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canned pears with half and half.
leave in the syrup

how can it be this fucking good?

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This would be better if you poached the pears in sugar and some vanilla then used the poaching liquid and added the half and half or heavy cream after.

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This almost made me throw up. What the fuck?

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>Canned pears.

These are already poached in sugar. So, it would be incredibly simple. Just heat the pears in liquid, remove the pears, add whatever extras and Whaaa Lahhh.

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I meant nice pears from a farmer's market or something. Canned fruit is kinda nearing the bottom in terms of quality.

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Its not so bad as people think

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Say what you will, but I've always found organic fruit to be some much better than non. Especially apples and pears.

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non-organic fruit? please explain

>> No.16259775

try condensed milk on bread

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Conventionally grown uaing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
You can try it for yourself if your supermarket has the same kind of apple, but an organic and non organic one.

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How do you know they actually grew them that way and didn't just put an organic label on them and raise the price?

How do you really know?

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Aside from the objectively better taste there are massive company bankrupting fines associated with lying about uada organic labelling. The other way to know something is organic is building rapport with the farmer growing the fruit.

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Haha OK yeah I know that...

I feel like technically speaking it's impossible for produce to be non-organic.

I do know some stuff about "organic" classifications and requirements. In a lot of cases, there isn't much difference, and if you are concerned about pesticides, you should know that copper sulfate, a pesticide, is allowed while still maintaining "organic" certification.

If you really want to be strict about that stuff, I recommend looking into local "tilth" certifications, as that generally cuts through linguistic bullshit into what you're really looking for.

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That seems like good info about the tilth certificates. I'll check it out.

In all honesty I mainly care about taste when it comes to fruits. A lot of organic veggies aren't much healthier because the soils on big farms aren't remineralized well. I'm growing a pretty massive garden this year with particular focus on good soil. It's remarkable how nutrient dense foods can satiate you without being particularly calorie dense or filling.

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It's sugary fruit and sugary, fatty condensed dairy. That's how it's that fucking good

>> No.16261280

half and half is not condensed or sweetened

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