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I recently learned how to make a beef stew that I love, but there's been a health scare in the family and I need to cook with way less sodium, so I can't use any salt. I'm very new to cooking in general, so I don't know what to do.

For my beef stew, I typically use beef broth (a major source of the sodium), red wine, bay leaves, pepper, red wine vinegar, beef round/chuck, onion, carrots, potatoes and salt to taste.

I need to cut the salt out of this entirely and I also started getting low-sodium broth. It just doesn't taste the same. Are there any ingredients I can throw in the pot to give the stew a more seasoned flavor?

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I was advised to reduce my salt intake also, I ended up just increasing my water intake and supplementing with electrolytes. They're more readily absorbed when I funnel them up my ass.

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idk i kinda believe the whole salt thing being bad for you is the same thing as fat being bad for you thing. I'm pretty sure you need a good amount of salt for healthy body function. lowering your blood pressure by reducing your sodium intake is not the correct way to lower your blood pressure

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Just eat it using low sodium broth. You will get used to it in a matter of weeks and your tastes adjust. I did the same and now it's amazing how everything I don't cook myself tastes too salty. Also my blood pressure went way down. It works.

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I've always wondered if people who can't have salt could swap out for MSG entirely. The way the Reddit sphere talks about it, it should be able to be a complete substitute, but then again they're morons, so it's hard to say.

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>in the family

just make it without salt and let whoever isnt a genetically inferior being add as much salt as they want

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New research indicates you urinate out excess dietary sodium.

It's kind of stupid, from a scientific perspective, to think that one of the most basic elements required for the body to function would just poison the body instead of being excreted. Why would evolution have gone that way? It's nonsense.

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Fructose induces systemic hypertension through several mechanisms mainly associated with deleterious effects on target organs (kidney, endothelium, heart) exerted by the byproducts of its metabolism, such as uric acid... Clinical and epidemiologic studies have also linked fructose consumption with hypertension.

Studies on lowering blood pressure by restricting sodium have mostly failed. Maybe it's the fructose?

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Dietary sodium has decreased over the past half century but the appreciable improvement in CVD is seems to be mostly just from smoking cessation and improved care.

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Become the type of person ho puts wine in everything.

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We're literally just listening to a personalized doctor recommendation. I might not be intelligent or wise enough to do all of the necessary research for myself, but I pay for good health care so I can get all of the lab work and medical advice from my doctor about my specific health situation, and I'm going to trust their word on it before anyone else. We're changing things because of the advice of an actual heart doctor.

Yeah, I'm trying to ween myself off of sodium, I love it so much and I obviously have a problem with my level of intake. But I feel like this transition will be a lot easier if I know of some ingredients that will somewhat replace the flavor.

Adding onion/garlic/lime seems to help in a lot of cases, but I'm a little stumped as to what would fit the flavor profile of a standard beef stew. It's super important to me to find something that will do that because I really love this stew and it's basically the only thing I can cook that makes me seem like I'm not a retard at the stove

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use MSG or potassium chloride

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Why the fuck would you need to cut out all salt? Literally stop eating fast food daily and exercise once in a while if your blood pressure is high. Would you cut out all egg and saturated fat from your diet if a single person told you to as well?

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It has been dogma for over half a century despite the lack of evidence

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Just replace all the salt with MSG.
Umami! Bang!

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>so I can't use any salt
Congrats, everything you make will taste like shit
Second of salt is only 40% sodium since the other 60% is chloride, the average intake of salt for an adult is 6 grams(1 big teaspoon), you can easily use 6 grams of salt per person without anyone developing aids
Thirdly salt is extremely important for the body to function of you completely cut out salt you will have adverse effects
Fourthly salt has gotten a bad rap and is not as dangerous as people think


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Salt isn't bad. The health issues were probably caused by sugar.

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I'm not asking for advice or discussion on the science of salt. I'm asking if there are any low-sodium or non-sodium spices or vegetables that can serve as a good replacement to the flavor of salt.

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Want to try again?

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I have this same issue too
My only advice is to slowly wean yourself off of it. Let your tastebuds adjust to things that are less salty. Half your salt intake for about 2 weeks or so, then try going back to your original, you'll notice the difference then. Some msg would ease the process, but that's a whole other addiction risk on its own

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nothing will taste salty except for salt itself, OP. The word you're looking for is savoury, and you get that from stuff like tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Seaweed too if its available.
MSG for cheatmode

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Good technique will go a long way, but ultimately there's no real subtitute for salt. Over time you'll get used to lower salt foods though so you have to keep at it. Half the reason fat fucks fail dietary restrictions is because they get cranky the first time they can't drink 10 sodas in a day and give up, when, if they'd just sweated it out for 3 days, they would have gotten over the withdrawals and been fine.

So make your food low salt for a while and don't quit just because it's not easy.

That said, proper technique.

Season beef with pepper and brown it separately, maybe with a flour dusting for improved gravy thickening if that's your thing. Remove from pan. Don't burn the flour if using.

Add to the pan a bit more oil and a mirepoix. Fine dice onion, carrot, and celery in equal quantity. Smash and slice 3-4 cloves of garlic. Sweat those in the pan over medium heat until they wilt, and then keep cooking until they take on colour. This takes longer than you think, maybe 10-12 minutes. Again, don't burn the fuck out of any flour in the pan.

When your mirepoix is toasty and soft (but not burnt) you toss in a tablespoon of tomato paste, stir it through, then continue cooking to toast the tomato paste. Takes off the sharp edge. Deglaze with some of your red wine, cook it off, then add the rest. Toss in your veges and meats and herbs (add rosemary/thyme/etc, classic beef herbs). Consider adding a tin of tomatoes to boost the natural MSG content.

Cook down to tenderness preference with the lid on but propped, then remove the lid and simmer hard (not boil) until sauce is reduced and thick. Add a pad of butter if you're an amerifat.

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Use more Onions, Garlic, Ginger, and MSG.

Nothing can replicate the flavor of salt, but these are equally flavorful options. You can make a mean dish of fried rice with all of the above together, even without any salt

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Cooking it longer might help (at least the onions etc. part, slow cooking will allow them to develop a deeper taste)
Also better not use store bought stocks and items in general which usually contain additives.
Lastly I add salt during the cooking stage and not just at the end

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I add a teaspoon of salt per liter to my drinking water and I have quite literally never felt better.
If my body doesn't need it, I piss it out.

I think the biggest problem is that people don't drink enough water, so their high sodium diets give them an excess of salt with no way to flush it out.

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>i pay for good healthcare
>advice from an actual heart doctor
do you still belieb in Magic Sky Man and Father Christmas too?

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whatchu mean i drink about 4 liters of sodee pop every day!

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Salt is only bad for you if you have certain medical conditions like CCF. Nobody outside the USA believes that sodium is inherently unhealthy; there's something odd going on in your local medical literature.

t. Doctor working in the UK and Australia

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untrue, uk health agencies recommend 'less salt' and 'low sodium' products for people over 50

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Look into salts with added potassium, they have lower sodium content.

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>less sodium
unless you are on dialysis then no you don't. if your kidneys are working at all they will maintain proper sodium levels in your bloodstream. cutting sodium is simply courting dehydration.

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>New research
it's not even new research. we've known this for hundreds of years. the whole "reee sodium" thing came from an offhand bit of speculation in a Q&A session following a presentation on heart disease in 1949, then the next year the American Heart Association had enshrined it into its best practices guidelines and suddenly it was "proven science". Same thing with the stupid fucking fallacy that eating cholesterol raises your blood cholesterol, it was proven wrong within months but everybody still believes it because sounds simple and obvious.

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How fat are you?

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Use low-salt

33% NaCl, 67% KCl

There, you've reduced your 'sodium' by two thirds.

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Eating cholesterol does raise your blood cholesterol...

...but so what? Cholesterol isn't bad. Even the 'bad' cholesterol is only bad if you have inflammation going on from other things (e.g. been injected with mRNA that turns your body into a coronavirus spike protein factory and the spike proteins get swallowed and presented by cells in your blood vessel linings and then your killer T-cells comes and destory those antigen presenting cells resulting in mass scale inflammation which then calls on the 'bad' cholesterol come come help form a plaque/clot).

tl;dr: don't get the covid 'vaccines' and continue to eat your daily butter, tallow and lard, and you'll be fine.

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>For my beef stew, I typically use beef broth (a major source of the sodium), red wine, bay leaves, pepper, red wine vinegar, beef round/chuck, onion, carrots, potatoes and salt to taste.
You will need to keep the salt out of the broth. I buy sodium free herbox granules in the jar or in the box of packets, zero salt, and it's great for recipes. When I make my own stew, though, don't use it, just make sure to patiently brown all sides of your chunks. Takes time, but brown is flavor. I'll deglaze the pan with coffee, adding another flavor of roastiness, and wine for further flavor. Why are you doing vinegar? Shouldn't need acidity except at the end.
Keep your eye on the full stockpot set of aromatics, so carrots, yes, but don't forget the celery, garlic, parsley, maybe something further like another vegetable, like squash or parsnips or umami rich mushrooms, and a smidge of browned tomato paste.
At the dinner table, you can pass some toppings such as fresh chili slices, or a chili oil like lao gan ma. Gremolata is great on the meat itself, and citrus in general subs for sodium in a lot of recipes. Indians add a very spiced browned onion relish. Sour cream w/ thyme, roasted garlic, or other seasonings can compliment it. Have some really good flavored bread or biscuit to make the dinner less bland.

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Don't forget it is usually more flavorful the next day.

Puree some portion of the veggies and stock to incorporate it into the stock.

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Eat sweeter things. Sweet potatoes are delicious roasted even without any salt. Save the salty, meatier dishes for a night or two a week

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>lack of evidence
It's hard to disprove physics. Sodium is transported through the blood, sodium attracts water, extra water increases blood volume, increased blood volume puts pressure on the blood vessels, over a long period of time the stress caused by this can lead to disease and cardiac events. Just because Paleo Joe and the Buy My Keto Book boys said all the world's scientists are wrong doesn't mean basic facts of biology have been DEBOONKED

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If there's too much, you just piss it out. The body knows how to regulate itself.

On the other hand too little salt can result in heart failure. Your heart literally needs salt to keep ticking.

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>Eating cholesterol does raise your blood cholesterol...
Not always, but it often does, and often enough that there are formulas to predict the change
Study design makes a big difference here. Poorly designed studies (perhaps intentionally, given their industry funding) may fail to find the relationship if they don't control for important factors.
>...but so what? Cholesterol isn't bad. Even the 'bad' cholesterol is only bad if you have inflammation going on from other things
Excess 'bad cholesterol' itself causes inflammation
>If there's too much, you just piss it out. The body knows how to regulate itself.
Right, but there is what's known as transient effects. Sodium doesn't teleport from the stomach to the bladder, it has to be transported, in this case through the blood to the kidneys

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>Excess 'bad cholesterol' itself causes inflammation
Chronic excessive carb/sugar intake does. That's why high-carb high-fat junk food is indeed bad. It's the total package - carbs to cause the initial damage, and the cholesterol on-hand to form the plaques.

Doesnt take long, youre acting like its some long process. I eat something particularly salty, the next time I go to piss I can literally smells the excess salt. But the next or a couple of times after that, all gone. It's very efficient. It's not like the blood vessels are under massively increased and sustained pressure. It's a minimal increase and it's over quite quickly.

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Salts bad for you
>new research
Go bloat your fat faces and wonder why your joints ache fatty

Think salt is the reason so many people are skinnyfat. Disgusting water bloat along with alcohol forcing their body to retain even more water
You are all pathetic and in denial if you think otherwise. Go stuff your face with chips

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Fucking this.

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Look, you're going to die. Someday. So am I. I'm on amlodipine for hypertension and I know that it's not sustainable, and I don't care. I relish the food in my diet, unhealthy though it is, and I gain immense pleasure from it. Do not feel ashamed.

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I'm sorry to break it to you, but yah. I don't know how you think carbs are the only thing that could cause inflammation. Doesn't it seem a little too convenient for the low-carb worldview that every problem can be summed up as "carbs bad"?
>Doesnt take long, youre acting like its some long process
It doesn't need to be a long process. For perspective, high blood sugar is caused by the same transient process. Hell, diabetics even piss out sugar. Would you say it's no big deal then?
>It's not like the blood vessels are under massively increased and sustained pressure. It's a minimal increase and it's over quite quickly.
You say that, but then heart attacks and stroke exist. A few mmHg difference in pressure in something as delicate as cardiovascular tissue can have consequences long down the line

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same, dad had a heart attack cause hes a fat cunt so now i have to avoid salt, sugar, dairy and any animal fats

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Did the jewish doctor tell you that?

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it's probably piss crystals.
Nobody wants those things shredding their urethra.

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my dad was diagnosed 35 years ago with high blood pressure, back when they still believed it was caused by salt.

he obeyed the doctor avoided salt to the point of being annoying about it, took is meds, lost weight (when he needed to) his blood pressure NEVER improved, he got vascular dementia and died.

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Yeah but the point is someone who's following recommended daily guidelines will be just fine. You have to be eating quite a bit of salt before you're eating an excessive amount. Even if you salt your evening meal like someone who went to culinary school you aren't going to be exceeding your daily allowance unless the rest of your diet is also loaded with it.

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Nothing wrong with salt, south Koreans have high salt intake from sauces and kimchi they eat like twice the daily max recommended by the FDA but they have the lowest heart disease rates if any country
If anything the scare us due to obesity or sugar

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>bad rap
it is bad rep you n00b

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Isn't coffee and wine acidic?

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wtf is it with you guys and jews?
seriously, its jews this, jews that. ALL THE TIME

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Sorry, but stews and soups are off the table

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Salt isn't the only thing that raises blood pressure

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i can't tell if you're joking or just dumb, but that's 4chan i guess

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lol tell your fatass family to eat less garbage and go for a walk once in a while. There's nothing wrong with salt.

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Say you are committed to using 75% less salt but change nothing at all. Credit random Internet food celebrities for helping you but literally change nothing and make good food.

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problem with msg is that it needs salt to improve the taste

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>Why the fuck would you need to cut out all salt?
it's something doctors say to people who just had a stent put in, or a heart attack

OP, citrus and other acids are about the only brighteners you can do with fresh herbs to up the flavor against the missing salt

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I'm also sick of seeing the imature racism here, as well.

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Me too, I prefer racism when it's mature

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salt bad is a meme, im making a list of food "health" memes, stay tuned

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You pay for healthcare. Maybe you pay good money for healthcare. But you don't pay for good healthcare.

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Global Rule 3. Report it and jannies will clean it up

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Did you know malt vinegar has 0 sodium? It tastes salty as hell but no sodiuum or calories

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modern science tells us salt is fine
just eat salty beef with butter sauce and you'll live long

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>tfw the jokes from Sleeper are true

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potassium salt/losalt substitutes. msg + salt makes food taste saltier than just salt alone so you end up using less of it overall.

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trannyjanny and nigger lives do not matter
gas the kikes, btw :)

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Wow, I'm thingkin based.

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Glutamates, give food that savory taste. Anyway anon, your taste buds also will adjust over time, so it would be best to taper off by 10% every week. Honestly I'm not a big fan of the medical establishment, but not all doctors are corrupt, so maybe you got one of the good ones. Also make sure to read the food labels and ingredients so you can be sure no sodium is sneaking into your diet. There are a lot of tricks food manufacturers use to hide this stuff from consumers like renaming MSG to Yeast extract, but eventually you'll get a feel for it when grocery shopping. Also keep a food journal and write down what you ate and how much sodium (in mg) was consumed with every meal/snack/drink and show that to your doctor.

Also since I have no idea what the actual problem is (heart doctor doesn't give me much to go on), it's impossible for me to tell if its hypertension, arrhythmia, metabolic disorder or whatever you may be dealing with, but it wouldn't hurt to cut down on processed sugars and fruit (replace with veggies) while getting more exercise (not vigorous if you're issue in the family is arrhythmia or tachycardia or cardiomegaly, maybe just a brisk walk). If you're doctor is decent he'll wait and see how lifestyle changes pan out before prescribing pharmaceuticals. In the end though, you really have to worry about sodium in processed foods and if your problem ever does improve, I'm almost 100% sure adding more table salt back into your diet won't hurt, just stay away from processed food (all of it, doesn't matter if its labeled healthy or organic).

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Why do tee-totaling faggots always go to such extremes? There's a healthy amount of salt, just stop overusing it. No doctor is going to tell you to go 100% without salt, it's essential to your body's function. Just stop douching every fucking meal with it and you're fine.

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