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I’m starting to do 10 hour study sessions and need some food that I can cook and eat and won’t feel hungry

right now I just order a shawarma plate or subway sandwich and it does the job but they make me poo thrice a day

I also don’t like handling raw meat

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get those protein shakes that doctors prescribe fatties a week before they put em under the knife
muscle milk or whatever they're called, you can find them in a grocery store.

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Carbs are best for slow release energy. Get some nice pumpernickel bread and some cheese.

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>protein shakes
do these have anything special added to them or can I just make my own with protein powder + milk
>pumpernickel bread
I’ll start using these to make tuna sandwiches, regular white bread never would fill me up before

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Anything with a ton of glucose will make you feel full

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