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What food gives you this feeling /ck/?

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i'm not that old

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looks like mfw I suddenly get something crammed up my ass.

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Anything mom makes

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>That look of indescribable sadness mixed with surprise...

That would be the first time I tried "Mushy Peas".

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>indescribable sadness mixed with surprise
That's like the complete opposite of the madeleine.

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Does it happen often enough for you to have a general reaction?

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Oh yes. Extremely often, especially with food items.

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ha! someone moved up north. don't worry, i've never had gumbo either. would like to try it though

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Beef stew or chicken paprikash.
My german grandfather used to cook for us (his children and grandchildren) every sunday evening. Those two dishes were some of his mainstays.

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Having gone the opposite direction, a decent clam chowder for me.

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Pasta with my grandmother's homemade meat marinara sauce

fuck I love my grandma so much

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unironically jack in the box spicy popcorn chicken did this to me with my middle school's spicy popcorn chicken

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Sausage breakfast pizza.

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My Grandma used to drink this specific tea every single day I'd go to visit her. It was some kind of Korean tea.

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Pierogis. I grew up fairly poor, and my mom was brilliant at making cheap dishes shine. Once every two weeks would be pierogie night. She would hype it up for days to me as if they were the most indulgent dinner in the world, pan fried and served with bacon, fried onions, and sour cream. I would get so excited for it thinking that it was some exotic delicacy.

My parents would get me anything I wanted for lunch on my birthday and deliver it to my school when I was young, and more than one year I asked for pierogis. That’s how great and fancy I thought they were.

Even to this day, pierogis are my ultimate comfort food. Homemade, cheap frozen ones, restaurant quality, doesn’t matter. I eat them and I feel like I did as an excited kid. I know logically they’re just cheap mashed potato dumplings, but my emotional reaction is the same as if I just had a steak dinner.

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Chef boyardee ravioli

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extremely based

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tacos or shrimp kabobs. both take me back to when i was a kid and also happier

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This and rectangle pizza in general. I felt like fucking Citizen Kane when I hunted down and ordered a box of what supposedly was the same brand they used to serve in schools in the early 90s, but it just wasn't the same. I have all this money but I can't get back to elementary school.

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jesus man you could probably just chew on a homeless man's sock to get this flavor...

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Overcooked meats like burnt bacon and dry chicken always reminds me of my mother's cooking.

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based and wholesome

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I think it would make your mom very happy to see how much you still appreciate the love she put into cooking for you. :)

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Wholesome comment and I love it

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Pumpkin pie

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My mom's frosted Christmas cookies.

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I teared up a little bit reading this.

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A few different poverty meals. My parents were broke AF, but worked hard. They almost always cooked us something for dinner. Whenever I cook one if those meals these days, I get huge flashbacks.

t.old guy who misses his parents

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Spaghetti bolongese with lots of mushrooms and hot sausage.

Don't have such a good relationship with my mom now so it's always a little weird eating it.

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>Don't have such a good relationship with my mom

Work hard to fix it, regardless of who is at fault. You'll never regret the effort. You will regret not making the effort. I've lost both parents and would kill to have a few different conversations with them.

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This shitty instant tri-coloured pasta they used to make.
All the brands were discontinued ages ago but I can still taste the flavour in my head and it gives me a flashback to my youth.
Man I would love to have one more bowl.

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The sweet taste of Mama mia’s O’me made bababagoulie with gabagou sauce

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My mom makes these for Christmas every year.
Takes me right back to my childhood.

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A plate with lobster, beef, and asparagus

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tater tot hotdish

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What a pussy.

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>Spaghetti bolongese with lots of mushrooms and hot sausage
i love this

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That scene was based on a short passage from Proust. You really don't need to know that to understand it, but apparently zoomers are fucking retards.

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I DO DECLARE, I have detected a whiff of a young, fiery buck just a-beggin for a breakin
Weeelll I don't know how you do things in your neck of the woods, but down here, we do things a little differently

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banana milk shake

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So they just copied the tarte tartin scene from the old Simpsons episode?

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As a pole, pierogi are top-tier comfort food, especially in mentioned combo BUT it’s even bettter when you fry them on both sides to kinda toast them. Great story anon, made me smile

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Ok nvm, I did not read the bacon part, carry on then

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unironically, mom's spaghetti (with her bolognese)

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bag of pasta mix (butterfly pasta, peas, carrots, barley) boiled with a jar of spaghetti sauce. it wasn't very good but it really brought back elementary school cafeteria memories

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None. My mom was an awful cook. She used to bake chicken breast well past 165 in a tray of orange juice.

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my mom's meatloaf, mash potatoes and peas. so simple, but I could pick it out of a blind taste test if there were a thousand plates.
you're clearly new here welcome to /ck/.

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food doesn't give me emotions cause I'm not a fat fuck

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Anything mom cooks except her spaghetti sauce. It just seems like she undercooks the vegetables.

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Mexican food.

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You're confusing the shitty school pizza with the good rectalungar pizza they would serve every once in a while

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Thanks, anon.

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Sweet potato pie

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I'm so sorry Anon

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what does one have to do with the other?

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if only /ck/ had posts like this every thread

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they may be gay but you are a faggot

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Is ratatouille the modern generations In Search Of Lost Time?
>what food gave you that feeling
The first I think of was a recipe for cupcakes that was in a baking recipe book that my mother gave me when I left home for university, I made some and it was the first time I had tasted them in years, it brought me back to her baking them for me when I was very small.

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Go back to karachan piotrek

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Wholesome AF

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I didn't mean to (you) you I meant this is my answer to OP

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MY mom's chicken soup. She knows just the herbs to put in and I have many fond memories of settling down with a bowl of it with her to watch a movie or do homework or something.
I get to see her again for the first time in a year and a half in a week and I'm very excited to see her and eat some soup.

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Smoked meats, especially flawless pulled pork with a great sauce

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because my birthday is in september mum always made me a birthday apple pie rather than have a cake

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Good post Anon, enjoy those pierogis

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Thank you for your post anon. It reminds me of the potato latkes my mother made and many times she would send me to school with latkes in my Pound Puppies™ lunchbox. The first time I took them out everyone laughed at me but then I shared them and everyone wanted more. So for the rest of the year when my mom made me latkes she would make enough for me to share with the class.

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>Pound Puppies
>Loveable, Huggable

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The Tonka Corporation back in the 90s, apparently. Really nothing wrong or explicit about it at all, but the mind likes to insert its own subtext.

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80s actually and you guys need to wash your dirty minds out! Children's cartoons and pop culture wasn't inundated with asian degeneracy back then

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Whenever I have an excellent eggplant parm. My grandma used to make them for me when I was a kid.

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>eggplant parm
wait is that like a vegan chicken parmy?

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That's Men in Black, nigga. The two guys seated didn't last long after this scene.

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Fish fingers in ramen.

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Though it was a colander at first

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Not him but every time i've had eggplant parm it's used normal cheese. It's good.

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sauerkraut soup t. my grandma

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Beef stew over rice

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In-n-out animal style 3x3 with peppers.
Fried cherry or chocolate pie.
Funnel cakes at a Fair.
Tinned smoked oysters or kippers with triscuits.

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Eggplant parm(igana) actually predates chicken parm(esan). Chicken parm invented by Italian immigrants to the US who were surprised at all the cheap meat that was available.

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Orion’s belt...

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Yum honestly it’s true

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based bun-chan poster

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I really like pierogis too but my parents always coat them in onions which I fucking hate.

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Your mom's pussy you fucking faggot duck you

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That actually sounds pretty good.

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My aunt made sikhye for me when I was really little. Hers didn’t have any additives like ginger. It was just very plain and it had a particular flavor about it that I never tasted anywhere else. To this day, I would prefer it over almost any other drink if it didn’t take a decent amount of effort to make.

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spicy mussel soup with chorizos
potato tortilla
and a good fucking churro
There is absolutely no good Spanish food here in Australia

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Güllaç: a Turkish desert that is thin layers of dough with nuts/pistachio in between and soaked with sugar & meat. Often has rose water as well.

For some reason it was very popular back at my collage and was served like once every week. Makes me mıss good old days

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A specific tomato paste that my grandma used to spread on slice of bread along with butter. Sometimes we toasted bread as well. It was basically regular tomato paste with paprika, ground pepper, ground cumin and crushed walnuts and butter.

My grandma used to make that. RIP. She was calling it "goat cheese" for some reason. She was doing the same thing back when my mom was a kid. A fun story my mom told me, one day she asked for "goat cheese" when she visited a family member. They search hard and find goat cheese but of course it was not what my mom asked

I still prepare "goat cheese", it is pretty good with toasted bread

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Is there something going on in the gay community? Lot of posts about fucking black men lately.

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Anything thanksgiving related.

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Chicken and dumplings.

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>tfw didn't grow up in the souf with comfy southern food
but still, apple pie and clam chowder are pretty good too

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fried okra, pecan pie

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Roasted chicken and milk.

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I'll never know. Part of the reason I'm learning to cook is so I can give this feeling to others. Cooking is a labor of love, and I want to make people feel special and loved.

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You're gonna make it, man.
Hold onto that feeling.

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a nice mashed potatoes

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nothing, honestly

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Did the same thing and now I cook and clean for my spouse full-time. You'll find your own way anon. Shit gets better.

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cold glass of milk when im hot and starving

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made pierogies for my kid last week. he said they were way better than his mom's. thatnks, son.

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Change the filename, asshole. You're stepping on my bit.

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My mom made these incredible sub sandwiches using a bechamel sauce, cucumbers, bacon, chicken, and a heap of spinach. I could never nail it like she did but when I'm close it takes me back, man.

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>no grandparents at all
i bet it feels good, OP enjoy her while shes still alive

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scorched rice

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