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I miss him so much bros

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where is he?

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In heaven desu

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oh wtf i didnt know that really is sad

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ive eaten food from his restaurant in the past. RIP big man

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I wish it would have been Ramsey instead

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when did he pass?

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Earlier this year. Way before his time. Loved his videos, his cross contamination always made me lol because that’s how most kitchens actually are

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people who destroy their life through gluttony don't go to heaven

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>Way before his time

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For anyone wondering he died from complications from a triple bypass heart surgery

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I wish he paid more attention to his health. He was a fantastic cook and a really down to earth man. I knew something was up when I didn't see anything from him for a while. RIP Daddy Jack

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>carbs, fat and grease

The 3 food groups

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Look all the love in this thread because of this man, it that truly gluttony?

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Or ja/ck/

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I've only seen maybe four of his videos. A truly unsightly man.

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I would not sweat the cross contamination at all if I ate in his place
Something tells me anything cooked on a nuclear powered volcano is going to be pretty sanitized by the time it hits your plate

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takes one to know one HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA got em

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He had the most realistic cooking channel on YouTube. A true glimpse into how real life kitchens actually work

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Fat fuck with a bad heart always cooking up artery-clogging meals... I'm surprised he didn't die years ago.

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My grandma used to rinse chicken in her dirty sink and I never got sick eating her food.

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Dude had that absolute best no-frills, real-deal cooking channel on YT. It was one of the few channels where you could see how food in a restaurant is made...Really wish the guy took his health more seriously. I had a feeling that he wasn't going to be able to keep going much longer given how heavy he was...really sad

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at my fattest 5-6 years ago I was probably half the size of this guy and I felt like shit all the time. I dont know how he lasted this long desu.

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How do you get that fat despite working on your feet all day?

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I remember watching a video right after his surgery and he said that he was going to start eating more healthy food. Two videos later, he was drowning everything in butter again.

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By eating too much

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Fuck. RIP to a legend.

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