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Do you have a food waifu?

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i have an extensive criminal record and you mom's phone number

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I will never get why people here fawned over this 5.5/10

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what a silly question

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Whats wrong with this creature?

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>I will never get why people here fawned over this 5.5/10

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Cerebral palsy. Honestly must be awful, your mind is intact but your body simply won't cooperate.

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I like watching this guy and you are gay and I am not gay.

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How many times has he gone down to the house of sausage?

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>my husband will soon be back from a hard day of surfing and smoking weed on the beach, let me show you the twelve course feast I’m cooking up for him!
Giada’s husband was a christian martyr that was fed to the lions in a past life

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Claire is married, I think. Give it up, anon-kun.

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I got fucked up and passed out in my computer chair before and woke up with radial nerve palsy. Shit lasts for like a month. I can't say it's even close to being as bad as CP, but it kinda gives you an idea of what they go through. My wrist was limp, could barely bend my fingers. Trying to pick things up and put them on the desk or shelves caused spasms.

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oh baby

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She's been married long enough to crave a bit of strange.

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oh my satan you sleazy motherfucker

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I bet you eat your hot dogs with ketchup and put beans in your chili.

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for me, it’s Nigella

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Tammy Scalfani

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oops wrong pic

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There is literally nothing attractive about anything in this video.

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>viral marketing
yeah, im 100% sure that bitch is viral

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you posted her

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will i ever meet anyone like her bros?

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I used to bust fat nuts to this bitch in 2015. Veganism and hitting the wall have destroyed her by now though. It makes me sad :(

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Based satan

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Ashley Adams from feast of fiction.
>tfw no tradwife texan half-jap baking waifu who shares the name of one of your favourite porn stars
it's not fair bros

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>ywn press your face into claires cool, clammy butt cheeks and sniff the faint smell of morning dumps

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To think that some lucky guy actually got to knock up this cute retard. I'm jealous

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lily adams?

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Her and the pornstar are both just "Ashley Adams". There was also another porn star using a similar name for a while too.
I'm guessing that's why when feast of fiction ashley started to get more well known she began using just "ash" and would have her middle name on her accounts instead of adams.

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imagine the handjobs.

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