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what a hack.

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>a retarded sub-par chef/actor/tv personality with an accent isn't actually good at cooking or recognizing good cooking


Go watch some Good Eats with Alton Brown for a decent cooking show with someone who isn't an inflated ego blowhard.

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I hate this guy but he absolutely had the right idea with burgers, wide, not tall

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I absolutely hate burgers like that, thin patties are superior

I also went to his restaurant in NYC at The London Hotel in 2009 before he lost his 2 Michelin stars, it was a very stuffy atmosphere, windowless and the meal was forgettable.

It's since closed and apparently he cried when it lost it's 2 Michelin stars. https://ny.eater.com/2014/10/8/6948553/restaurant-gordon-ramsay-at-the-london-is-closing

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George motz is kinda annoying. Kinda reminds me of a kike

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>authority on food

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He should have focused on British food like chicken Tikka masala

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Hes obviously messing around in the first webm and having a joke

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"ow are you sposed to eat the bloody thing"

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yes that is perhaps what he may have said in that instance

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if some contestant on hells kitchen talked back at him, he'd fucking flip

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Gordon is very fragile and insecure

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Looks like John Carmacks' older brother

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>burger patty is a slab of meat that sticks out an inch further than the bun, making it impossible to take a bite including all of the ingredients
>burger patty radius matches the bun radius, so your first bite gets to experience all the flavors

you can't blame him for wanting a mouthful that contained more than just frozen unseasoned ground beef

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You're gay

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yes but that's beside the point

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I would prefer the burgies to bhe tjiner amd whider

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Obligatory post of Ramsay’s burger menu with $9 plain fries and a $15 fucking Sabrett’s hotdog.

>t. had the forest burger with truffle fries and a few drinks on company dime

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God damn you are an idiot, stop sucking on Gordon`s dick.

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>Reddit spacing

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I like the greasy dude and the asian but the fat guy just seems like his gimmick is that he's fat

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>now THAT'S a pizza

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look at the underwire or whatever of her bra coming out from the bottom there
what an absolutely trashy slut i love it

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An hero you stinking refag

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Thick burgers are retarded.

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Now I want to watch a cooking show with John Carmack.
I suppose he's more of the baking type, though. With extremely exact measurements and all that.

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why does the menu look like it was made on fucking Microsoft Word? This looks like a beachside snack bar menu.

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european chefs like gordon that cant get their palate outside the flavors and profiles of french/italian cuisines need to change their ways or stay in their fucking lane. he makes world class french and british food but fuck me if i see him try to make mexican or asian food.

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What's Up DAWG?

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>Alton not having a big head

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fuck I felt intimidated just watching this, dude was seriously pissed. Did Gordon just ignore everything he said or what?

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>not an inflated ego
Anon, I love Alton as much as the next guy, but he’s such a douche during food network star and he takes himeself way too seriously

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Because it's in Vegas, and none of the slobs that eat there really care.

I had a great time in Hell's Kitchen in Tahoe- actually a surprisingly classy place. A big fan of Gordon's food, but his burger place is a joke. It's for fat Midwesterners

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>hot dogs and fish in the same category
kinda odd

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he was very open about anyone not voting for hillary being racist
no thanks

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>Meiomi pinot - $75
I see this shit in the grocery store for $13.99
I knew shit was bad, I didnt know it was this bad.

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>he can't separate the artist from his art

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>he thinks that art doesnt inevitably contain a part of the artist's will and mind that influences the art and thusly you

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>that interior
I think i've eaten at polish buffets that were nicer

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>his burger place is a joke. It's for fat Midwesterners
nigga what the midwest is where burgers are done best

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I personally hate all of them, the fat dude looks like a human turd that was hand rolled on a barber shop floor.

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Yeah, and I'm a racist, so what's the problem?

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Wtf are you talking about dudes a total faggot. Him and his wife did a whole boo hoo George Floyd video from his quarantine kitchen series thing on YouTube

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I will absolutely never understand why people think these two webms show hypocrisy or whatever. This anon >>16085282 gets it exactly right, and it's unfathomable to me why this isn't extremely obvious.

The burger doesn't even fit the buns in the first webm. Not even close. In the show, it is literally noted by the chef "We don't have the right buns, just use the regular buns." This burger is obviously made incorrectly and strangely, and the first bite obviously cannot have any ingredient other than ground beef.

This is opposed to Gordon's burger, which is tall because it features a lot of ingredients, but you can very easily push it down with your hands and fit a bite with every ingredient into your mouth. Eating it is not a problem, and when you eat it you get every flavor the chef intended you to have. This is as opposed to the first burger, where the first bite is literally only beef because the beef doesn't fit the buns.

Is this just bait? Is it supposed to not make any sense? I really don't understand. I feel like OP and everyone agreeing with him are retarded and autistic, but I see this thread and so many agreeing replies so often that I am starting to feel like an autist.

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Why did /ck/ turn on Ramsay?

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/ck/ isn't a hivemind. That being said, he's gotten extremely formulaic bordering on lazy in recent years. He exudes an air of not really caring because he can ride the laurels of his previous accomplishments. That, and normies think he's synonymous with fine dining, even though he's only good at a fairly narrow range of French and British cuisine.

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Globohomo told him to be vegan.

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Because they don't like in-your-face, no-nonsense masculine men. They're all pathetically weak, and need their safe spaces to be every corner of the Internet.

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Take your meds, schizo.

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Gordon is a fucking ponce, a little nancy boy.

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Couldn't even be bothered to do a second take when he made a dogshit grilled cheese for ad revenue.

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>never had security on site
>the perpetual hairdrier wherever the fuck he is
>nancy boy
You're an idiot. He'd rip your fucking head off like it was Kit-Kat foil.

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A tranny replied to you. It's their go-to.

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Oh no, I insulted your cooking daddy. Go back to deepthroating celebrity cock.

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>You have to be 100% ripped to kick someone's ass

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Gordan SHAMsay

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>165 lbs.
>flabby stomach and man tits
Motherfucker has like zero muscle.

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>Nationality American
since when is ramgay considered a yank?

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He lives in California.

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and was indeed naturalised as well? i had no idea

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>name my band

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he used to be fat

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newfag cunt. go worship celebrities you musk-worshiping faggot

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>height: approximately
>weight: approximately
You have to be an utter fool to consider these actual height/weight measurements of celebrities. Moreover, what is even your point? He isn't built like a 21st-century bodybuilder... so he's a weak man? What about all the times he's faced ornery contestants face-to-face without flinching? What about all of the triathlons he's done?

Are you jealous of the man, or what? He's clearly not a "weak man." Do you even know what the average man is like? They can't even run a mile, and they certainly have no muscle definition.

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Checked. Hello fellow racist

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he's a typical only worked in American cafe's chef, fat, self inflated ego and under developed skills. His video with Babish was him just flexing on Babish that he can make an adequate but underwhelming burger for 12 hours a day, he has no personality and probably smells like week old fry oil.

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Nobody was talking about his food, Anon.

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what do you expect from a person who can't even boil pasta

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He can't take what he dishes, watch any clip of someone talking to him like he talks to others and he loses his shit. He's fragile and that's what I don't like about him

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Post body, Titties McGee.

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based marco poster

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>>burger patty is a slab of meat that sticks out an inch further than the bun, making it impossible to take a bite including all of the ingredients
>>burger patty radius matches the bun radius, so your first bite gets to experience all the flavors
>you can't blame him for wanting a mouthful that contained more than just frozen unseasoned ground beef

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I see the Gordon Internet Defense Force shills are out in full force

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you fools

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What does this post even mean? It's such a useless post. No point is made and no effort is put into the post.

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I hate his guts

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bump for this good thread

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>Corona Premier on tap
Interesting. I've never seen Corona on tap before.

T. Canadian

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mah nigga

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>sabrett hot dog

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