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In today’s episode we’re going to make a traditional miso soup that’s both authentic and delicious and as a bonus, EASY!

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We want to start with 1 or 2 packs of instant miso soup

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chink chonk pata pata pow.

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Fill a decent sized coffee mug with tap water (depending on how many packs you are using)

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Place mug of water in the microwave

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You're hilarious, OP

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Set the microwave for 2 minutes on high and start it.

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While the microwave cooks the water pour the contents of the instant miso packets into a bowl of your choice

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You’ll likely have a minute and 30 seconds to spare so examine some melons in the meantime

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Be sure to stop the microwave before it hits 0 or your house will explode.

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Pour the mug of water into the bowl of package contents

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Stir the contents

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Wa la

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this is the saddest thread I've ever commented on

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looks like you threw up in the bowl

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Sick cantaloupe

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don't you have a kettle?

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Hey it's douxregarde!

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Who the fuck boils water in a microwave

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I posted this before, but I still don't get the point of miso soup.

last time I tried, I used some dashi, fresh spring onions, wakame and a bunch of veggies.
cooked it all for a while, and it tasted like a great fishy broth with veggies. nice.

then I added some miso paste, and it immediately deleted all the great flavor, and now it just tasted like ... sweet veggie soup?!

wtf, I like it more without miso.
and no, I didn't boil the miso.

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europeans usually don't have access to a stove, that's why they mostly use microwaves to cook...

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Hard to fathom you fat Americans don't know what a kettle is

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miso horny heehee

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Obsessed and dumb

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>What is electricity
If you're boiling water in a microwave or on top of a stove in a pot you're a fat American idiot

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we call those "pavas" (female turkey) in Argentina because they look like a turkey sitting on too of her eggs
>thanks for reading my blog

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misspelled jew

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thank you my white friend

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