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post it

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what the fuck, that's disgusting

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Unironically the best fast food fish sandwich

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For me it's the windows 7 whopper, the best fast food sandwich in the world

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thats pretty cool, just remove bun and put meat patty on a plate and have it by using fork and knife like a cultured person

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How do you even eat burgers that tall tf?

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Ok zoomer

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unhinge your jaw

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here i animated it for you

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I feel like JP gets the best gimmicks sometimes. This is a dumb burger but it'd be "fun" I guess, and more cost effective than buying a couple whoppers. Shit with some more bread you could seperate it into two hefty burgers anyways.
Though there are some JP gimmicks I don't want - what the fuck is going on with their Dominoes? An already kinda crap pizza, now with abysmal topping options.

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Absolute faggot.

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what about the windows 95

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Outta my way BITCH

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based japs

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How can people eat that much burger and enjoy it? It’s just a grind to actually swallow let alone the stomach aches after

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Do your tummy hurts after you eat burguers anon? You ask your mom for belly rubs after too?

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lol imagine being this much of a weak faggot

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That’s 8 burger patties, you’re just lying if you think you can digest all that without some problems

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i'll prove you wrong right now give me like an hour

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EXACTLY an hour, a meal should only take 10 minutes MAX to eat

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i gotta go to the store and get the meat and cook it, jackass

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Make sure they're all over a quarter inch thick, don't smash them to lunch meat size or it doesn't count faggot.

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Do nips and weebs really?

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Good in it's own way, but the Fish Zinger™ had a unique taste to it. Their tartar sauce and spicy seasoning was truly in another league.

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back from shopping and it's nearly done cooking, i can only cook so many patties at once

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o fuk why did you make me do this

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no condiments on them 6/10 for effort

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halfway there
and yes i am eating this with sauce

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i didn't add condiments to the burger because it would be useless, i want ketchup and ranch and mustard on the WHOLE THING not just the top eighth inch, i'm dipping it as i go

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Just washed it down with some whole milk. Time to go to work!

Can I get bonus points for toasting the bun for structural integrity?

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you get half a point, I would've like to see some greens, maybe even an egg or two

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fiber is for pussies but it would have definitely complimented the look
next time i'll add a couple eggs

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>needing sauce for your burger
Just make a better burger

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at a certain point it's just cooked ground beef and eating a pound and a half of solid ground beef is a bit of a chore, i needed something to spice it up

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>The Windows 8 Whopper

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no kappa i heard the popeyes fish sandwich is actually BOmb. gotta try it once

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i needs dat chile lime seasoning in my pantry

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This burguer

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Absolute madman, you're going to take a hell of a shit later.

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Why would you do this? At least have some god damn cheese or pickles damnit

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Post hand

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he's an autist, have some empathy

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I don't eat fast food much less fish fast food but that sandwich is certified FIRE

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>that sandwich is certified FIRE

my grandma loves fish sandwiches, i'll get one for her since you say so

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A calskrove, a supersize burger meal inside a large calzone pizza.

They have heart starters and blood thinners next to the place :D

Also you can't give blood for a 2-3 days after a calskrove, blood is like yellow after that meal :D

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She will be reminded why you are her favorite anon, good on you.

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This board

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The weird meme of rich people making their food into cars for no reason

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Trains too, sometimes

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The crudites caboose

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You get the picture.

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The hotdog hot-rod

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This one takes ricer to another level.

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That's like 10$ worth of produce...

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I ate the windows 7 burger and it was good. Back around 2010 the chain lotteria had a ten patties ten cheese burger. I almost finished it down to the last mouthful and was incredibly fucked

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I've mentioned that before, I've seen these posted with the same file-names but I think they have a whimsical aspect to them so it doesn't bother me that anon is so insistent about it being a thing exclusively for rich people because they make me happy.

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I'm jelly.

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It's not that they cost a lot of money to make. The confusing thing is that rich people seem to be addicted to doing this. I can't figure out why.

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I hope you will find out some day, anon.

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I dont think anyone is addicted to doing that, anon...

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>pale-ass borger

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Actually based, I wasn't sure the Fish-o-fillet could be matched, but this is outstanding.

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checked and unfathomably based

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so beef is equal to 2? it's not even a perfect cube so that ad is stupid and so are americans.

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It's a fake ad you fucking donut.

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Did you unhinge your jaw to eat it?

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Anyone got the wwbm of the unit with a huge big Mac, troth of fries, a pitcher of Coke, and then for desert they give him like a dozen apple pies?

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desperately needs cheese

>> No.16181273

Reminds me of a jap Tool video.

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anon that looks well done af. it's going to take you 10 minutes to finish one chomp. but based digits and based delivery. i'm cheering for you.

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This one doesn’t quite give me wealthy vibes. Schizophrenic, perhaps.

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What the fuck do you know?

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>no sear
I appreciate the effort but cmon...

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dood i had to make eight patties and i only have one pan so i baked em
next time i'll sear it

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People who get stomach aches from eating anything are weak and their bloodline is weak and history deserves to forget them.

>> No.16182401

From beta to alpha the anon story

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nice trips burgeranon

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Didn't wanna start a thread just for this so asking it here.

Is it possible to buy the same buns as these chicken burgers have? I like the long sesame seeded buns. I know regular round ones exist but I've never seen long ones for sale in stores.

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Holy shit is that a sidewinder keyboard from Microsoft? Had a x6, what a great keyboard.

>> No.16182728

Looks like one of the bloodborne villagers

>> No.16182735

>baking burgers,
What? How? I can't imagine the taste big as good.

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that looks delicious

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I can't lie, I'd have one just to say I did.

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they were alright, tho the beef i had was pretty shitty and giving a proper sear wouldn't have done much for it since i just had some ancient frozen ground beef i got from the food bank months ago

yeah i have the x4 and i've been using it for about 10 years now, favorite keyboard ever and i'm not sure what to do when/if it ever kicks the bucket

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Here ya go

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>hurts just a little bit

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do amerisharts really

>> No.16185119

the answer is always the same every single time this question is poised, yes. absolutely yes.

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>> No.16185145

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from raw pork tats a German dish

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I haven't had BK in like 6 years, always thought it sucked. Has anything changed?

>> No.16185207

Anything more than four is too many to eat you end up with whopper gore all over your face, I normally have a quad-whopper when I go to BK, maybe went three times a year pre everything being closed.

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>> No.16185267

Of course I could, thats 1kg if minced beef there made into burgers.

>> No.16185279

I think that’s overcooked anon...

>> No.16185290

Fucking kek

>> No.16185313

Is this a meal for a high elf or sumn?

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>> No.16185347

why would you eat coins?

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>> No.16185394

7 anon as the name states...

>> No.16185402

looks comfy, do you ever use your moped as a chair while you eat?

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eat the pennies quiz boy

>> No.16185622

>not storing your bike in the bathtub
shiggy diggy, someone will trip over it if you just leave it in the middle of the room like that. My grandma died that way.

I bet you don't store your ketchup in the refrigerator either. Disgusting.

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Based major award poster

>> No.16185969

are you my dad on weed

>> No.16186235

based hoarder

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>leg lamp
Is that jar full of seeds?

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For some reason i believe this is taco bell anon with the random setting

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Never once seen this retarded shit and a good amount of my friends are quite wealthy

>> No.16186864

Lamb head

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>> No.16187425

nigger try windows 2000

>> No.16187545

I... there are definitely sesame seeds on those buns I buy them every couple months to make sandwiches

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came here to post this

>> No.16188177

I had one of them RBs recently and it was the best frozen I've had in a while, ate the whole thing. Must have been a fluke.

>> No.16188496

> sandwich
> clearly meat inside burger buns
Imagine being this retarded

>> No.16188836

That is the best thing I have ever seen

>> No.16188950

mutt's "food" are fucking disgustang

>> No.16188962

It honestly happens with age. If I eat too much sugar after a day of drinking I'll get stomach pains and diarrhoea the next morning.

>> No.16188997

Fucking limp-wristed dicklet zoomlet.

>> No.16189002

I appreciate you shittin on zoomies but have some fun with the toppings next time. You did encourage me to eat huge burgers though

>> No.16189134

A burger is a beef patty inside the buns, moron. There is no such thing as "burger buns", without a BURGER patty they are just buns.

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>> No.16189256

>only rich parents make fun looking food stuff for their kids

>> No.16189266

does that table and wall actually look like the house of rich people to you?

>> No.16189281

You really want to make this a contest anon?

>> No.16189301

I don't like this women, I thought I would because of the booba, but as the video progresses my hate increased.

>> No.16189320

A- raw and cold inside
B- she's skinny and has never eaten anything like this

>> No.16189476

Nothing to be proud of, you fat gluttonous hog

>> No.16189520

He already did, you know what you have to do.

>> No.16189698

Why do you live like that?

>> No.16189806

Well played

>> No.16189817

Same reason poor people make ants on a log with celery, peanut butter and raisins.

>> No.16189838

wow they actually call it american size

>> No.16189997

This thing freakin' slaps!

>> No.16190125

Does all of american food act like playdoh?

>> No.16190210

Don't you have a broiler? Most ovens come with it and a pan. It's basically an upside-down grill.

>> No.16190224


>> No.16190254

I've tried this before. The fish inside is tasteless. I remember it breaking while I was eating it. It's basically a fish sandwich with chicken sandwich breading. Not bad, but chicken is better.

>> No.16190259

Sucks to be you, have you tried not being a drunk? Destroying your insides with booze is not something that comes naturally with age.

>> No.16190263

He might have a shitty electric oven like me.

>> No.16190271

But we remember Alexander. He had a weak stomach and the occasional cock up the ass and still took over the known world

>> No.16190274

i have a shitty electric oven like this anon >>16190263
i have more beef thawing and I plan to make a version 2 in a couple days

>> No.16190276


>> No.16190277

Coil broilers are usually included on electric ovens too. I'd bet if you go to yours and turn the dial past 500 there'll be a little tick labeled broiler.

>> No.16190289

Wait... Is this why you European days call everything a burger? Because of the fucking bread?

>> No.16190293

And they are probably shitty and bad to use anyways. You are supposed to broil with fire, period.

>> No.16190294

Here's a pic that oddly enough isn't using a broiler pan. It two parts with the bottom being a conventional pan, but the top is a grate with slits in it for the meat to drain off its grease.

>> No.16190301

They're fine, you're just using direct heat. I actually find my natural gas one to heat a little more unevenly, but that could just be an oven to oven type thing.

>> No.16190337

I asked my yuro friends and aussie frends this before and they say yes, it’s because of this reason.

>> No.16190354

So, what do they think ground hamburger is?

>> No.16190365

we don't talk about that.

>> No.16190411

yes, they cannot chew

>> No.16190497

Here's some kino for you boys. I dare you to post a better looking piece of pizza.

>> No.16190523

Ground beef. Why do you need a special word for it?

>> No.16190542

I guess I'm just a special guy :3

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