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is keto a meme diet ?
i'm slightly overweight but can't manage to lose more even with caloric deficit and exercise, should i try keto ?

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You try whatever you want.

The biggest thing is calories. Tracking your calories might be a good start, then some carbohydrate reduction to reduce appetite. I would say start by reducing things like flour and sugar. Then working up from there reducing things like starchy potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay), oats, rice, and some fruits like apples and bananas etc. Always eat plenty of greens and berries are fine.

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Are you tracking condiments?

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i see, thank you very much !
i never use condiments

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>can't manage to lose more even with caloric deficit
physically impossible
and yes, keto is a meme fad

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keto is pretty retarded.
You can try to cut most or all of the cabs at dinner and not eat bags of chips every evening, but still have a nice bowl of oatmeal in the morning

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this, lol
if you eat and burn the exact same number of calories on a keto vs regular diet, you're not going to lose weight
retarded fat fucks can't count calories and then think that non-carb calories will somehow count less.
Since you're not willing to actually count calories, consider downing some horse laxatives after every meal.

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IMO keto is a pain in the ass tracking all the shit you can and cant eat and feeling like shit all the time, just eating less and more filling foods worked alot better for me.

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low carbs works better than low fat, daily calorie requirements are for an active lifestyle not sitting on your ass all day, fasts work
the really shitty thing is insulin makes you hungry.
eat carbs > insulin released > carbs gets turned into fat by the liver > also get hungry again > repeat cycle
t. down ~70lb

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yes but low-carb isn't. the whole ketosis thing is overblown and used to sell books mostly. avoiding processed carbs in favor of protein rich foods is not new advice. it has been prescribed to fat people for thousands of years.

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>thoudsands of years
yeah because the ancient egyptians were eating doritos and twinkies

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based retard. white rice is a processed food. so is flour

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I did keto for about 18 months. I felt great the entire time, never had any keto flu symptoms. I was already underweight so I can't really speak to the weight loss elements. The biggest problem I had was the sustainability of such a specific diet, I felt like my entire life became keto. Everywhere I went, plans I had with friends, vacations I was gonna take - everything revolved around my diet. Food went from being a fun and pleasant experience to being this preparation keto-nightmare looming over me.

No hurt in trying it for a few months though, just be prepared to have the worst smelling breath nonstop no matter what you do.

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romans called them bread eaters and they were famous for being fat, romans slurped polenta porridge with garlic and onions

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If you want to gain the weight back in cancer sure.

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Eat foods that have less calories per volume.
Your friends: veggies, unsweetened beverages like water and tea, whole-grains .
Limit: fast food, snacks and candies.

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This. Eat nutrient dense foods at a calorie deficiency (eg. Use a daily energy expenditure from the /fit/ sticky and it’ll tell you how many calories to eat) then use my fitness pal so you actually have an idea on how much you’re eating. If you really don’t want to actually monitor calories if you’re just eating chicken breast and broccoli like 3x a day you will probably not gain weight

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>can't manage to lose more even with caloric deficit and exercise


You are not exempt from the laws of thermodynamics. You are not in a caloric deficit currently

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Caloriess bro, track them so you make sure you don't eat too little and end up putting your body in survival mode. Also choline and b-12 helps with weight loss.

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Just reducing sugar is more than enough. Main thing is cutting out sugar and eating enough of protein.

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The human body is not a perfect thermodynamic engine that converts 100% of eaten food into 100% energy. There are countless biological and nutritional factors that drastically effect how the body processes food. This isn't to say that caloric content is meaningless, but it's just one part of a much larger system. Being reductive and saying the only thing that matters is raw calorie count is just ignorant.

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Lmao a meme fad that's been going on since 2007 and earlier.. moron

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>B-B-But I promise I don't have a caloric surplus!
Says the fatty who can't lose weight. Eat less. You must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. period.

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>Says the fatty who can't lose weight
This is my first post in the thread, in fact.

>You must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.
Sure, I don't disagree. But reaching a state of caloric deficit is not as simple as "Your body will always burn this set amount of calories, and will always retain 100% of the energy of all food you eat, and will process all macronutrients in the same way." There are a wide variety of factors that can adjust your metabolic rate, and a wide variety of factors that effect how your body processes the food you eat.

The body is a huge machine comprised of many different hormones, cells, bacteria, that processes many different micro and macronutrients for a variety of different purposes. It isn't a carnot cycle engine with perfect, easily calculated efficiency.

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Leaning keto works

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That's fat people talk.
The human body cannot produce fat out of thin air, if you are fat it is because you are storing excess energy. Simple as.

The only thing Keto does beyond simple caloric deficit is it will help you shed water weight more quickly than usual with the first few weeks. This is not applicable long term and it's something that will happen on plain CICO as well, just slower.

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>if you are fat it is because you are storing excess energy.

Yes, and there are many biological processes that effect how exactly this happens.
Pure "calories in, calories out" only applies if you're burning things in a literal fire. You throw something with carbon content into a fire - wood, coal, meat, grass, whatever - and it will burn up and release heat equal to the caloric content of that item. Because all that's happening is a direct conversion of latent energy into heat, there's not really any analysis required.

An engine, like in a car, is more complicated. You still have the same end goal of using fuel to produce energy, but now instead of pure heat, you're attempting to produce mechanical energy in the form of moving engine parts. This introduces several complications into the analysis, and room for different sorts of fuel to have different effects.

The human body is essentially billions such engines all running at once, attempting to produce all sorts of different outputs, and preferring all sorts of different fuels to achieve it. Like with a fire, or a car engine, on a certain level it is true that "burn fuel to produce energy" is still the ultimate process, but there are a huge number of additional considerations.

Do you just deny that the field of nutrition exists? Do you deny that there is any sort of difference between a carbohydrate, protein or fat molecule? Or a difference between body fat and muscle? Or a difference in the needs and functions of organs and organ systems and cells?

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Not reading all that shit senpai. Stop justifying your executive indecision with bullshit popsci articles, all you need to do is eat less and move more.

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That shit he's doing with his mouth makes me want to punch him.

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I had hip pain that a low carb diet (I do 50/50 ish protein/fat with around 15g of carbs) helped to greatly reduce. Carb inflammation can be a bitch it seems and changing a diet anyway means you can add in anti-inflammatory foods in it. I do OMAD too after I wake up that has worked really well for me too in terms of hunger. When I used to do low-fat high-carb I was hungry all the time but once I adjusted my hunger pains are just gone now.

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In my experience, I lost a fair bit of weight with a keto diet, and nothing else has worked like it, for me and people I personally know. But, having said that, for it to work you need to exercise. Idk how much exactly you need, but I used to spend like 3-4 hours in the gym almost daily too while doing the diet.

To my knowledge it doesn't hurt to do it, for the most part I felt very good while doing it and I did it pretty cheaply, without all the supplements people tell you to get. Go for it anon

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Do intermittent fasting (and keto) if you want to lose weight.
Do keto if you have worsening blood sugar and a family history of diabetes.
Eat only meat if you have severe autoimmune disorders.

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Yes, keto is a good starter diet. Hear me out...

Keto relies heavily on restricting carbs and sugars. By track your "20g or less of net carbs" each day, you become more aware of what you're actually eating and learn that there's tons of healthier alternatives to what you normally eat. The problem with keto (other than the semi-still being researched long term effects) is that it tells you certain vegetables like root vegetables are bad because they're high carb. However, we both know you didn't get fat from eating carrot sticks or roasted brussel sprouts. It's all that processed food.

So my best advice is (as someone who did keto) is this...do it for 4-6 months. This way you see noticeable progress and feel good about yourself while rewiring your brain to like healthier foods. Then fuck the 20g carb limit but try to avoid fast food and processed food again.

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Lost 60 pounds w it. Not a meme

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>calorie defecit
>still claims he cant lose weight
you're fucking up somehow
you're either mis-counting
or you're snacking between meals and not counting
or you're grossly underestimating how many calories something has

or you're making the same mistakes every fatty does
>sleeping right after a meal
>still drinking diet soda thinking he's fine
>still drinking alcohol
>not drinking water
>"""'cheat days"""""

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or maybe only focusing on calories is dumb and there is a good reason why 95% of CICO diets fail lol

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Why can't you believe that calorie deficiency actually works, do you think your body will just hold onto your fat forever if you don't eat?

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I tried Keto and lost weight pretty quick, I wasn't hungry at all the entire time.

works on my machine :)

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>bowl of oatmeal in the morning
Useless trash

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>The human body is not a perfect thermodynamic engine that converts 100% of eaten food into 100% energy
yes, but I assume an online "Total Daily Calorite Intake" calculator is designed for a human body and not an perfect thermodynamic engine

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> Being reductive and saying the only thing that matters is raw calorie count is just ignorant.
Nobody has ever said this. CICO has two terms.

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>i'm slightly overweight but can't manage to lose more even with caloric deficit and exercise, should i try keto ?
I was 40 lbs overweight for 16 years then I started eating only 2 meals a day, in the morning a peanut butter (natural pb) sandwich with a glass of almond milk and egg whites. Then at 3pm I would eat a chicken breast with a bowl of veggies and a protein shake that was 1200cal a day and then I would swim for 1 hr and workout for 1hr burning around ~200-400 calories I managed to lose 30lbs in 2 months like that.

Don’t do keto try low carb, because people will say keto and then go on about eating as much as you want and stuff themselves with butter, eggs and meat and think they’re healthy.

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water fasting/keto works and will make you lose weight faster then just cutting calories but the problems are that you will feel like shit and when you reach your ‘goal’ most people gain it back because they start eating regular food the same as before and gain everything back, just adjust your diet for the longterm and instead of stuffing your face everyday do it four times a month

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No worthwhile study has ever suggested that keto is faster or more successful than any other equivalent calorie restricted diet

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yes but like every meme diet it has success due to the basic principle of calories in calories out

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