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Take the rawpill, anons. Food was never meant to be cooked.

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A dog with dog paws wrote this.

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I did when I fucked your mother and it spawned a failed abortion (you)

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Nothing except fruit is "meant" to be eaten either.

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In Lebanon where my family is from, people eat raw meat but take a pill before their meal so they don't get tapeworms. That's all I need to know about eating raw meat.

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And you were never meant to be alive, yet your father was desperate enough to creampie your whore of a mother

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The breakdown of food combined with the sterilization that cooking provides allowed our body to put the resources/energy it would have spent breaking down food or fighting foodbourne pathogens towards things like evolving larger brains.

Plus cooked food tastes good. Ever eat a raw potato? Fucking nasty

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>there's a reason other animals prefer raw food
Yeah, and there's a reason that other animals fuck their siblings and lick their own assholes but you're not gonna catch me doing those, retard.

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Meat wasn’t meant to be eaten either.

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>Nothing except fruit is "meant" to be eaten either.

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Fruit's purpose is literally to be eaten and spread the plant's seed. Nothing else you eat is like this.

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What pill?

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This is the brainletest thing I've ever seen posted here, assuming that it isn't ironic

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Humans are "meant" to eat meat otherwise we die you retard.

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Nice explanation of why, dunce.

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but cooking meant we use less blood for digestion and more blood goes to the brain :(

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Some important nutrients like carotenoids (beta-carotene, lycopene...) become more easily bioavailable after cooking.
Radical diets are always retarded, just eat a bit of everything (both raw and cooked) in moderation and you will be fine.

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The morning after pill

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This thread was so retarded I thought I was on /b/ for a second.

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We literally evolved from being more than retarded monkeys walking on two-legs the instant we figured out how to cook meat and 12 000 years later we have vegans and raw-pilled retards who want to have a cave monkey diet unironically. Baka desu ne

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>12 000 years later
You have a supremely idiotic grasp of human history.

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Take your evolution nonsense back to plebbit where it belongs

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We do need meat for optimal health but animals didn't evolve muscles to be eaten, so it's pointless to talk about how something is "meant" to be eaten. Humans also won't die without meat, eggs and dairy are pretty nutritious. There are very few things that are "meant" to be eaten, fruit, sugar from flowers, honeydew, egg yolk, milk. I think that's about it. Those are the only things that really evolved to purposely be consumed by something so if you're eating anything other than that you're not really eating what is "meant" to be eaten.

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sure if i lived in nigger africa and its 70F on the coldest day

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That's why god gave us sharp teeth tho

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There are animals with teeth like ours that mainly eat fruit and animals without sharp teeth that mainly eat meat. It's a little complicated because of how we evolved with the use of tools, we didn't need to evolve claws for hunting when we could just hold a spear or sharp teeth when we could use a knife. Most carnivores actually don't chew their food either, they just swallow pieces of it whole, but we also have nutritional requirements that we can't really meet with only plant foods.

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>There are animals with teeth like ours that mainly eat fruit
Name one
>animals without sharp teeth that mainly eat meat
Name one.

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too bad we evolved to eat cooked meat. get with the program op.

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>>There are animals with teeth like ours that mainly eat fruit
>Name one
>>animals without sharp teeth that mainly eat meat
>Name one.

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the black pill

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This. 100x this. also wash your meat before you eat it. that shits filthy. it sits in the store in blood and shit for DAYS bruh. wash that shit off. lemon/orange juice. do it.

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Eat raw chicken for a month and tell me how you feel

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Pigs are an inbred domesticated form of Wild Pig, just like dogs were inbred and domesticated from Wolves.
Have two sets of canines, humans have six. Canines are essential for meat eating in mammals.
Frogs don't have any teeth you dunce.

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It's not technically blood. It's a different protein called myoglobin

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So many cookcucks on this board
>muh heat

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What did we cook vegetables but not meat you fucking retard?

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Yes, so they don't have sharp teeth then DUMBASS

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eat lots of raw kidney beans

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idk I think the ultimate meaning of existence is to consume and then ultimately be consumed.

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This is a fruit bat skull.

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>Yes, so they don't have sharp teeth then DUMBASS
They don't have any teeth. Therefore they're excluded from the discussion. Are you American?

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>90% of its teeth are flat and wide for chewing

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the body is not an optimized gas engine, it is highly versatile and complex
because of this, there is no perfect diet, and you may only eliminate things that are obviously harmful (like refined vegetable oils and excess sugar)

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Babies can eat meat without teeth because we've learned to process it in ways that make it easier to eat.

Reread the post. It's an example of an animal without sharp teeth that's still carnivorous, so you can't just rely on teeth to determine what diet should be.

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that makes me think
why cant we eat raw meat? other animals can safely, apes probably can so why cant we? why did we evolve in a way like that? makes no sense

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we can eat raw meat. haven't you ever heard of steak tartare?

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it can poison you

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Well yeah, if you get your meat from a shitty dirty distributor. What do you think rare steak is? It's literally raw in the middle.

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No. The issue is whether they have SHARP teeth, not any teeth you mudhole living subhuman

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but its hard for bacteria to get in the middle, minced meat can have bacteria all around
is it just freshness? animals eat only fresh so thats it?

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Yeah, who doesn't like the texture of a nice blue/rare chicken?

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Here is a grasshopper mouse skull. 100% carnivore

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While it's true that you bacteria can more easily get into the middle of ground beef, millions of people eat rare hamburgers every day and are perfectly fine. It's just not recommended because of the possibility of food poisoning. You should worry more about getting into wreck on the way to work than you should be about getting sick from a little undercooked meat.

Also, it's not the freshness that's the issue. It's the unsanitary conditions of factory farms. They take as many steps as they can to ensure the meat won't poison you, because that's a huge lawsuit waiting to happen, but they're not always perfect and bacteria from animal shit can and does contaminate the meat.

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>animals eat only fresh so thats it?
No there are a lot of animals that scavenge old carcasses. Most of them have strong stomach acid to deal with bacteria but still end up with parasites.

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so animals get poisoned and die the same way humans do? why dont creatures eat just fruits and vegetables why eat eachother if it hurts you.
world doesnt make sense

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yeah but nature doesn't care about what us Humans think

even worse
"nature" is just a human concept, a social construction if you want

the instinct is to live, or die trying, no animal wants to die, nature is cruel to our eyes but again cruel or not it's nature after all

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Gorillas have sharp teeth and eat fruit

Vultures doesn't have teeth and eat meat too

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are you a mutant or something
we have 4 canines, not 6

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6 pairs, learn to read.

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I see some spergs on for talk about this, but doesn’t cooking meat access way more nutrients?

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if we weren't meant to eat cooked food then why did we evolve to eat cooked food

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If we weren't meant to cut off our foreskins why did we evolve to have jews cut off foreskins and sell them for anti ageing skin creams?

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are you retarded

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We don't have six pairs either. The front teeth aren't all called canines, the four front teeth are incisors.

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The two teeth behind them on the top and bottom are canines too.

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Don't care what """"dentists"""" say, I can fucking feel them with my tongue and they're pointy not flat.

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That's probably why they're called premolars and not molars. They might have more of a point than true molars but they still have more of that block shape like molars rather than coming to a single point like canine teeth.

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Idk the exact name, but it kills parasites.

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>dogs were inbred and domesticated from Wolves
Oh okay so thats why dogs are so motherfucking stupid

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Nah, I don't want to end up like that giant-headed Swede

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They're pack animals, some breeds are dumb some are smart but wolves were so smart and such a massive threat to humans that for pretty much our entire civilised history there were bounties on them. Imagine that, you've got roads, walls, technology and STILL wolves were enough of a threat to people they actually paid you good money to kill ANY wolf you saw.

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Most animals are pretty small or they live in water and that makes cooking infeasible. Like imagine if a praying mantis wanted his flies to be cooked. A fire would burn out too rapidly, if it did not spread to create a massive forest fire. A magnifying glass is also well beyond its capabilities to construct. A small carnivorous mammal like a weasel might like cooked food. But he's reliant on stealth and a fire would give away his position.

I don't know how a dog would start a fire but they'd like it a lot of they could control it. They like human food, including cooked food. You could probably teach dogs to cook food with a fire somehow but getting them to remove the food could be difficult. The dog could get burned and then be too scared to try again.

Cats don't seem to give a fuck, they're not into using tools though and fire counts as a tool. The way their brains are wired they like chasing and killing things more than eating them. So they don't really care if it's cooked.

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My cat would spend its entire existence sitting next to a fire if it could

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Imagine sex with children. ANY child. Pick one from the top of your head. Now imagine the sweet release balls deep in this little kid.

Pretty fuckin sweet huh?

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For me, it's Sarada...

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I could see a cat throwing animals it's maimed into a fire. My cat would probably find that amusing.

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pretty sure some monkeys liked cooked food more.

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After a forest fire chimps will go looking for cooked nuts and meat to eat and prefer them to the raw ones.

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So the species that had their entire jaw built around eating cooked food isn't supposed to cook food, did I get that right?
Also you ever eaten raw meat before retard? It's really doesn't taste that good

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Don't get me started on my spiel about Kanzi again

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>there's a reason that literally no other animals prefers its food to be cooked over a fire and just eats things raw
my dog literally eats his own shit, I'm not about to ask him for culinary advice

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Have you ever tried eating your own shit?

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so the red one?

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i bet you eat rattlesnake shit

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based middle path poster.
As it happens, our greatest strength as a species is that so long as we eat a good variety of everything available we'll be fine. We can even stomach stuff we can't digest (cellulose) and poisons (alcohol) and gain net benefits from it (clearing out the colon and preventing associated colon cancers re: cellulose and fiber, and antioxidants+water disinfection from wine)

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Designer drug ecstacy.

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cringe wojak poster

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simple meat and animal fat is more calorie dense and nutrionally complete than fruits and veggies, have you ever noticed that herbivores are almost constantly grazing or foraging while carnivores can go up to weeks without hu nting depending on the species, is because of the volume of nutriemts and calories in fruit and leaves is too small to sustain the body without constant intake where as with meat the deut to its nature will always leave you with exess nutrients to be stored, TLDR meat gives more energy than veggies so you dont have to eat as much to not die

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Lebanese people hate jews so i'm guessing red pills

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Bleach in pill form.

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But we are the cooking ape.

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