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What is the general consensus on KFC Canada?

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Sorry to derail your thread OP, but do you know what Canadian A&W is like?
I'm in the US and there's not too many around me. I like their cheese curds and blended floats, but the rest of their food is garbage.
I kind of want to go up just to eat some.

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I'm trans and valid btw

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Also black valid btw

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A&W is fine in Canada. My go to travel fast food place.

As for KFC in Canada, due to the government imposed poultry cartel it's more or less twice as expensive as it is in the USA. Less niggers though.

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The Canadian website is blocked in my country for some reason. I don't know what they have that's different.

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nice ad

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chicken pieces are small, selection is kinda limited

popeyes is much better

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Krusty Fuckin Cucks

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The only things worth getting were the Zinger burgers but it's been like a decade since I've had one so maybe those are shit now too. >>16296886 is right, ever since Popeyes came to my city I haven't looked back.

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I prefer popeyes for the quality, but popeyes doesn't offer buckets, whereas KFC does. I only ever get a bucket.
Also KFC has better deals. If you want quality fried chicken and you're in Toronto, just go to The Fry

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only reason I'm anywhere near one is to get Taco Bell from a combined restaurant. Too bad there's barely any of those either and they mostly suck too but hey it's still Taco Bell

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the worst. every fried chicken chain is better

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Canada A&W is GOAT. Very good quality. I heard A&W Canada has different quality control vice Mutt A&W.
KFC here is greasy and unless it's double crunch not great. Popeyes is taking over. I know two Leaf Prairie brands that are good (Chicken Delight and Chicken Chef).

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Not just different quality control, it's a completely different company, they essentially only share a name

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