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I work and make food at Sheetz

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how many poop jokes do you hear every day?
how many poop jokes did you hear on the day with the most poop jokes?

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have you ever charted your suicidal thoughts per day in excel and charted them to see if the trendline goes up or down?

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Where did it all go wrong in your life?

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None ever

No but I attempted suicide last year

After high school, but I make $14.50 and hour plus a $500 dollar bonus every 3 months so I think I'm at an alright spot

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From yourupe, what's a sheet?

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It's a popular convenience store/gas station chain on the East Coast in America

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I need money

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Sheetz is still around?

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>Not getting to hear poop jokes every day
Jesus Christ anon, no wonder you attempted suicide

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it's a way to pronounce "shit." like "sheeeeeet." black people do it. thats why i wanted to know about the poop jokes.

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I see funny stuff in the bathroom sometimes at least

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there was a guy who did this in asheville, nc. allegedly he was a junky

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How many times a week do you see shane there?

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Two to three

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That was my first thought as well. That boy loves him some Sheets.

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Same order every time. Double meatball hoagie.

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What is holding you back from opening your own location someday?

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Do you get 40hrs and benefits?

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I literally get 2 hot dogs for lunch there very day.

I used to get chicken tendie wraps but there was gristle every time

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usually truck stop wagecucks get paid decently for what they do. the flying j near me pays people $18/hr

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I asked for hours and benefits not hourly rate

$18 an hour is nice but if they cap you at 30hrs and won’t give you benefits it’s not as nice

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if anything you'd get overtime in the vast majority of them, benefits no idea though

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what up bull

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its name reminds me of when black people say shieeeeet

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I don't really want to, that sounds like a lot of responsibility


I get the chickie tendie sliders when I go on break usually

Black people are the most annoying customers to deal with

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what time do you throw out food? if i came to you before that time and asked for "hey, can i have any food yall are about to throw out" would you give me some?

could you give me advice on getting free food?
you guys sell gas station burritos and sandwiches, ya?

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>what time do you throw out food?
All the food is coded to go out at different times but probably the most likely time a bunch of food is getting thrown out is at midnight.

>if i came to you before that time and asked for "hey, can i have any food yall are about to throw out" would you give me some?
We can't, I would probably get in a fuckton of trouble if I did something like that.

>could you give me advice on getting free food?
Managers don't want any problems usually so if you cause a big enough mess or something you might get some shit for free. Also, you can use rewards points from the Sheetz app to get free food.

>you guys sell gas station burritos and sandwiches, ya?
Yeah we make the burritos and sandwiches by hand like Subway or Chipotle and they are pretty decent actually, there are prepackaged burritos and sandwiches you can get though, which aren't as good.

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>there are prepackaged burritos and sandwiches you can get though, which aren't as good.
are those easy to find in the trash?

I once saw a loves employee bring out a fresh pizza and was about to throw out the old two slices, i asked if i could have them and the manager stormed over our direction to give me a firm no

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>are those easy to find in the trash?
No, not really. The dumpster and trash cans are all very conspicuous and the dumpster area has cameras on it. The opening on the dumpster is in such a way that it would be difficult to lean in and grab something unless it was super full.

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This anon loves his dumpster food

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Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do. I was homeless for a while as a kid so I don't judge.

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i have no qualms jumping into a dumpster. i dont mind being seen on camera jumping in there either.

where do the old sandwiches and burritos go if not into the dumpster? or do most of them get sold before ending up in there? i know am pm is a gold mine for old sandwiches and burritos, and sometimes the staff is nice enough to put them in a seperate box

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i also find foraging food to be much more rewarding than buying whatever i want. i also like free time more than spending my time working for monies

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Almost always they get sold, very rarely did I throw some out for getting old. Ones that aren't out on the sales floor are in the freezer.

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Is dumpster diving really “foraging”?

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Most lazy ass people do.

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NJfag here. Is it better than Wawa?

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>Black people are annoying

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Sheetz has better sandwiches/burritos but Wawa has better drinks/deserts imo

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Im also from yerope, but here we are allowed t use google, you fucking moron

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>Sheetz has better sandwiches
lying sack of shit

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Sheetz is a glorified gas station
Wawa is superior in every way.

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Do you recommend tots in the burrito?

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this guy gets it

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Not in fucking Belarus we're not, I could be sent to the gulag just thinking about G*****.

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are the burger patties boiled?

also, why is it everytime i go the cheese curds are soggy?

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The burgers are microwaved lol
The cheese curds might have been left out and thawed a bit before they were fried

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Why are the hoagies so fucking bad? My Italian literally had two slices of ham and salami each and the bread was disgusting. I usually get the pepperoni roll cause it's fast and somehow not bad. The marinara is terrible though so I eat it plain.

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Your egg salad sandwiches are the best out of any gas station, how do you get the eggs so creamy? Also, what would you say is the highest quality item on the menu/that you offer?

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Idk you may have gotten a retarded as fuck employee, newbies usually don't know how to make sandwiches right.

>how do you get the eggs so creamy?
I have no idea, I have never made them before. Honestly I'm not sure who makes the sandwiches you can buy on the sales floor.

>Also, what would you say is the highest quality item on the menu/that you offer?
Either the spicy chicken sandwiches or the buffalo tossed boneless bites, they are surprisingly great.

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Yeah maybe. It was like 2 am anyway so I don't blame him for phoning it in.

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what benefits do you get for working at Sheetz? I'm thinking about applying

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No their hoagies are always skimpy on meats and cheeses. They love to fill the entire roll up with lettuce.

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>The burgers are microwaved lol

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I figured they wouldn't be great but I was really astounded by how bad it was. Would never have gotten one there but they're the only place open that time of night and I had a real hankering.

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holy shit I was just gonna post that - visited Asheville this past weekend and saw this guy. Peak hipster

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Yeah if it was 2 am you may have had an employee who didn't give a shit to make sure the bread was good, sorry friend :(

College tuition reimbursement, good healthcare coverage, bonus quarterly pay
Also when you're on shift you get ALL drinks for free and 50% off all food you get.

The patties are frozen and we have to microwave them for like a minute before we serve them, it's retarded

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>The patties are frozen and we have to microwave them for like a minute before we serve them, it's retarded
you charge $7 for a fucking microwaved burger?

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Do you all still sell mac n cheetos?

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We get bitched at if we put more meat or cheese than ordered, I try to not put an assload of lettuce because I know people don't like it, but I'm usually quite liberal with toppings and bacon.

Yeah it's fucking stupid but I can't do anything about it lol. I have never eaten a burger there in my life.

We sell mac n cheese bites now which are basically the same thing. I think they are pretty fucking good.

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what is the best food? The fish sandwich used to be amazing

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Chicken sandwich
Boneless bites
Mac n Cheese bites
Buffalo chicken flatbread
Sausage biscuit
Nashville chicken waffle sandwich

These are my favorites

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Ever suck dick for food?

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Be cool if you did

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So in other words you're a fake homeless person. Fuck off.

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I'm not homeless anymore lol
But hmu I'll suck your dick for some food if you want >>16081977

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Do you Sheet in the Food?

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Nah I don't get brain from retards like you

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I can get off to this role play

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What's the craziest crackhead experience you've ever had

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I second this. Chicken bites are top notch with dr pepper bbq sauce

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I was working night shift one the register one night and this guy came stumbling in the store and shouted HI at me and went to go order food. When he came over to the register he called me a different name than the one on my nametag (Jake or something idr) and then he asked "Where are all the girls at bro?" While staring at me like a crackhead, and I just stared at him confused and he started laughing really loud. I then told him his total and he was short a penny and he was like "DO I NEED TO GIVE YOU A COPPER PENNY? I'LL GET YOU A COPPER PENNY." And he heavily emphasized they were made of copper each time he mentioned it. After paying he saw a scar on my arm I got from my old job and yelled "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CUT?" And as I was telling him he cut me off mid sentence and was like "ALRIGHT THAT'S COOL." And he took his shit and left the store.

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God I hate yinzers

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I remember it was 1997 or 8 and you guys had this sexy as fuck fifteen year old kid working behind the sub counter and it was the year you got those MTO subs with a touch screen. I eventually got to fuck her in her dads pontiac montana. Thanks for that. I was just a young buck then. Twenty six or something. Thank you for hiring sexy as fuck young teens.

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>None ever

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when will the fish sandwich come back?

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Friendly reminder.

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Idk probably never

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Friendly reminder:


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no. sheetz is worse in almost every way, except they still have free wifi.

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But what do you need wifi 4? Don't you have a cellular telephone with tethering? I mean, having another persons system to use to post child pornography is great and all, but is it really an important thing?

The gas is ALWAYS more expensive.

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My hero

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I got some undeveloped Kodak advantix shots of her I gotta get processed discretely one day.

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