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Is there any reason why american food, even stuff that's supposed to be sweet like candy, is all overly-sweet? Like we occasionally get import american candy and it's all nasty, it somehow tastes sweeter than actually eating sugar.

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We have had corn syrup introduced to more and more products over the years to save on costs and so now we need higher sugar content than ever for our sweets to stand out.

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You should try some of our bread. I had to go out of my way to find a bakery that didn't introduce a fuckload of sugar into it.

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Even the bread? i actually feel really bad for you guys, here in Aus i think we have really good food guidelines so we dont end up getting so fucked up on sugar and corn syrup

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Desserts in the U.S. are definitely too sweet, I often just split a serving in half, eat one, and save the other to cram up my ass.

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American diets are so fucking full of sugar that everything tastes less sweet
Our bodies get adapted to it

After I did a month of fasting and only eating small protein meals every few days, I could no longer drink any of the diet sodas I used to like because they were far too sweet for me
We build up a tolerance to sweetness from all the snacks in our diets that companies need to make non-sweet things slightly-sweet just so that they can taste normal to an American palette

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I really don't understand why people like sprinkles. I mean, even moreso on a hotdog, but even in general on anything. Why?

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Normally I'd shit all over you because 'murika but you're right. It's a problem and believe it or not most of us know it. Many people are sick of our food processors who pretty much run this shitshow poisoning us. These are often transnational companies like pic related who pretend to be a couple of liberal hippies making ice cream out of Vermont. Or the usual culprits like Monsanto.

Corporate agriculture is poisoning the burgers and don't think these fuckers are not coming for your people.

We do have a real problem with food processors and sugar refiners. As well as intentionally addictive additives and fats derived or intensified by "food science". It is one of if not the main causes of the obesity problem. Second to this is the sheer abundance of food. Our neighbor Mexico also has this abundance. So while they are "poor" they are all fat as fuck.

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American bread is so loaded with sweeteners, thaat if you make toast out of white wonderbread, and bite it, hold your teeth together for a second, your teeth will be lightly stuck together when you try to take another bite. Glued by sugar.

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No American actually eats like this. Same goes for shit like deep fried twinkies.

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>After I did a month of fasting and only eating small protein meals every few days, I could no longer drink any of the diet sodas I used to like because they were far too sweet for me
>We build up a tolerance to sweetness from all the snacks in our diets that companies need to make non-sweet things slightly-sweet just so that they can taste normal to an American palette
That's just depressing to listen to. I drink soda from time to time but i'm pretty sure the soda we get here is less sweetened than the stuff they sell in america too, i've had american tourists say as much "why's yer cola taste so weird"

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and thats why we lead the world in diabetes (discounting China and some middle eastern countries that consume soda like people should be drinking water)

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could be because the high fructose corn syrup used in the US is sweeter than regular sugar gram for gram

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Not the bread but it's found any any sauce/condiment and sneaks into all the frozen/prepackaged shit. It's in almost everything that isn't a whole food.

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Nice numbers. The reason those depressing countries drink soda like its water is because the water supply they have access to is terrible. It's very unfortunate.

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sounds probable but also of note is that a lot of the middle eastern countries where the diabetes epidemic is bad dont allow alcohol so they drink soda instead

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Oh that's true too, i was mostly thinking about the hellhole that is China. I've had the displeasure to have been twice

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A lot of common food brands that are mass produced are overly sweet, but we have plenty of non-sweet options. It's not all that Americans have, its just what the fat ones eat.

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added sugar is an even greater marker for processed food than added salt

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its also what gets advertised to our children on television
if you can get em hooked young...

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>pic related
winner winner chicken dinner

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After I moved to Japan, I got used to not having HFCS in everything I ate. When I went back to the US to visit, I couldn't eat any of the sweets (cakes, brownies, etc.) it was kind of eye opening as to how much sugar tolerance I had grown up with.

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High fructose corn syrup is literally just that, way sweeter than normal sugar without the "flavor" real cane sugar brings. In the US pretty much EVERY food company uses high fructose over regular sugar because it's cheaper. It's SO overused that products have started advertising that they DON'T use HFCS as it's sweetener as its selling point. The reason why HFCS is so cheap and predominantly used is because corn farmer government subsidizes that get abused.

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Nothing on it's own is "that bad", the problem is the VOLUME. That shit is everywhere, in every product, so Americans end up getting more than their fill of ingredients that should be consumed with moderation.

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its the cheapest calorie so its also what we feed to livestock as well

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the dose makes the poison

but do we know at what dose above which of chronic high doses of fructose will cause diabetes, obesity, etc
i dont think we do which is why we should take the precautionary principle here

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Lol, Americans are treated like livestock

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>without the "flavor" real cane sugar brings.
Doesn't just whole brown sugar tastes like cane sugar? IDK, I never consume either HFCS or refined sugar, but when I do the latter, is almost an indistinct (but still "classic") sweet taste.

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That looks so fucking disgusting I'm getting pissed off looking at it

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American food be like dat

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store brand shit is just cheap crap filled with sugar. go to an actual bakery for your deserts and bread

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Because it gets people to come back and buy more
Seriously, this entire nation has a addiction to sugar and sweetness

It’s fucken bonkers

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I love my country, I really do
But we have a mountain of issues that we need to fix
This entire nation is suffering because we Are hooked on sugar

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This makes me angry

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China is what the world is going to look like soon
I want to die

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Have another prime example of American Cuisine

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Hey, wanna list some of the less sweet ones? I'll be ordering some stuff from us soon and would like to try something new

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