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I've heard mixing lentils/beans with baking soda when you cook them can help cut down on the fart factor. Can anyone go into any detail on this? How much baking soda should I use?

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add Kombu when you soak them before cooking them and leave it while they cook

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I've never used that. Can it be just regular old Kombu, like for soup stock? I really don't care about the flavor, I just need something filling to replace meat during lunch, and I don't want to fart so much from it.

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yes, the dried one you use for stock is ok

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Appreciate it, I'll try that. So no one's ever tried this thing with the baking soda? Was I getting memed on?

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Also, how much kombu do I put in?

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For what I know baking soda makes them softer but it doesn't help with farts
I buy the dried and already cut into pieces one and pic related is usually enough for half a pound (dry) of either beans or chickpeas.
I have no idea what's the upper limit, it's just that I usually cook that amount and it works. It's folded on itself but it will unravel when wet and it will probably come apart and leave little bits in the liquid, also the liquid might become more jelly-like than usual when cooled
Hazelnut for scale since I'm out of bananas

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Thanks for the info dude, I appreciate it. I'll try it. You got any suggestions for stuff that isn't meat but is filling? I've really ballooned the fuck up since I stopped being able to do keto.

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>You got any suggestions for stuff that isn't meat but is filling
no idea, sorry

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