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Redpill me on Tony's Chocolate /ck/

Don't care about the slave free shit but I'd like to try a more premium chocolate bar and this one seem pretty good at first glance, the thing is that they are expensive as fuck where I live and I don't know which flavors are the best, any recommendations?

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go ahead and try them all, if you've got the leisure time to ask an autistic food and cooking board their opinion on you can conduct your own sampling and report back to us

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never heard of them but i'd probably go for blue first

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blue is a good chocolate color in the same way green is a good folder for science

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/ck/ memed me into trying white chocolate popping candy and it was terrible. Stick to the more conventional flavours they’re pretty decent for the price

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Why not just try the milk or dark chocolate without all the other bullshit first?

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They're shit

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I love them. The standard milk and dark chocolate bars are great. The pretzel one is one of my favourites. Hazelnut is good too, and my partner likes the almond one. They're quite big chunky bars, though they are a bit pricey. Worth it if you're looking for nice chocolate to enjoy and not wanting to binge an entire bar in one sitting.

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Yeah, that white chocolate one seems meme as hell, same as the KitKat strawberry ones.
I can only order them via Mail since the only shop that was stocking them in my city ran out and now they only have caramel sea salt, so I wanted to hear some anons opinions first and from what I've read Milk, Dark and Pretzel chocolate seems to be the ones to go, I'll give em a try and report back

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They're high quality. Taste like what you'd expect old-fashioned traditional chocolate to taste like. I'd recommend trying the red one first, since that's their regular plain bar.

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>Don't care about the slave free shit but I'd like to try a more premium chocolate bar
I don't want to support african slavery but I also don't want to give money to companies that use a portion of profits to fund african maternity care and create more africans

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I like the caramel sea salt
If I want plain 72% I can get it cheaper and as good elsewhere

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It's too sweet for me.

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we already had this thread

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