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Is Gordon Ramsay just a meme?

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He can be. To be fair though, the people on this board shitting on him are absolute cooklets.

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Overrated. Mediocre or worse as a chef, but the asshole personality (which he pretends to be just a shtick, playing a nice guy in all the behind-the-scenes documents while being a fucking jerk both in "main spotlight" shows and off-camera) made him popular on 4chan.

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I like watching some of his shows, but I still enjoy shitting on him. Lighten up

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Boards still full of cooklets.

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He's a drug addict with inflated ego, PTSD from working with Marco Pierre White and compensates for looking like an old lady.

His real times of being a good chef and a cook are over.

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He was great to watch on Kitchen Nightmares UK, other than that just a master of influence/marketing who happens to know how to cook.

I'd love to see a series where he has to run a small kitchen that is busy in the summer, COMPLETELY dies during the winter, and must remain open to prop up the bar's liquor license. Would he still hate the freezer/microwave? Can he make a tomato that ISN'T in season palatable, and does he have a plan for it when it's about to go bad? What does he do when he gets an order for 4 burgers, all cooked different temps, but only has 3 burgers prepared because he hasnt sold a burger in weeks?

Mostly, I just wanna see what he would do when he gets buried in tiny problems, and how he'd work around them when he doesn't have a team of people helping or to cathartically yell at when shit hits the fan.

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At this point it's like he is just pissing on the sand castle he built all his life.
His "career" wasn't much to begin with but to just make a mockery of yourself and to become an absolute disgrace even for your shabby "empire" you built is beyond my recollection

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Well, yeah, this is 4channel after all

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No, he's a good chef, he's just at the point where he doesn't need to try anymore. He can make whatever content he wants and 95% of his viewers will eat that shit up.

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How did you come up with this

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If I want food I just grubhub it why waste time cooking shit that a guatemalan will cook for me and a pajeet will deliver it at my door?

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It tastes better if you can cook and you don't have some car wagie employed by their phone snacking on your fries before they deliver it.

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Because delivery services charge the participating restaurants, which will hurt local businesses, plus they slap on an outrageous delivery charge. Why would you financially support making that socially acceptable?

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he has an inferiority complex

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This, he found out he likes being a celebrity more then being a chief.

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Not my problem

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>one video he just eats whatever the restaurant gives him
>one video he cuts them in half to enable them to be eaten properly
jeez clearly he's a meme.

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>cut in half
>still the same height

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He wats the halves sideways retard

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>drug addict

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why does he shill for knorr

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I watched the documentary Boiling Point and now have a tremendous amount of respect for Gordon Ramsay. He worked his ass off for his michelin stars and not only did he work hard but also smart. He knew every inch of his restaurant, if you fucked up you were not getting away with it. I think he has more than earned his right to "retire" into tv shows

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How is he even popular on here? Sure, most people have heard of him, but that's just because he's famous in general. Way more people shit on him here than anywhere else.

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A sandwich that you have to cut to eat is a stupid sandwich.
Might as well put the ingredients separately on a plate.

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Does he only have one t-shirt?

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Yes, but a sliced sandwich fits in your mouth better because you can attack it from the corner or get a better grip on it to J-J-JAM IT IN without worrying about squeezing out the contents.

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My question is why does he keep doing all these tik tons and YouTube videos. He clearly has enough money to just fuck off. He just doesn’t have an off switch huh?

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I think the point being made is that in the episode depicted first, he says the burger is huge and unwieldy and shit. Then he later makes the "perfect burger" in a youtube video (or something) and its basically "perfect" for the exact reasons he shit on the other one.

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You know you can cut food into smaller piece to eat easier. Just because you're american doesn't mean the entire food has to go into your mouth.

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>You know you can cut food into smaller piece to eat easier.
Then why didn't Gordon do that in the restaurant?

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>coffee cup is stained with 12 months of unwashed coffee residue
>unwashed bowl still has dried on residue from previous meals
>dusty keyboard in the background
>gotta have those LEDs on my keyboard, mouse and PC case though, can't look like a peasant
fucking lol

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Just made a grilled cheese, Gordon. Over an actual burner. Cheese actually melted, too. Put ham and mushrooms instead of fucking kimchi.

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Chefs that won't use microwaves in the 21st century do not know how to cook, period. It's not rocket science, it had its place like everything else, and it improves some textures while saving time. But because the power level button is in a different spot depending on model and it's not a manual process or a """traditional""" method, they are intimidated and ignore it fearing they'll burn water in it.

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Bro look at the video. The restaurant meat is bigger than the bun. That's what he is mocking. You can't take an initial bite without just eating all the meat. You don't get the tomato/onion/sauce taste, just meat. It's a stupid burger. His burger is fine

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>You can't take an initial bite without just eating all the meat.
Sure you can, just cut your food into smaller pieces to eat easier.

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GR does big burgers but there's a balance at some point. He's not making 4 patties heart clogger burgers. There's enough of that in Vegas. His mix and grind of beef is also high end and costs more than that cheap ass american burger he's making fun of.

He's that generation of brits that calls anyone with a belly "fucking fat" or "fat fuck" but in a friendly way.

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home cooked food tastes better and is healthier

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>He's not making 4 patties heart clogger burgers. There's enough of that in Vegas
And how is this relevant to the webm, Gordon Internet Defense Force?

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what a greasy mess

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That's expensive in my country.

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So what? I can't make movies, but I'm still going to trash overrated celebs who make bad movies.

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to be fair every pc component has rgb now so its not a choice

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his burgers are still smaller than the original lol

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He left JPW in the dust though, Ramsay is a multi millionaire with dozens of michelin star restaurants in the best locations, multiple TV shows and a cult following, meanwhile JPW is a literal who is hated by his own son and everybody he ever worked with jfl

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Absolutely disgusting. What is so taboo about a grilled cheese that's just bread and cheese? Why does it always have to come with some pretentious bullshit like kimchi, mushrooms, or tomato soup? You are the kind of retard who would dip a hot dog in vanilla ice cream, or spread peanut butter on meatloaf. Fuck off already.

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Three marriages.

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Fuck you in the rectum. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are a timeless classic.

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Sounds like you need more Knorr Stock Pot in your life.

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He's a chef that works in the real world. These are day to day problems we deal with.

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>peanut butter on meatloaf
That could work anon

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This. You have to combine the two.

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Word. I like him and his shows but it's also fun to shit on him. I mean when you act the way he does it's kinda deserved.

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There was an episode of Top Chef where they had to prepare a meal just using like a microwave and food from two different vending machines (one was junk food and the other was like those ones with sandwiches and such)
That was pretty entertaining. That show in general would be great if not for the nonstop product placement.

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This guy loves flexing his relationship with the kids.

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t. either seething incel or roastie with no family @ 30

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I am both.

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Here's a tip I learned on the griddle:
when you've still got the sammy open-faced and want to melt the cheese, sprinkle about a tsp of water in a circle about an inch away from the edge of the sandwich. The water will steam up and help melt the cheese, and will also temporarily cool down the grill surface near the bread. That way, the cheese will melt without the bread or butter starting to burn (this is probably why Ramsey took his GC off before it melted, as that was a very hot fire)

We kept a clear squeeze condiment bottle just for this purpose. I tried cooking cubans and ham melts without the water trick, and while it was still doable, if you wanted a perfect golden-brown bread with gooey cheese, the water/steam trick was preferred.

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That burger he shit on was imported australian wagyu or something. They also used no salt.

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bongs have such a distinct look to them, kinda like down syndrome

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He is a Scot, which is why he is a high functioning chad.

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>call someone to help you
>moan when he helps
They ask him to come, he's doing them a favor. If you want to question the advice and call him into question then why the fuck did you call him in the first place?

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Free make over.

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scots are bongs and you will forever be part of the united kingdom

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>t. Jamal Rodriguez III, pure 3% Bavarian stock

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He is not a meme and a great chef, however being a celebrity means that whatever he says people take as gospel and he is obviously has some type of mental tick given by being abused by Marco Pierre White.

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OK for the MILLIONTH TIME....thats NOT a GRILLED CHEESE its a MELT, if it has ANYTHING other than CHEESE on it, then it's simply NOT a grilled cheese

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the dude gets hired to cook privately at special events all the time with sums comparable to what ex-presidents get in the us lecture circuit.

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ill have you know im 100% pure-bred mongolion you ugly down syndrome bongman

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Scots are bongs with bigger dicks

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>OK for the MILLIONTH TIME....thats NOT a GRILLED CHEESE its a MELT, if it has ANYTHING other than CHEESE on it, then it's simply NOT a grilled cheese

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Most of the failing restaurants aren't failing because of bad luck or lack of experience. Most are failing because the people running them are low IQ, shitty people. That can't be fixed with a week of dramatic scolding and new furniture. Most of the restaurants on the show fail a year later anyway.

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They dont fail.

Why does anyone start a restaurant, if they cant cook?

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He's a bad cook and a cancer on the industry passing verbal abuse as constructive criticism.

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The problem with the top one isn't the height, it's that the burger patty sticks too far out of the bun. He's trying to get a bite of more than just unseasoned ground beef.

The gordon burgers have patties that are correctly proportional to the bun

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He is a meme. I've made better food than Gordon Ramsay (my family and friends keep telling me this)

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I made his cranberry sauce recipe and it was awful. All the comments in the youtube video were raving about how great it was, but it was inedible and I had to throw it away. All those positive youtube comments must have been fake.

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or maybe you just did it wrong

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No. His recipe called for using Indian spices such as Anise and cardamom. It didn't work.

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He could start by not holding it upside down.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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Wagyu burgers are marketing trickery. Their marbling does not have near the same effect when ground. You end up with a 50/50 patty that's greasy and dry at the same time because half of its mass renders to a grease puddle.

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Those are just spices, dude. Maybe you have a styrofoam palette.

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>"but he's a tv chef that swears!"

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Coke, a lot of it.

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ramseycuck revisionism

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I use anise and cardamom in my cranberry sauce and it comes out great. I think you're just a tastelet.

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Who are you quoting?

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>Secret to a good grilled cheese - kimchi
t. gordon romso

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Look anons, it's the biggest pleb on the board! Point and laugh!

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He shakes the pot. Normal person just stick a wooden spoon in boiling water after a minute or two and give it a stir.

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Are you?

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He didn't start off as a high end French chef.
He started working as a basic chef at a hotel. I reckon Gordon is experienced in dealing with shit like that.

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7 Michelin Stars, truly nothing to 'begin with'.
If you can't cook better than some dumbshit Guatemalan, what is wrong with you?

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I know he did, I'm just wondering what a show like that would be like. In Kitchen Nightmares he does shit like making sure mold is scraped out of a fridge or trimming bloated menus, but I wanna see him work a kitchen as described in my post.

Small-medium and/or seasonal kitchens have different challenges than the ones he tends to command, and I would love to see how he prioritizes and organizes one for a year or two. It would get other people out of the way and it'd give you a clear view of his expertise on a gamut of topics he doesn't really go into with full detail i.e. waste, cost, storage, payroll, suppliers/distributors, what he does when he has time to lean and nothing left to clean, etc.

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I do agree though.
Him dealing with a rather middling but aspirational restaurant that tries to be more than a greasy spoon would be good.
Something better than the shithouses he typically messes with, or the fine dining otherwise.

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You dad beat you and called you a faggot when you told him you loved him didn't he?

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His videos always seem like he has ADHD.

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