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I've been eating kangaroo daily for a week now. Wonder if you guys have any interesting suggestions for recipes with lean, gamey red meat like this.
So far I've tried chilli (with beans of course) and ragu.
I want to make something to have with quinoa next.

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im gay btw not sure if it matters

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abos can't be gay

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How does roo steak compare to beef?

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Very lean, fairly tough, and the flavour and smell is stronger. People say "gamey" but I don't think it helps to describe the taste much.
I hardly noticed the difference in flavour with my chilli

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Will domesticating them help?
Make them more sedentary?

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You can't domesticate them lol

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Half the reason they are being eaten is they don't require farming. They are a pest.

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All farm animals started like that

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Curry? Sure, why not?
What about a sloppy joe? What about a proper slow-smoked barbecue? I've always wondered why slow-smoking isn't bigger in Australia, you have to weather for it.
One bachelor chow thing I make when I'm lazy is just ground beef, mixed with corn & tomatoes, served with buttered egg noodles. Along that line, why not stuffed peppers?or kangaroo tacos/ burritos? Shepherd's pie?

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thousands of years ago, yeah
humanity has tried to domesticate every animal we've ever come across, if it's not domesticated by now it never will be

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This, fauna are not gay or straight since they are only sentient, not sapient

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It's literally illegal to start fires outdoors for half the year sometimes.

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partial to some roo stir fry, works pretty well when cut thin
dont mind a roast also, though it dries out like fuck
recommend marinating it in red wine and worcestershire sauce

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Appreciate the suggestions. I'm looking for ways to utilise the flavour or balance it rather than simply replacing beef.
Marinading sounds good

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