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BBQ sauce or hot sauce?

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hot sauce. most bbqs are just corn syrup anyways

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Depends for what. Hot wings > bbq wings. But bbq is better for tenders and nuggets. Hot sauce is great for eggs, but bbq sauce is great for burgers.

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this nigga gets it

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>this thing or a totally different thing?
What a fucking retarded question.

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lil bit of both :3

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Hot sauce.
BBQ is sickly sweet and I only like it on a few things like ribs or an ingredient in bean sauce.

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>Apples or oranges?

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I'll blast a burger with hot sauce any day of the week. Especially with a mix of this shit and cholula.
Otherwise I agree with you. I'll throw in the caveat that hot sauce is more utility while bbq has great specific applications.

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Reddit sauce

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Sriracha and chipotle aren't even that hot and they both taste worse than fennel. Can't wait for the "hot" pepper fad to die

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spicy bbq
end of discussion

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meh. Doesn't have that addictive vinegar flavor.

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vinegar is a meme

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Those two are pretty good mixed together

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Whichever I feel like having at that particular moment.

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