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>make 20 pancakes
>eat half of one
>sick of pancakes
>throw rest out

Every fucking time. What are some other foods that you get tired of extremely quick? Also, she's married now, bros. Hopes deleted.

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Hope she's better at raising kids than she is making pancakes

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Have sex, incel.

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shes hot

>> No.16004077

show tits

>> No.16004085

She has some kind of muscular or neurological disease right

>> No.16004095

why dumb
just make 1

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You're not my bro, faggot.

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Cerebral palsy IIRC

>> No.16004196

whats her name again? cerebral?

>> No.16004664

marry her husband

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When she was first posted here she was just a cute teenager that we all had a crush on. How many years ago was that? Then she got married. Then she had a baby.

Some people actually have lives that progress. Amazing. Here I am spending another weekend shitposting on 4chan. The only thing that changes in my life is that every year I get slightly better at making pizza and my bald spot gets bigger.

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>every year I get slightly better at making pizza
No one can take this from you.

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You are not my faggot, friend.

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I dont make pancakes for this very reason. Might be an underrated fasting/weight loss method.

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god just imagine her giving you a slobby handjob and cumming on her tits after 45 minutes

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I used to only masturbate once a day. Now I do it at least four times. And I stopped looking at porn over a year ago. So life is getting better, bit by bit. Hoping to get up to a regular five by the end of the year.

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>not cumming within 5 seconds of the blowjob she gives you because she can't control the squirrely, spastic movements of her tongue.

>> No.16005180

I'm glad that she got married, I hope they're living a very happy life together.

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tfw no disabled arm pancake gf

>> No.16006371

her whole body is disabled

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freeze pancakes and microwave or put them in a oven to reheat.

>> No.16006455

I bet her whoopsie woo isn't.

>> No.16006511

That's because you're eating them with disgusting corn syrup

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We all know you made that retarded post just so you could post the webm

>> No.16006779

>her first video was 12 years ago
>the pancake video was 7 years ago
( ._.)

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it must suck being hot with this disorder.

>> No.16007253

>she's a mom now

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