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Those who drink on /ck/, what is your beer of choice?

For me? It's Mirror Pond by Deschutes Brewery.

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Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy right now.
Very light. Very pleasant. Not very masculine.

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Left hand nitro is my favorite beer. Actually I love anything nitro, feels way smoother when crammed up my ass.

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Nice choice my dude. Good sessionable brew. I like germen wheat beers. Celebrator doppelbock is excellent.

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If you like dark beer (the only good kind) you should be drinking Warsteiner.

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Good shit, anon. Best summer beer out there.

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I brew my own

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Aye loss fayv yeers of me life awn buz and anutha ta years awn a naltrexone progrum. I ain't nah junkee

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Please stay away from other humans.

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beer would be the best beverage if it wasn't so caloric

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There are stronger beers that are more complex, that is granted. However, there's nothing finer than a Shiner bock.

I can get them anywhere at almost any time of day or night. It's even accessible outside of Texas now, in a big way.

Shiner bock tastes great, isn't heavy and it just makes me happy.

It takes a lot of beer to get me drunk, so I don't really drink it unless I'm just hanging out with friends or having a meal or something like that.

It's excellent for almost any occasion.

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This is definitely one of my faves. Right behind pear cider and a cucumber sour I had in South Dakota. Can’t remember the name.

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>Celebrator doppelbock

Doppelbocks are the best. Highly underrated brew.

Spaten Optimator and Paulaner Salvator are good too (Celebrator > Opimator > Salvator, in my book).

I just wish there were more of them around.

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Been drinking this lately. Very nice, caramely and a little toasty

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That is a good beer

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kill me

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bells oberon close second

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St Bernardus Abt 12
La Fin du Monde is a close second

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Just ordered this bottle opener. How'd I do, lads?

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i like saisons and reds when im drinking something slowly but pic rel is a great smashable beer that i can get from the brewery on my drive home from work


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Itd be sweet if they sold the draft top here, the 500ml ones dont fit the draft topper i have

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