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Can I reuse pickle juice?

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If you're not drinking it you're doing it wrong.

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But can I pickle shit again if I heat it up. When does it lose its magic properties

>> No.16053646

For up to a year.

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How can you use it again if you've drank it though?

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It's vinegar. It becomes more expensive with time.

Not really, you could try making mayo with it.

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explain, do people ussually just heat it up again?
Im not very familiar with pikling, just did it with a few eggs but I dont wanna waste the jews

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i flick it on my sandwiches for flavor

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A shame how bad his more recent standup is. Its like that Randy character Aziz Ansari did, but unironic

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I used pickle juice to top up a batch of sour kraut that didn't quite have enough liquid to submerge everything. The sour kraut has a hint of dill and garlic now, I like it.

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Did you make it yourself?

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That guy looks like that incel shooter had he been obese

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Fuck yeah. I don't make my own brine, so when I finish a jug of Grillo's I pick peppers from my garden and throw them right in the tub.
I'll add a little extra garlic and some whole peppercorns but that's about it.

It doesn't go bad, so why waste it?

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based smiling fat elliot

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>Can you Google?

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Not really it can be used a a brine. I just throw it in all my cocktails these days.

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what happened to elliot?!

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it's not like he has to look good for the ladies.

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Combine some with buttermilk for fried chicken marinade

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Whenever I finish a pickle jar I drop in 2 or 3 hardboiled eggs and wait a couple of weeks. I don't reuse the juice more than once though.

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Why does him being fat make him look less white?

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I do a quick pickle with left over brine sometimes

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he would have been more of a successful living a mediocre life

such as life

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Is this a fat Elliot Rodger?

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I think you could reuse it once or maybe twice, but eventually it's going to get diluted by the water in the vegetables. If you can get some concentrated acetic acid to keep it at around 5% acidity then I think you could pretty much reuse it indefinitely.

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Of course you can

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elioto rogelio

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vanilla ices lattes are packed with calories

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He looks like one of my friends from high school

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