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From that picture, only tomatoes.
Keep your shitty watery fruits away from my burgers.

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lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, and bacon

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Bacon. Or else it would be a bacon cheeseburger.

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everything except only ketchup or mayo. one or the other not both

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you guys needed this when you were kids??? did you eat play doh or something?

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I want all of this, except cross out 1 sauce. Any combination of 2 will be ideal.

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From that picture, white onions. Red onions only on a burger. Mayo only if it is mixed with something else.

If you are adding pickles or tomatoes to a burger, they better be thinly sliced. That bacon better be crispy enough for it to break away effortlessly in a single bite.

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Ketchup doesnt belong on anything, its a garbage condiment for manchildren. The ingredients are sugar and corn syrup with a side red dye 40 why not eat a candy bar with your hamburger

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Mayo. I dont ingested anything the color of cum

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everything except mayo

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thanks for saving me the effort

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ITT Manchildren

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Cheese. If it has cheese, it's a cheeseburger, not a hamburger.

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You’re a fag

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Get that yankee dog shit out of here. This is a dukes mayonnaise board.

Only two things are acceptable in burgers dukes and cheese

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Whatever the fuck you want belongs on a burger; not sure on sweets farther than bread and butter pickles.

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I'm based.

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Tomatoes, because it makes the bun soggy and ruins everything.
Ketchup because it's for kids.
Mayo because it's gross.

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I have a friend who unironically enforces that policy.

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If the onions are grilled I am down for any of those toppings/condiments

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Is that Yankee slice? Keep that shit the hell away from my hamburger. Fuck me, who cut that tomato? They need a slap in the chops. I guess it’s just bacon and lettuce for me unless I can put something in the mayo.
I don’t even like hamburgers that much now that I think about it.

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grow up

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kys tomato fucker

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if I was unable to appreciate the tomato then I definitely will kms.

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Is this a Mexican thing?

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>not removing the watery seed-slime stuff from the tomato slice before putting it on your burger
Never gonna make it.

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only ketchup, you don't need your fucking dinner to taste sweet

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its true anon, you're stunted. Tomatoes are based umami booster fruit of all time. If you're not enjoying them there's either something wrong with you or you're doing something wrong.

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Ketchup is the only thing in that image that doesn't go on a burger. I wouldn't put the other 8 things on a burger alone, but they are all viable options depending on what kind of burger you're making. Only little kids put ketchup on a burger - or order a burger anywhere past mid-rare, or medium at the most.

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The cheese, because then it would be a cheeseburger and not a hamburger

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everything but the ketchup and cheese should not be an burger. t. ketchup only order chad

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Bacon and cheese because I keep kosher.

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Yup. Tomatoes aren't my thing but I can tolerate them. But "sauces" of any kind are unacceptable

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im not a fan of tomato, and 3 sauces on one burger sounds like a bit much, maybe pass on the mayo too

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im solidly in the camp of tomato haters, but putting basic condiments like that is almost as bad. Aioli lyfe

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Redpill me on tomatoes then

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yellow mustard doesn't go anywhere but in the bin

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>ketchup is for kids which I clearly am not
>mayo? um ewwie thats fricking nasty

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Bacon, good night

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I like all of those on my burger at the same time.

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egg is wonderful dont get me wrong
but when someone puts it on my burger and it's all shitty greasy watering cummy yellow snot sopping my buns
makes me want to punch a motherfucker for ruining a burger
and people have the audacity to bitch about tomato
when egg does the same shit in my experience

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Lettuce doesn't go on anything, worthless fluff. Ketchup and american cheese, while technically crap, at least have a place on family cookout burgers.

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>no bun option

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Depends on the burger, depends on what I want to eat. Never all 3 sauces at once though.

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all those are acceptable

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No (zogchow)
>Heinz brand anything
>Supermarket bacon
>Kraft American cheese
>Worst Foods mayo
>White bread bun
Yes (actual food)
>Any other type of cheese
>All condiments from a good brand

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mayo on anything fried or fatty is disgusting
>oh I know what is oil drenched crap needs, more oil!

mayo is great for dry lean stuff like ham or roasted chicken that actually need some more fat

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They can all go on a hamburger, but mayo probably adds the least as a condiment. It isn't much as a flavor, more as a flavor enhancer.

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Literally all of these belong on a good burger.

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>no bun please

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That was a funny prank at McDonalds in the 90s, but in this post-GF era they're not thrown off by the request at all.

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>mayo good on chicken but not a burger
>he doesn't know the bacon, mayo, cheese midnight snack
you need to shut the fuck up

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I don't care what other people do with their foods, but I don't put mayo or mustard on a burger.

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.. Then what do you put on?

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Ketchup goes on my fries not the burger

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no bacon please

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No ketchup or mustard, everything else is fine.

>> No.15995985

my brother adds BBQ sauce to his burger and I want to punch him in the throat

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>Lettuce doesn't go on anything, worthless fluff.
Whenever I go to Subway, I have to ask for no lettuce because they stuff the thing with 70% lettuce and skimp out on all the other toppings.

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Bacon, tomatoes and pickles. Assuming combinations of the condiments are fine, otherwise I wouldn't put mustard on it either.

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Bet you never had a good tomato

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The only thing in that image that doesn't go on burger is bacon

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Based man of taste

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tomatoes and the sauces, only sauce that a burger should have is thousand island.

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Anything the hell I want; shrooms, blue cheese, american coronary sugar sause (bbq), onion rings, anything that can be formed into a patty (salmon, crab, tomato zuccuni etc). Try and stop me, you cant...

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Belongs on hot dogs
>mayo and ketchup
Only if they're mixed together in a sauce but never as separate toppings

Rest is fine but I prefer red onion

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mayo is great with bacon and other salty meats
ketchup is alright if you're making burgers at home and sont have anything else
mustard has no business being on burger, i fucking hate burger king for this; mustard only goes on sausage

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You don't have to if you use a beefsteak tomato

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Do americans really argue over what belongs on a hamburger?

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lol buy a quality tomato, peasant

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everything on this list, it makes a fucking mess, but it's delicious.

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They literally have no argument for tomatoes. Tomatards are literally just slaves to the dominant culture.

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Replace ketchup with blue cheese crumbles and everything else pictured is acceptable.

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can everyone agree that american cheese is acceptable on a burger?

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No, it's a southern thing. Southerners take their mayo very seriously.

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Just the bun and patty please.

>> No.15996520

Fine with me, it's literally made for burgers and baloney and cheese sandwiches.

>> No.15996523

why the fuck do you care about the general consensus of the efficacy of American cheese on a burger?

>> No.15996530

Put whatever you want on it. It's your burger. You'll be the one eating it. If you don't like a thing, don't put thing on your burger. It's as simple as that.

>> No.15996534

why the fuck do you care about what he cares about?

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>bottom left
You put an entire hamburger on your hamburger???

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All I want is bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, and onion. Everything else is a distraction.

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I put bacon and cheese on my burger, nothing else.

>> No.15996692

personally not a big fan of mayo on burgers unless its mixed with the ketchup, mustard, relish, hot sauce etc. to make a burger sauce, in which case it's tremendously based

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>> No.15996993

It’s a good replacement for chup

>> No.15997000

It’s our favorite food, why wouldn’t we?

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Forgot ketchup

>> No.15997036

I don't like mayo or onions myself

>> No.15997071

All those things belong.
You're just a faggot.

>> No.15997091

Based pick anon

>> No.15997199

I'm not telling you, goddamn spook.

>> No.15997212

mayo and tomatoes

>> No.15997248

but... ketchup is sweet...
also, the only thing that goes on a hamburger is salt, pepper, and the top bun.
cheeseburgers are for other toppings.
condiments are for fat people.
tomatoes ruin the flavor of the burger.

>> No.15997253

I used to be the same but tomatoes are based

>> No.15997998

Why yes I am a fag, how could you tell?

>> No.15998011

>tomatoes ruin the flavor of the burger.
A tomato's gentle acidity compliments a burger just fine.

>> No.15998050

>i fucking hate burger king for this
They do this everywhere

>> No.15998058

Southern, like Mexico? Everyone I know south of Virginia is hispanic.

>> No.15998061

I'm not a rabbit. I don't do vegetables.

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Mustard, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, pickles, sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, Jalapenos, bacon, cheese pickled lettuce tomato, ground chuck patties, on buttered pan toasted buns.

>> No.15998088

Only homos eat that.

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>add 1 strip of bacon for $1.99
Fuck off, bacon isn't that good on burgers

>> No.15998132

None of that doesn't. I want everything on my burger. And I don't understand people who are picky about what should go in theirs. I always think they are picky children who think vegetables are icky.

>> No.15998136

Tomatoes are only "watery" if you get shit tomatoes, and that's your own damn fault.

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I echo that but ketchup's just kinda gross and bacon is unnecessary.

>> No.15998490

>not liking condiments on a burger
Do you faggots really do this autistic shit? Barbecue or mustard on a burger is fucking god-tier.

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Patrician taste.

>> No.15998640

what wouldn't go on my MY burger is the bacon cause im a vegetarian and veggie bacon on a veggie burger just isn't great. BUT real bacon on real burgers tastes good so, uh, go "ham" ; ) if you want i guess.

>> No.15998651

This desu

>> No.15998673

i unironically like all those toppings

>> No.15998696

No cheese
No mayo
No ketchup

From top to bottom:
Top bun
sliced pickles and jalapenos
tomato slice
onion slice (not a couple of little dainty rings)
cholula sauce
hamburger patty
bottom bun

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This is the most retarded thing I've read all day.

>> No.15998878

Anything can pair with meat well if you prepare it correctly.

>> No.15998899


Come on. Admit it. You just don't know how to read.

>> No.15999252

fpbp tomatoes are awful texture wise.

>> No.15999278

Ketchup is a trash sauce for actual peasants

>> No.15999293

What do you have against cheese being on a burger?

>> No.15999307

Mustard and ketchup. Worst burger I ate was at Whataburger in Texas. The fat fucks put that yellow hotdog/carnival mustard on the burger the absolute state. The person who recommended it said it would be the best burger I ever ate.

>> No.15999312

The mixture of tomato and mayonnaise is the best condiment possible.

>> No.15999321

in n out whataburger and the like are glorified local versions of mcdonald's
they're essentially regional fast food cults

>> No.15999365

So close yet so far

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>> No.15999530

Tomatoes are a fruit you know.

>> No.15999543

Buy Cherry non out of season tomatoes

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the problem is the retards cut the tomatoes to fucking thick. same shit happens with other ingrediants

>onions, too thick and the outer skin is not properly removed>lettuce not shredded enough
>pickles not evenly distributed on the burger
>too much fucking mayo/ketchup/mustard
>bread too fucking dry
>meat left in warmer for too long or is burnt

>> No.15999743

I can read fine, your way of constructing a burger is just retarded to the point that I'm starting to think its intentional

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>> No.15999980

>What do you have against cheese being on a burger?

My body is very intolerant of most cheeses. Since it leads quickly to copious amounts of vomiting, it has never been worth the trouble to try to determine if there are any cheeses that won't bother me much.

>> No.15999991

Is he ok? That looked very crunchy.

>> No.16000128

When it's thin it's ok. Thick tomato be ass tho

>> No.16000633

based on what?

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>> No.16000714

I would not have bacon, onion, tomato or pickle.

>> No.16001149

Is this an American thing to hate vegetables? Or picky eater autism? I cannot comprehend why someone would dislike tomatoes. And meme arguments like ,,watery" or ,,bad texture" don't explain anything. I can probably eat every single ingredient known to man, can't think of anything I dislike, from a normal cuisine of course.

>> No.16001162

Only faggots like pickles or mayo on their burger.
But especially fucking mayo.
You fat disgusting faggots.
You're the reason I have to special order any burger without mayo. And yet still have to pay for it.

>> No.16001167

>picture of a cheeseburger: green checkmark
>picture of cheese: red X

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depends on what type of onions or cheese
if its shitty plastic amerimutt cheese then no
any other cheese is good

>> No.16001301

ketchup on hamburger
yes I approve
I approve ketchup on hamburger yes

>> No.16001377

I would also kinda say egg because there's not enough flavor to justify putting it on a burger like tomatoes, but maybe I've never had a good egg on a burger before, I don't know

>> No.16001477

I have never heard of mayo on a burger.

>> No.16001709

Bacon and patties,
I don't support murder.

>> No.16001727


>> No.16002075


>> No.16002094

Mayonnaise and maybe tomatos.

>> No.16002113

No ketchup or mustard? Wtf are your taste buds

>> No.16002114

Should you be using that kind of language at your age, son?

>> No.16002149

he's just a horny teen that wants to bang a pickle

>> No.16002164

yessirrr fuck mayo!

>> No.16002287

Tastelet or retard who cuts them too thick + buys out of season Tomatoes detected

>> No.16002293
File: 67 KB, 1020x630, YTo2OntzOjI6ImlkIjtpOjEzNjEzNTk7czoxOiJ3IjtpOjEwMjA7czoxOiJoIjtpOjYzMDtzOjE6ImMiO2k6MDtzOjE6InMiO2k6MDtzOjE6ImsiO3M6NDA6IjU3OTk4MjQxN2Q2MDNiMGMyYmZkZTA1N2ZiODcxOTJmMTU0ZDE0MmEiO30=.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16002311

Ye, boy. You coo, you coo. Good job. You got the best answer.

>> No.16002515

jap loosely translated thread


>> No.16003034

Ketchup only belongs on fries, not on burgers or hot dogs. Bacon and cheese are also overkill.

>> No.16003249

>Southerners take their mayo very seriously.
why? because of the resemblance to semen?

>> No.16003266

This. Maybe if the tomatoes were heirloom or some less watery piece of shit. Same goes to you, iceberg lettuce. Fuck both of you.

>> No.16003289

Why does anyone eat watery tomatoes? This is what I cannot understand. Just don't eat them. Get good tomatoes. Problem solved.
>but I'm poor
Don't be poor. Problem solved.

>> No.16003290

literally no reason to be on a burger and i love tomatoes

>> No.16003302

>Is this an American thing to hate vegetables? Or picky eater autism?
It's both of these. I understand that burgers should be heavy and rich, but vegetables like tomatoes COMPLEMENT this. Children who only like pepperoni pizza don't understand this yet.

>> No.16003376

I like big slice of beefsteak tomato on a burger

>> No.16003394

Mayo, mustard, ketchup and processed cheese product do not belong on my burgers.

>> No.16003398

I like them all.
Keep your fucking pineapple away from my burger.

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All of those belong on a burger. Coping picking-ickies children out. Buy better ingredients and git good.

>> No.16003610

I'm sick of Americans butchering food.

It's called a hamburger, yet they make it with beef patties. Motherfucking retards, it's a hamburger, you make it with ham.

>> No.16003627
File: 361 KB, 558x644, 20210425_131127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16003632

Vine ripe tomatoes. They are not as large, but taste even better. That "tomatoey" flavor is so strong and so good.

>> No.16003712

I'll have to try some next time thanks. I just like the beefsteak cause they're roughly the same size as a burger patty and taste pretty good

>> No.16003727
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Mayonnaise (This isn't a cumburger)
Cheese (It goes on a cheeseburger)
Everything is is FINE, except I have to skip RAW tomatoes, because they give me serious heartburn. Also, I don't like bacon on a burger, but it goes on it fine.
If you disagree, you're a J*w.

>> No.16003766

just tomatoes.. you could have ketchup instead, it's the same thing but liquid. I prefer a burger to just have mustard/mayo/onion tho

>> No.16003981

Based and adhering-to-the-Law pilled!

>> No.16003990

>why have tomatoes when you could have KETCHUP
why would i?

>> No.16004015

I also like to do a cheeseburger with chow-chow as the only other topping but apparently no one but US southerners know what it is

>> No.16004030
File: 98 KB, 514x386, ajvar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh it's like a tomato ajvar. Now I must have a burger with ajvar

>> No.16004051


>> No.16004058
File: 96 KB, 1080x1331, k7rg0nrlhc241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16004065

Nah that sounds good though. Chow-chow is a shredded pickled cabbage. Closest thing I can compare it to is the flavor of bread and butter pickles and mustard seed. Super good on hotdogs too

>> No.16004090

If you use something like claussen that have to be refrigerated, or ones your grocery store makes in-store, they can be pretty good. Otherwise that acrid shit ruins any sandwich

>> No.16004099

I guess burgers could be good with relish. Then again, a burger sauce usually already contains relish. Maybe not enough though

>> No.16004115

I'd rather have that than relish or sauce any day. Relish I think is usually too much for a burger or sandwich

>> No.16004605

Tomatoes no matter what

Lettuce can be okay, but not the wattery variety

>> No.16004916

Onions and ketchup. Disgusting.

>> No.16005136

everything except american cheese

>> No.16005545


>> No.16005554

Swap out iceberg lettuce with literally any other lettuce.
I'm also not a fan of pickles, but they have their place on anyone else's burger.

>> No.16005589

Eh, I wouldn't mind the mayo

>> No.16005644

Burgers should be savory and smoky. Beef, bacon, cheese, peppers, BBQ Sauce (or something similar), grilled onions etc.

Get outta here with all that sweet, sour, vinegary bullshit

>> No.16005672

Bacon doesn't do anything to enhance a burger.

>> No.16005736

The cheese. It's a hamburger

>> No.16005914

Either remove mustard or mayo
Those two items do not belong together in anything

>> No.16005930

Raw vegetables do not belong on burgers with the exception of pickles.

>> No.16005937

based, a little bit of mayo and some BBQ makes a damn good burger

>> No.16005946

Pickles and bacon.

>> No.16005949

Tomatoes makes the burger soggy as shit, especially if you're not gonna be eating it until later.

>> No.16005987

Why would you not eat your burger immediately? That's an automatically shit burger right there. Sogginess is the least of your problems. You have an inedible burger on your hands.

>> No.16006025

I'm not allowed to leave my work place during lunch, I work 12 hour shifts with no set lunch schedule, so I will grab a burger and keep it in the fridge for lunch.
>inb4 saying my job sucks
I work at a power grid and make six figures, so I'm okay with not leaving work and having random times to eat.

>> No.16006101

This is correct, otherwise it would be a cheeseburger.

>> No.16006118

Gotta agree, Some of the best burgers i've had were a wet mess near the last couple bites, burger patties still nice and hot.
sitting burgers fuckin suck

>> No.16006681

Replace the tomatoes and ketchup with tomato jam

>> No.16007166

see a doctor. now

>> No.16007204

>no cheese
>no bacon
>no pickles
whole pickles go on the side.

>> No.16007265

honestly pickles are the only jaring thing for me to bite into and taste while eating a burger. the rest goes pretty well with the meat and dont clash.

>> No.16007269

and i should note I love pickles on their own

>> No.16007528

"But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone do topping a ketchup to your burger, turn to them the other burger also."

>> No.16007531

i would accept all those things or none of those things it really doesn't matter

>> No.16007543

if you dont have pickles youre a child

>> No.16007569

>if you dont share the same taste as me you're a child

>> No.16007613

all are fine just not all at once

>> No.16007636

shouldnt you be sucking someones pickle, dad?

>> No.16007638

>pickles make me an adult!!
grow up

>> No.16007985

pleb taste.

>> No.16008006

I want it all, fuck you.

>> No.16008044

All of these are fine. Barbecue sauce on the other hand, is exclusively for fags that like overpowering the taste of their meat.

>> No.16008701

$0.05 has been deposited into your account ****.
>brand shilling should be a sin.

>> No.16008788

Based and redpilled

>> No.16008814

People in the South like to pretend having a staunch mayo preference is somehow a personality trait

>> No.16008896

I put all of these on my burgers faggot

>> No.16009324

its retarded, i hate it

>> No.16009371

Maters are disgusting and only good when cooked

>> No.16009383

sounds like you're a carpetbagger trying to convince people that dixielanders are dead

>> No.16009393

you know you can also buy organic ketchup that doesnt have any of that shit?
but no youd rather SEETHE instead you fucking faggot

>> No.16009417

I don't mind any except mayonnaise, it's better with fries alongside ketchup.

>> No.16010303

Tomato and Mayo are horrid and I personally don't like mustard. Take off the plastic squares and it's a damn good burger.

>> No.16010408

Fpbp. Big Tomato shills SEETHING.

>> No.16010514

lmao what is this americans keeping a burger in the fridge while you are at work, is that normal?

Also why should we base what a good burger in the context of buying one and then keeping it in a fridge. this should be about when a burger is fresh and optimal to eat.

>> No.16010527

i don't really care i think any are viable

>> No.16010535

In most parts of the world this is true. I'm from Jersey and we have amazing tomatoes here. They unironically make burgers better. That being said my favorite combo is red onion and bbq sauce.

>> No.16010586

They're all fine, because I'm not a child.

>> No.16010596

Is obliterating the quality of jpegs an android phone feature? What the fuck did you do?

>> No.16010604

>Tomatoes, because it makes the bun soggy
No it doesn't?????

>> No.16010708

The cheese. Because the discussion at hand is about a hamburger, not a cheeseburger.

>> No.16011504

That filename. Kek

>> No.16011514

I only like onions, ketchup and mustard on my burger, but I respect other people's tastes. If you want mayo and onions, who am I to say you're wrong?

>> No.16012886

truly based

>> No.16012905


Top bun--spicy mayo
Iceberg lettuce
Tomato slice
Melted Cheese
WITH finely diced onion
Bottom bun -- ketchup

That is all

>> No.16012923

kill ketchup with fire
everything else is situational

>> No.16013305

>being a picky eater
literally grow up

>> No.16014608

Don't need any condiment besides mustard

>> No.16014666

ketchup and maybe mayo.

>> No.16014812

who the fuck cuts their tomatoes like that for a burger?

>> No.16014819

You should ask the people of Hamburg, not /ck/

>> No.16014846
File: 445 KB, 1269x658, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am objective correct, do not even try to debate me.

>> No.16015549

well im not a child so anything goes on my burger

>> No.16015755

even literal shit apparently, as that falls into "anything".

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