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What does /ck/ think of charcuterie boards?

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That looks really fucking good.
Wood eat.

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Good mix of savory and sweet

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Always at least 50% cheap-ass low-tier components, outrageous price

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deli meat gives you cancer
>but whataboutism this other thing gives you cancer
thats great but deli meat gives you cancer

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I see what you did there

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Really good shit. Have them all the time at holiday gatherings and they're bomb

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antipasto is better

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soyboy lunchables

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Kinda gay.

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One of my favorite things.

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who cares, gotta die of somethin

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nothing wrong with shark coochie boards

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Adult Lunchables? Yeah I like them.

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>deli meat gives you cancer
When studied, slightly more people who ate deli meat got cancer than people who didn't eat deli meat. It is not as direct nor as great a risk as you are leading others to believe. Stop being a killjoy and let people talk about charcuterie.

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great for when you want to be lazy

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I'd eat Oprah's ass if you get my drift

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not only was the effect size tiny 1.15x relative risk increase approx. but the studies are only associational meaning they are useless at that small effect size with respect to establishing cause and effect

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Disgusting, its just an unorganized pig trough sold to superficial and low class people who want to feel fancy.

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My only weaknes. like i have to hide my powerlevel whenever one is served. Yes the other food is good but then I have to somehow sneakly or nonchalantly get something from the board. some people notice not everyone. its almost sexual. I love them.

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I think only of chicanery.

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I hate making them but love eating them, when they're good.

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REEEEEEEEEEE charcuterie is the meat, stop calling shit where 20% of the board is meat "charcuterie" boards

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They seem rather plane to me.

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How's mine?

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try way too hard/10

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>tfw if you put out enough crackers to actually accommodate the content/cracker ratio people actually eat the board looks like shit because crackers are less pretty than fruit, veg, meat, and cheese
Is there any fix for this?
Like maybe a board with recessed areas you can hide additional crackers in?

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Just throw in a whole baguette.

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Then there's a big crumb situation.

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I guess you like eating condoms

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All deli meat? Meat bought from a deli gives you cancer?
Eaten once? Once a year? A month? A week? A day?
And how much, a gram, 10 grams, 1000 grams?

I need to know, in an autistic level of detail, how to manage my risk when it comes to these carcinogenic deli meats.

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>Is there any fix for this?
more cheese
always the answer

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Casserolle is such a ugly name for such a fine dish. No?

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>my cold meat is better because it has a different name

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Replace the crackers with proper bread and it's a German breakfast plate hah

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Crackers, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, honey, grapes, 7 cheeses at least, olives and gherkins from a jar, even a Granny Smith for grannies.

It lacks ketchup for the kids.

Actually a good board (drop the biscuits or make them yourself), just not a charcuterie one.

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>be me
>walk up
>large plate
>walk off to the other side of the room
>2 mins later hear the host say: WTF happened to all the prosecutto and bree?

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>Takes the whole wedge of Manchengo and leaves

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the clinical trials done have shown that meat does not cause cancer heart disease etc the only data implicating it is associational epidemiology which cant be used to determine cause and effect at such small effect sizes

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yummy but holy hell is it a chore to set them up and make them look good. also who knew that buying lots of different kinds of meat and cheese could be so expensive. easily like 100 dollars wow, super outrageous. I don't do them anymore for gatherings.

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>>but whataboutism this other thing gives you cancer
>thats great but deli meat gives you cancer
thats great but everything gives you cancer so why would you care.

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I think it’s hilarious that the autistic mong-patrol of /ck/ suddenly decided that cured meats, cheeses, olives/pickles, and some fruit are suddenly le soyreddit chubbyBaldBeardedManWithOpenMouth.jpg.

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I love them. Fun to eat from fun to make. Easy way to throw something together for a party super fast. Can feed a lot of people quickly. Or can feed a small group with a lot of rich treats.

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Via what mechanism?

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How much do you spend on a charcuterie board typically? I spent like almost 30 minutes trying to arrange one to look good it's so annoying and they cost so much.

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I'll sometimes make one as my Gamer™ Fuel™ if something's just come out that I know I won't want to put down. I anticipate doing so in about 6 months when Elden Ring finally drops. Been a longass time since I've had some mortadella.

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Kek, imagine mixing fruit and proteins, RIP your bowels from all the AGEs

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Yum yum get ya sum! That looks Dan-good brother.

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Very tasty especially when drinking wine and the charcuterie is a buffer so you can drink more wine and get shitcanned

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there wasn't it was just shitty associational data that can't prove cause and effect

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