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so basically my liver can no longer handle alcohol, but I hate being sober all the time, what can I eat or take to give me some kind of buzz. doesn't have to be crazy. Already drink coffee, don't like weed. Thanks

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It’s called being high on life
Go for a run fatass

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what don't you like about weed? a lot of people's problems with it can be mitigated with the right dose and product

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Heroin. I wish to god I wasn’t serious. I’m an alcoholic too but once I discovered heroin it was game over. It’s a bit nicer to your liver and will give you the super relaxedness of being drunk without completely obliterating you to the point where you can’t function (unless you do too much). It’s pretty cheap at first too. A $5 or $10 blue bag from Kenzo used to get me fucked up for a day.

Cons? You’re gonna get super sick when you don’t have any.

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>don't like weed.

Sorry, I must've missed that.

Okay, I'm out of tips, then.

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I have cirrhosis, so i can relate. Unfortunately I haven't figured out the answer to your question so far.

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Can you take kava? Gives you about the same feeling, but not quite like a drunk. There's usually liver warnings on all the products but I think it was originally due to some shitty production. It shouldn't have that problem anymore.

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yeah I dunno how to figure that out, usually it just gives me anxiety and I think it's still illegal here in texas

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dunno the doctor said I have fatty liver and I swear I can feel it swell up when I drink

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Might ask your doctor if he thinks kava will be fine, or look it up. Just work out a bit and get rid of that fatty liver. Take some NAC too.

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>believing doctors
lol what an idiot

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learn weed strains and read reviews. or better yet, learn to manage your anxiety without illicit chemicals.
t. former cocaine addict/pothead

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Unironically this, cardiovascular exercise elevates your mood to the point where sobriety is bearable

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Why should op trust a smackhead? That's a terrible idea

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Cigars are the answer

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Runners high is really awesome actually

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What does it feel like? I don't run anywhere, I'm either walking or cycling

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>learn to manage your anxiety without illicit chemicals.
Well as he avoids cannabis because it gives him anxiety, He say he's doing that just fine.

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I feel you anon. My liver is fucked yet I cannot stop drinking. I ordered shrooms online though. They should be arriving soon.

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yes :3

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strong tea

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better than an orgasm

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Feels like weed, no exaggeration or meme. Yes I am a former stoner.

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try kratom. its a clear headed high so you can still be productive but youre definitely feeling good sensations

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stop being a nigger, thanks

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a heroin addicted retard, ignore him

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It's not the alcohol. Stop drinking coffee and add magnesium to everything.

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Try masturbating

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How did you find out about your liver? What are your symptoms? I've been getting drunk pretty much every day for the past 20 years and I feel fine, but I stick to beer and literally do not do anything else drug wise whatsoever. I've also been a marathon runner for almost that same amount of time. I'm the healthiest person in my family actually

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Know how you feel, alcohol isn't even enjoyable and I want to stop but sobriety is worse. Modafinil is okay, it's really strong at first though you develop a tolerance quickly if you take it regularly. There is always the option of improving your life to the point you don't need drugs but that requires hard work which you're never going to do no matter how much you promise yourself. So we're out of options.

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try not being poor.

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You need The Sinclair Method:


AA works for like 5% of people. This can actually fix your addiction problem!! Best thing I ever did. Please check it out OP or anybody here who wants to stop drinking that isn't normal.

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Was having some back pain that I still not 100% sure what it is, but probably muscles. Did a few scans and they said my liver was enlarged. Yeah I think my real problem is lack of exercise more than anything else

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What about the whole fentanyl situation

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I went my doctor with severe gut pain. I wa also barely able to walk or use my hands without shaking severely. He also noticed my appearance had declined significantly over the past year or two.
So he sent me to emerg where I was diagnosed with appendicitis, so they took my appendix out. Afterwards the noted I was having the infamous delirium tremens. And I was sent to internal medicine ward. I had 2 CTs and 2 MRIs I was referred to a hepatologist and released after about a week.

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Intimacy with children.

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Are you fat/out of shape? If you really dont have cirossis and aren't actually trying to drink yourself to death leaving las Vegas style, I guarantee fasting will get you back to be able to drink again in no time, and will help you to begin working out and getting into shape too. Go OMAD and start stretching every day, if you're able to go for walks start walking 5~ miles a day or every other. A few days of this, maybe a week and for sure you can go back to at least drinking beer if you want.

To break it down, here's my life style and diet for the past 15 years.
OMAD (I eat once every 24 hours)
I eat ordinary food for that one meal, no special diet, I simply dont eat desserts of any kind or junk food. I don't drink soda, at all, or anything other than coffee, milk, water, or juice (vegetable juice, OJ) and beer
I workout every day, including yoga/stretching, floor exercises-pushups, crunches, weights. Followed by either a 5-6 mile walk or run.

After this, I get tanked on beer. At 35 years of age I have found this to be a pretty steady and healthy lifestyle that still allows me to get drunk nearly every single day of my life with no adverse effects. If wine or hard liquor is what you like though then this won't work, even wine in large amounts is bad for you with similar effects to your body as drinking large amounts of soda

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I never drank alcohol but I’ve been drinking energy drinks for the last 4 years and am addicted, I tried quitting three days ago and got a massive headache and had to drink one

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you put all that work and effort to just drink? dude you built a lifestyle around your addiction..

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Just drink alcohol. Doctors are overpaid morons who just Google keywords and recite the first thing that comes up.

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>I tried quitting three days ago and got a massive headache and had to drink one

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the day before I found my grocery store had reign energy drinks, so I bought 4 and drank all them in one sitting

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Just take caffeine pills

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>you put all that work and effort to just drink?

No, I enjoy working out and running of course. Beer is awesome, working out is awesome. And really it's not even that much work, simply eating once a day and cutting out soda and junk food is probably the easiest thing anyone on this board could do if they want to get healthier.

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yeah it’s fun and all, but what’s the point if you’re negating any gains you could potentially be making by removing the alcohol and getting proper macros instead of eating like a 5’2 tranny

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fucking pathetic alckies
get a grip loser

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>beer and cardio kills gains, /fit/ said so!

Lol, dumb child

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Shrooms. 3-4 grams of that and everything will be amazing. Do whatever you like to do most. Anime/cartoons/games/hell camping is rad too.

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Magic mushrooms.

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>This. Runner's High is the best. It's this cathartic relief of "fuck, I can actually feel an uncompromising happiness for once."
>Helps you sleep, so you wake up feeling pretty alright too. The only downside is that you get addicted into a life of exercise, which really becomes an upside.
>Get good shoes and run on grass when convenient. Protect your knees. Welcome to the club, anon.

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>Hell Camping
no thanks

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only works for a couple hours then I want to either drink or run again

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Heroin withdrawal is not nearly as bad as alcohol/benzo withdrawal

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take the bike pump vape chamber pill.

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I wouldn't recommend them based on promises of having a great time. If you go in expecting wacky visuals and euphoria, there's always the chance you'll go down a dark road instead and you'll have an awful experience because you were expecting something recreational rather than deeply introspective. A recovering alcoholic is probably going to have a lot more demons to unpack than the kind of person who casually recommends psychedelics.

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You’re lying to yourself. Try going cold turkey off of the beer and see what happens. Like completely just cut it out. You’ll realized you’ve formed a habit and there will be affects.

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Try psilocybin gummies, salvia, or going for a run.

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>don't like cannabis
You're fucked. The only thing I can reccomend is codeine or oxys.

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Gib instructions, I don't want to accidentally a pipe bomb

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What happens if you drink without the med? Have to start over again?

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dont shrooms fuck up your liver too?

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>can get debilitating hangovers from like 2 beers
>drinking always results in hangovers
>it only got worse as I got older
>stopped drinking completely when I turned 28

I have been sober for a year now. I kind of want to get drunk but I know I'll have a bad time later. Haven't really tried any drugs, is weed any good? Can I exclusively not smoke it?

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>I hate being sober all the time
Stop being a little bitch and deal with it. Welcome to real life, why do you think people read and write literature?

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All the writers I know are drunks.

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People who read are simps and people who write are attention whores.

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Nice attention whoring.

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Writers who clearly have a lot of coping with life to do

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This is the most mom-science shit I've ever heard.

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you dont like edibles either?
smoking and drinking are the only relatively low risk daily habits. if you get on uppers or opiates you have a big chance of having a very bad time. try playing scratch offs or microdosing shrooms or something

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ignore faggots


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>walk 5 miles
Nigga do you know how fucking long that takes?

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>believing 4chan

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literacy is totally gay amirite bro
Fuck off back to tiktok.

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its half and half. OMAD is just daily fasting which causes autophagy which is extremely effective in cell repair and cell removal. the other stuff is mumbo jumbo tho

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Yeah, about 90 minutes. Can you not carve out that much time three days a week to keep your body functional?

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ok simp

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>why do you think people read and write literature?
An overwhelming proportion of all great artists have been addicts in some respect. People read and write for the same reason they drink and take other drugs: trying to cope with the world.

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>No results
Ketamine. Drunk feeling with none of the alcohol side effects, relatively cheap, the way to go

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>a basic skill makes you a simp
I hate this fucking place
I tried that once and all it did was make me feel a bit nauseous and hungry

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gonna try it thanks anon

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Coffee and cigs.

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