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Hot sauce or BBQ sauce?

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I like both (gasp) - hot sauce has more applications though. And where I'm from that isn't bbq sauce.

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BBQ on the food hot sauce crammed up my ass

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What if you mixed both of those sauces together?

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You can do better anon, pick up the pace. didn't even make me smile

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>liquid sugar vs fire vinegar

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Given the two in OP's pic, I love Sweet Baby Ray's. Tabasco is just too watery and salty. And not even hot enough--it's just salt vinegar spice water. SBR is more like BBQ ketchup. Honestly I love me a good hot mustard.

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They're not really comparable, it's not like ketchup and mustard. BBQ sauce and tabasco are used for totally different things. No one is slathering ribs in tabasco and no one is cramming BBQ sauce up my ass.

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Both of the things in your image are popular and readily available at any retail grocer.
As such, I hate them both.

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Hot sauce, don't really care for BBQ sauce in general. Tobasco is good, but only when used as an accent in something else, like soup. Not good as just a topping on something.

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Mixed together

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BBQ 99.99% of the time but Sweet Baby Ray's is fucking disgusting, I'd take tabasco given that choice.

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I prefer hot sauce because I can use it on more foods and more of it. I feel BBQ sauce can get sickly sweet after too much of it. Every so often I'll buy a bottle but once I finish it I won't get a new one for months

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I choose the one which makes sense to use for what I’m making at the time.
But I do prefer BBQ sauce that’s more on the savory/spicy side rather than sweet.

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What's your sauce o' choice fren?

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