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>celery root puree
>sauteed fiddleheads
>pickled hon shimeji mushrooms
>beef jus

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Looks like something from a medieval fantasy cookbook. I'd eat it/10. What does a fiddle head taste like anyway?

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Always wanted to try fiddleheads.

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Where do you buy fiddleheads? I've never even heard of that plant

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would eat. gremolata needs more citrus zest, sauce needs more gloss. But still looks good.

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Kind of like mild asparagus.

They're the young sprouts of ostrich ferns. I've never seen them sold in stores (though apparently they sometimes are), they're more of a seasonal food you forage for yourself.

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Don't they give you stomach cancer?

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What an absolute bastardized shitbox of a dish. Try harder.

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When I lived in Nova Scotia you could buy them in grocery stores but it was strictly a seasonal thing

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Like the other guy said. Mild asparagus. They don't taste like anything really with all the jus and other things. They are more of a vehicle. The reason I really like them is that they are very crunchy, but light and airy inside. They have a texture unlike any other thing. I foraged them myself.

Yeah. I agree. The pickled mushrooms made up for it though pretty good.

Fuck you too, buddy.

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Looks good OP how'd you make the jus

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If you pick them young, the toxic load is very, very low.

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apparently they taste like bland, dirty asparagus.

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That looks so goddamn good

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i like the idea a lot, and the flavour profile but it desperately needs more colour
more gremolata, with more zest in it, as the other anon said
i would probably steam or shock the fiddleheads to have a nice pop of colour on the plate as well
when pickling the mushrooms, consider adding some reasonably finely julienned carrot as well, they go nicely together and would add a bit more complimenting colour

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your sauce broke :/
did you not skim enough or did you let the temperature get too high?

>> No.15929521

You messed up the saucey sauce

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Not OP but elucidate, what went wrong with the sauce

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zoom in and see how the color goes from brown to almost transparent.

>> No.15929605

oh I think I see what you mean

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There was a country store near where I grew up in New Jersey that sold them certain times of the year. My mother would sautee them with butter and garlic. I remember them having a slight nuttiness and a firm texture. She always said that was the Acadien way of serving them. I've never seen them sold any place else.

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its broken. the fat has separated. honestly though its still pretty good looking. sauce is broken but not to a point that a norman would realize. this one of the best dishes ive seen on /ck/

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how would one prevent the sauce from breaking like that?

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as its brown i'd imagine its an espagnole. if your sauce breaks slowly introduce either ice water or cold cream as you whisk it to emulsify. for an espagnole/brown savory sauce id recommend ice water instead of cream. dijon mustard would also work but thats more difficult because you cant introduce too much of it without altering the sauce's flavor.

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preventative measures are just heat though. if your fat separates from your sauce you introduced too much heat

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Ah fuck, I really need red wine braised short ribs
Been wanting to make it for a while so ty for reminding me op :)

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