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Lifeway is the worst brand of kefir. Literally any other brand tastes better.

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It's all I can get in this backwater shithole. Werks for me

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You guys every try skyr

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its just milk right?

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Make your own or it's kefir in name only. Company's that mass produce kefir aren't allowed to make it the traditional way and so it has significantly less health benefits.

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I got it once when they were out of Lifeway, it was 2x more and it was the only bottle available. It was alright. Siggi is better but even more rare.

I hate the assholes who make 0% milkfat kefir and I want to hunt them down and cause harm.

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Only in America I guess? In Europe we have Kefir made the traditional way.

How is it made in America?

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very odd way to spell barf

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Love this stuff when I've got a dodgy stomach or I'm hungover

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I love Kefir. I drink it everyday, but only plain. I don't like any fruit or sugar in it, it ruins the flavor. Same with yogurt, i just want plain unsweetened yogurt it's so good.

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really? i have about 5-6 other options, and lifeway is the one with the most strains of bacteria, and isn't loaded with sugar. it actually tastes like yogurt.

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>I hate the assholes who make 0% milkfat kefir
fucking this. my grocer stopped carrying the greek lifeway kefir a couple months ago and now they're not even carrying the whole milk stuff. it's gay as hell.

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I buy this one from the polaks cause it's the only one i've found with live bacteria.

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It's nice but way too expensive. I go for cheap Polish kefir instead.

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Yeah I only get it when it's on offer

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Is kefir the same as buttermilk?

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I dunno

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Does this stuff truly give restful dreams?

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no, buttermilk is what's leftover after you make butter. keifer is like drinkable yogurt.

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i can get raw kefir at a farm near me and it tastes like a cows asshole. it makes me feel pretty good though

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no, but some relaxing tea and a good wank will

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Pretty sure here they have to pasteurize it first and then they add bacteria to it. It's fucking weird man.

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No but it is a good substitute for buttermilk if you are following American recipes

"Buttermilk" in America is cultured milk, not actual milk of butter.

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I don't live there.

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That much is obvious.

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then why bother bringing america up? nobody was talking about america.

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We're talking about how kefir relates to buttermilk. In order to talk about how kefir relates to buttermilk, we have to know whether we're talking about American buttermilk or real buttermilk. Given the number of threads we have of Euros screeching about measuring cups, we know for a fact that non-Americans are trying to follow American recipes here, so the distinction between real buttermilk and American buttermilk is important.

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Maybe the anon who asked for the comparison between kefir and buttermilk was thinking about American cultured buttermilk. Without flags, and with almost everybody posting anonymously, it's hard to tell.

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fuck off, flags are cancer.

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only because you know it will expose you as an insignificant shitter than nobody gives a fuck about

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I don't deny that flags also have their drawbacks. As do names that persist from thread to thread.

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That mentality is exactly why flags are cancer. It is antiethical to the principles of anonymous discussion, as it reduces any and all discussion to "lol but you posted with the wrong flag so i will ignore what you have to say".
Flags are why /int/ is such a shithole and why their "bants" are little more than mindless memespewing.

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flags aren't why /int/ is a shithole. this website is filled with mentally unwell retards, that's why it's a shithole.

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That's a separate and unrelated issue.
Mentally unwell retards exacerbate the problems with flags, but flags are still cancer without them.

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well I think it's pretty simple to call real buttermilk "buttermilk" and american buttermilk "american buttermilk". if there's a need to make a distinction then make the distinction.

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The problem is nobody knows that american buttermilk isn't real buttermilk until the distinction is explained to them.
Which is why I have explained it.

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You can't reasonably expect Americans to follow such a rule.

But. Kefir! Ayran! Lassi (of the not-so-sweet varieties)! Cultured Buttermilk! What does anon prefer?

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More like quiefer iykwim roflmao

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>nobody knows
I knew, which is why I didn't specify american buttermilk.

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If you knew then you wouldn't have had to ask about kefir, now would you.

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Thanks doc

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>his kefyr is some artisanal bullshit

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Make your own you retards, it's dirt cheap to do and you can make it how you like it.

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no, you retard

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Fucken love grass fed milk kefir. I hope to get a cow someday, at least a milk goat

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Experience. Place grains in milk, seal, let sit. Strain out grains, drink, repeat. I've been doing it for about a year now and loving it.

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I didn't, I'm >>16265213

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