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Post shit you put on food that instantly makes it better for you

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yeah enjoy your man boobs

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>Dead for 55 years
>Life extension specialist

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Patricia (we call her Pat) recently celebrated her 91st birthday

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you and what jews?!

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why would you need a soy sauce alternative that's also made of soy?

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Just use MSG or soy sauce and don't give these scam artists a dime.
Grifter family.

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No health reasons, its just the shit my dad would buy instead of regular soy sauce so its what I prefer

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Buy coconut aminos instead just as "good for you" and you don't have to buy from exclusively this brand

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>life extension specialist
>died of heart attack at 81
Japan has a higher life expectancy, I guess everyone there is a life extension specialist too kek

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Is this basically the same as Maggi seasoning?

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I don't understand how it's not considered false advertising for him to labeled as having a Ph. D when he dropped out of high school after one year as well. Dude was nothing but a conman.

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>just dump some msg on it lmao

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"N.D. Ph.D." stands for "Not a Doctor, Phony Doctor"

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