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I'm going to San Diego next month, what is the best kinds of west coast seafood to look for?

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mexican seafood places will have the best.
at least do some fish tacos that are not from a chain.

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well the fancy seafood resturaunts are by La Jolla, theres a lotta good mexican ceviche, oysters whatever, sushi too theres great sushi here at the japanese restauraunts.
if you want shrimp thats not that expensive and delicious you could have boiling crab as well.

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whats really trendy right now in southern california as far as seafood goes is spanish octopus, muscles and clams in some kind of broth, and then the whole branzino. San Diego has lots of good ceviche though, if you go to a nice place that has whole branzino on the menu i'd go for that but if youre just eating street food and fast casual then stick with the fish tacos and ceviche. san diego has a nice take on mexican seafood

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no thank man, i would not like to eat the whole fish with bone, not so good for me as trans person.

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>La Jolla
Nice, i'll be staying around there

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South Beach Bar & Grill for fish tacos if you head down to Ocean Beach. The original fish taco recipe can be found at any of the Rubio's chains and you're in a hurry. It really is almost the same as the bufadora in Ensenada. Any highly rated hole in the wall on yelp should have really good beer battered fish tacos. You have to dig around for mariscos and many of the tiny places pride themselves on it.

La Jolla has some fancier spots so definitely check reviews against pricing. There's still just good taco shops all around close to the beach. Hard to miss and hard to find a bad place just driving around. For sit down I'm partial to King's Fish House in Mission Valley and C-Level next to Island Prime. Or Island Prime if you want to spend some $$. You can do plenty of that in La Jolla. I'm not sure what's open now or I'd recommend something. Oscar's was the spot but I think they are closed.

Anyways you'll have plenty of choices all around town. If you end up in mid-city area check out Parkhouse Eatery on Park Blvd (not far from Balboa Park).

Most importantly if you end up doing drinks downtown get a reservation at the "Noble Experiment". Don't tell your friends and surprise them. The most legit "speakeasy" I've been to in six cities. They got it down to the "why the fuck are we surrounded by dirty mops" experience before you open the secret passage.

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Bay park fish company is good, if you want to get out of la jolla for a while and check out the bay. Good sushi. If you're staying around la jolla, you can basically trip and fall into good seafood. Try a california burrito from one of the little shitty mexican places at least once, just for completion's sake. Windansea beach is the one you want to go to if you're going to san diego to propose to your gf or something. The prado in balboa park is also good for that kind of thing. You are going to go see the museums, right?

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You need to get up into the Oregon coast before you start getting the good seafood like live Dungeness crab, halibut, or king/sockeye.

Stick with Mexican in SD

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