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hey /ck/ I made cookies, want one?

I was out of butter so had to substitute a stick for a some more water instead.. weird how they turned out fine while missing an entire stick of butter... conspiracy by Nestle to keep us American's fat maybe?

Also for whatever reason I had to bake them twice as long, ~20 minutes instead of the recipe's 10. hmm..

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wow they look like shit.

Nobody buys nestle butter you tardlet. They buy their chocolate chips and their water.

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why are you making cookies when youre only supposed to eat them in december???

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I meant nestle's recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter on the bag but I only put in 1 and added more water

also yeah idk how to size properly I guess
they are chewier than normal idk how science works less butter = more chew ?

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Post pic after you've cooked them

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Idk why you didn't just halve the recipie, or used milk/cream instead?

idk, I would have also aged the dough in the fridge and made tiny cookies. I make big batches of dough and make 12 small cookies per day, so the first batch is like meh and the last batch is incredible.

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Can't believe you've done this, now I'm going to have to do this tomorrow.

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does baking cold dough make them not spread out as much? but then you'd have to cook them longer still right?

using milk probably would have been good..

I did a half recipe the other week and I swear they turned out normal..but then I was left with half a bag of chips.. aaaaaaa

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Ok but if youre gonna use liquid use heavy cream. Better yet just whip the heavy cream until it turns into fresh butter and keep the buttermilk for a different recipie.

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The dough will still spread, you need to make small balls, one small spoonful big 2 ACTUAL inches apart. Making the dough cold will make it easier to shape into little balls. And if you end up with half the chips just save them for the next batch. Idk I always use butter for my cookies because Im not a heathen. And I also like my homemade cookies small. I can always get another one if I really want. But aged is amazing. After about 24 hours covered in the fridge you will notice an improvement and complexity in the flavor and texture of the cookies.

You can try this but swap the measurements of white and brown sugar. Brown sugar. More brown sugar and less white sugar=better and chewier cookies. I always just followed the ingredients on the chip bag but idk.

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Shoulda cooked them

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I will try putting them in the fridge next time I make them if I can remember. I put in extra brown sugar because there was only a little bit left in the bag, so I guess that is what made them chewier. And I did put butter in! Just half of what the recipe called for lol, only had 1 stick, but I thought maybe a full recipe with half chips would = more tasty cookie part with not as many chips

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You fucking heathen, why are you not using parchment paper? They're going to be too done on the bottom and not done enough on the top.

Also why don't I see flaked salt on top? You don't even have flaked salt do you? Kosher won't even work, get yourself some flaked salt and bake em on a sheet of parchment paper next time. Also, your butter fuck up is a big deal.

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I'm sorry.. I'll do better next time and look into this "parchment paper" thing

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Eh, you don't need parchment paper. This guy is clearly a homosexual.

You can grease the cookie sheet with a bit of butter and you will be just fine.

Best advice is to just use the extra butter next time, make smaller cookies in multiple batches, 24 hours between batches.

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Oh fren, parchment paper is your new best friend. Oven safe to like 500 at least, even though the box says it's not. It'll get brittle and flakey around the edges but no big deal. Looks like you have a nice nordicware aluminum baking sheet there, which is great and doesn't generally require parchment. Parchment generally serves the purpose of making clean up easy, things don't stick to it, and it keeps most things from making your pan dirty at all. It's not always useful, sometimes you want the hot metal pumping heat directly into what you're roasting to get a caramelized or seared type effect. Cookies are not such a preparation. You want even browning on a cookie, and the paper prevents the heat from being effectively higher on the bottom.

Incorrect, the greasing doesn't achieve the same level of reduction in thermal conductivity from the metal into the bottom of the cookie. It also fries the bottom in butter, part of which is water, unless it's clarified which it isn't.

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Don't use old brown sugar

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You don't need baking paper; but it's very helpful, no need for greasing, baking sheet won't be dirty afterwards, and whatever you bake comes right off it.

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Were they good?

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yeah.. just a bit on the chewy side which I guess was from more brown sugar than called for

lol I'll look into it, just for the sake of having it if ever needed it

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Nestle is swiss

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I don't think I've ever had a "too chewy" cookie. Also lol at webbum

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Those cookies look like their missing more than just butter.

You know dumbshit you can substitute, margarine or crisco for butter.

Cookies made with crisco can be better than ones made with butter.

why would you add more water?

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I need a side by side comparison of crisco to butter cookies. I don't believe that shit can be better than butter cookies.

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Mine actually turned out like real cookies. What the fuck are those?

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nice cookies
shit, OP you're an ultra turbo faggot for even having a mere thought of showing these here
return once you've acquired more butter.

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