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post >yfw clotted cream is illegal in USA

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i don't even know what clotted cream is

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imagine if butter was less fatty and had less butter flavor and more of a cream flavor.
bongs like to put it on scones with jam.

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Post >yfw television without proper licenses is illegal in bongistan

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>clotted cream
do britfags really?

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look i dont want to be 'do bri ish people really' guy, but yknow how most stereotypes are something that you can explain why(americans with all the fast food, 3rd world with lack of resources to get hygene, and italians having a long history of putting everything they have into their food which is why they tend to be snooty about it), but i dont know why brits have the fucked up teeth and ugly ass hair situation. or the nasty food thing. they have the resources to get toohpaste and a good haircut, and especially to get good food, so why dont they? im asking out of geniune curiosity, i feel like most brits wont even have the fucked up teeth anymore, but why do they eat the way they do, is there like a history reason for it?

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Let me guess
You don't have a foreskin?

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>imagine if butter was less fatty and had less butter flavor
No, thanks. Sounds awful.

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Imagine heavy cream that is thick enough for you to spread it, but without it being whipped. Very delicious.

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