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What a pompous cunt, this was a perfectly good pizza.

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>Americans pay money for that

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>Americans get a good deal

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Looks good though the crust is pretty damn thick, probably would have a tough time cramming a slice up my ass.

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no it wasnt, that fucker was soaked in more oil than bitches on a brazzers porn set

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This meme needs to die

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I lol'd

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is this the same guy from the tall burger meme?

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He's british.

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not that you're wrong about him playing shit up for drama but denver style has to be one of the worst types of pizza next to Brazilian cream cheese, over 1/2 of what you're eating is the plain dough ring.

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*Colorado style

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They still brag about their crust.

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yes, he accuses others of that which he is guilty.

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>lifts pizza up vertically
>toppings fall off
This guy is a fucking hack.

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what a faggot

this was the burger I ate 2 days ago and I had no fucking problem

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damn, that looks nice. I'm not a fan of pickels tho, I'm more an onion man

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it's stoner pizza, aka pizza-hut-tier
a real pizza restaurant should have some good pizza

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>one's served as-is
>other's cut in half so you can eat it like a human

we don't all have extended jaws from sucking cock all day

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>reeeeee the burger isn't cut in half now i can't eat it no i cant just cut it in half myself i'm too autistic and retarded reeee

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>reee, do my job for me. why should a chef know how to prep food for customers

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He's trying to be a quiz show host now

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Who even wants that much ground beef in one sitting anyway?

And who the fuck likes pink ground beef? I can't stand that this is the new trend, anywhere I go I have to tell them to actually cook my fucking burger all the way through now. I don't care how super high quality and fresh ground the beef it's not E. Coli I'm worried about, undercooked ground beef texture is fucking ass no one wants a mushy lukewarm burger

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It's pretty unnecessary to cut a burger in half at all I mean i wouldn't care if it was served that way but I would wonder why they bothered.

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they use credit

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congrats, you've never eaten at any burger joint that isn't shit

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>Americans pay money for that
>item is featured on a show about shitty and/or poorly-run failing restaurants
Clearly no, Americans weren’t paying money for that. Or it wouldn’t be on a show about failing restaurants.

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Lmao I remember watching this one with my ex (Italian) and her Grandma. We were laughing our asses off as her grandma was literally in disbelief that someone got served that ...thing as "pizza".

In Italy people would seriously beat up the "chef" if he demanded people to pay for that.

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haha dude pizza lmao

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