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Post your food, other anons rate.
>Armenian-style shish kebab on a $30 grill.

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Flat iron steak with rice. Steak was excellent, the rice was rice.

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I don’t have a pic of the very last thing. But these were the start of some steak tips I made. I also made a mushroom gravy and roasted potates with it. Really good.

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Those look really good man

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made some carbonara

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That looks good dude

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thanks man i tried making my own guanciale as a result now at day 5

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what makes it armenian style? because an oppressed whiny faggot cooked it?

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Based roach

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Bacon in my baller ass cast iron skillet

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butthurt Azeri detected. It's armenian because that's how armenians in my area make it? Pomegranate juice or red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, chopped onion, little cayenne and aleppo pepper...now that you've read the ingredients kys

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>t. an oppressed whiny faggot
yeah i'm the assblasted one here LOL

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I'd love to compare that to Spanish-style shish kebab. It sounds pretty baller.

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you going to post something you made or just be cringe?

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you don't have to be from azerbaijan to realize armenians are faggot assblasted crying losers

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Amerimutts feeling like special snowflakes, being the only ones separating out ethnicities so they can appear somewhere near the top.

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Toasted sourdough, manouri slices, sliced fresh figs, chopped walnuts and Aegean Thyme honey

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Looks delicious

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Okay cockroach, tell us where you are from.

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