children might survive getting sick from spoiled milk but what if both the milk and the fish were bad? This is in the context of medical care in Italy hundreds of years ago.

>> No.15892498

So... renaissance kashrut

>> No.15892509

Italians and jews are basically the same

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>gave up arguing with me directly to stamp his feet like a baby

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