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Jerk shrimp n rice

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Shrimp etouffee

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Beef kebabs

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Strip steak shrimp and marrow

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Adobe chicken ranch club sandwich

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Filet mignon shrimp and marrow

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Ham and cheese club on a poppy seed bagel

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Chili lime chicken in a spicy cream sauce.

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A cookie

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Mustard glazed chipotle chicken for wraps.

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that looks really tasty. I have only had etouffee when visiting new orleans and I loved it, but it's not so common where I live.

what recipe did you use and was it good?

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That looks awesome

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What can I say? I like vegetables.

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Mulberry jam

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>literal turd
>meme drink
everything about this is disgusting

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Thanks man. My wife really liked it.

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Anyone have any wild burger recipes. I made one with bacon and a blueberry sauce that was actually pretty fucking good.

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Thanks fren. I adapted this recipe https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/shrimp_etouffee/

Dark roux with 1/4 cup of neutral oil (I used avocado) and 3/8 cup of flour
Cook the trinity (whole onion, whole bell pepper, and a celery rib, all diced) and 3-5 slivered garlic cloves and a two diced fresh tomatoes and a minced fresno pepper (or two jalapeños or any hot pepper of your choice, or add a little more bell pepper for a mild etouffee) in the roux until they smell fragrant but before they are tender
Pour in the shrimp stock and heat to a boil and simmer down and reduce until thick and the veggies are soft but not falling apart
Stew the shrimp in the until cooked - I go by feel

Serve over rice and topped with fresh green onion

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looks great anon thanks for sharing. will try it next time I buy shrimp.

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wouldn't a cream sauce completely destroy the Lime and turn into curdled sloppa?

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What do Mulberries taste like?
And how do you eat the jam?

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>how do you eat the jam?
I dont, its full of sugar (a carb) and it is only for fatties.
Its basically sugar spread, as f9r how it tastes, i have np idea, you would have to ask a fatty.

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Shrimp stock is a nice thing for this, and easy to make (simmer shrimp shells, celery, carrot, bay lead, pepper, and garlic for an hour), but you can just use clam juice and canned chicken broth

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>do Americans really?

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sausage cheese kolaches

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No not if you do it right. Butter with another milk fat and acid works as a binder.

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Those look good

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Homemade labneh with roasted peaches, thyme and pistachio

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What is labneh?

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Not OP but it's strained yogurt

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Hot pot baby

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Grilled swordfish with chickpea-eggplant salad

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>St pelegrino

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looks good by isn't the ching chong in thing ning nong? my mama always use the bing bong

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Samesies bro

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Shrimp tacos.

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I wanna see a self so bad, holy fuck

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half of it's on the table, how tf are you supposed to eat that?

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Beef stroganoff

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How is this different from gumbo?

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Posting shit from last week

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Za wasn't last week still good

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looks really good
looks nice but not enough chili ; )

>pic related: hong shao rou (红烧肉)

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You didn't cook that, idiot. Why are people such god damn liars?

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Weird to put that much effort in and not even use a bratwurst or some other worthy sausage.

Also, you put sauce on the fucking bun, you retard

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that looks excellent anon

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There are delicious eastern euro sausages that looks like that, not saying that those definitely are, but they do exist. Check out a Polish or Czech butcher if you can

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Dude likes his vegetables.

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all look amazing

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Xmas surprise

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Steak and spaghetti with gorgonzola sauce

Lots of good stuff itt but
is the best

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Ayy boys. Im doing an italian sausage baked ziti tonight. Got the idea from Chef John, but varied the recipe here and there to the way I like to cook. Pic of some of the ingredients, not representative of exact portions or all-inclusive, just liked the color contrast so I took a pic. Cant imagine Id fuck it up too bad - its baked ziti - but wish me luck.

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All that shit and a diet drink

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Is it true what I hear? That you're a vegetable liker?

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I just like how diet soda tastes like metal.

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What exactly is this?

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Harissa braised lamb shanks

Baby sheep feet have a shit load of fat and connective tissue so the sauce was really great

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The Le Creuset consumerism thread put me in the mood for beef casserole. Nothing fancy. Some of what looks like potato is radishes that lost their color.

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Thai shrimp curry, was ok.

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homemade meatball and italian sausage parm

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This is some sad looking food

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