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I was thinking of getting my mom a bread maker for Mother's Day. She's wanted one for a while. Any brands /ck/ can recommend? How do they work, do you need to get special cookbooks for different companies' bread makers or is it fairly universal?

Budget's somewhere around 150. There's a cuisinart one there and this one by "KBS" that I've never heard of.

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You mean an oven?

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No. Bread makers also knead and let it rise and proof without having to do it yourself so you don't have to keep running back and forth and set aside a whole chunk of time to be home. Plus, it controls humidity and temperature for the rise and proof, which can really fuck things up depending on what kind of bread you're making.

She had one when we were really little kids and loved it since you just put the dough in in the morning and you had fresh bread just in time for us getting home from school.

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Lol epic burn xD

If your mom seems hardcore about it, get her a Zojirushi.
If she seems more like she’ll use it maybe once or twice a year, go with a cheaper one.
The basic baking recipes are fairly universal, but fancier machines can have additional options which are more specific to that machine.

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I get the help to prepare the breads and pastries.

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>Lol epic burn xD
I had honestly never heard of such a contraption before

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If you really loved you would build her a woodfired brick oven.

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>If your mom seems hardcore about it, get her a Zojirushi.
Hm, looks a little out of my budget and I don't think she's going to use it a ton. She (and the rest of the family) are the type to get really excited about something and use it nonstop for a few weeks or months before letting it gather dust.

>The basic baking recipes are fairly universal
Thanks, that's super good to know.

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Breadmakers don't really make good bread.
You should get her a good stand mixer

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>How do they work, do you need to get special cookbooks for different companies' bread makers or is it fairly universal?
it should come with an instruction manual that will tell you in what order to add the ingredients and what settings to use for various types of bread. i have a bread-machine cookbook and most of the recipes are just "add the ingredients in the order suggested by your bread machine manual and process on the basic bread cycle according to the manufacturer's direction."

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I've got one of a similar make to the one you've pictured. Be advised spare parts are almost impossible to find for those. Panasonic are supposed to be the best. Just make sure you're using fast acting yeast.

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that's actually really based. feels like the kind of invention that realistically should have phased out bakers by now.

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Panasonic only.

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Hope you like bread. Have one and you realize, it smells great, wrangling yeast is good for the soul, so many different recipes, and then you realize, do you eat that much bread?

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It's hard to justify the price of a good one unless you make tons of bread or just enjoy the novelty.

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it has, what do you think is in the back of bakeries

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>/ck/ can recommend?
Make sure that whatever you select has a mode for dough only, no bake.
Then it can be selected to just do the chore part (mix/knead/rise), and you can dump it out and bake it properly.
Breadmakers are good at the kneading and rising part, but most of the lower end ones are only ok at baking, and sometimes you want a crustier offering that requires a different shaped pan in a regular oven.

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Is that mozart's wife from fucking Amadeus? Great set of tits on her

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